FCLU meeting in Chicago at Manny’s Sept 24, 2016 from noon to 2 pm


We will hold our first face to face meeting in Chicago on Saturday September 24 from Noon – 2 PM.

Manny’s Deli
1141 S Jefferson St
Chicago, IL 60607

Has self parking in rear, or valet

We will discuss plans to drive judicial accountably in IL.  The Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board is ineffective and protects corrupt judges.  If judges are held accountable, they will be more likely to keep corrupt attorneys in check.  Complaints against judges are dismissed with no reason given and kept secret from the public.  As tax payers, voters and victims of their corruption we have the right to know about complaints against judges and the right to an honest effective judicial performance review process.

Through my family court reform efforts I have connected with Tamir Sukkary in California.  Tamir played a key role in addressing the same issue in CA.  The CA group brought the issues of the California Judicial Board before the Budget Committee and stopped additional funding.  The issue of Judge Persky sentencing a rapist to six months in jail greatly accelerated their efforts.  Recently the CA Legislature approved an audit committee of the CA Commission on Judicial Performance:


I believe we can take the same approach in IL.  Here is a link that contains additional links with reports developed by the CA group comparing the performance of the CA judicial review process/performance to other states.  We can develop the same for IL.


I am going to contact the IL Senate Judiciary  Committee members to make them aware of what we are doing and see if one or more will attend our meeting and work with us. Unlikely they will, but I will try.  If successful, I will also contact some reporters to see if they will cover our event and follow our journey on this effort.

Please let me and John Panko know if you will attend so we can reserve space at Manny’s.  Also if you know others that want to get involved send me their email address and I will add them to this group.

I look forward to working with all of you.

Best regards,

Mark Hexum

Peoria, IL


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