From Ken Ditkowsky–the IARDC still has not investigated thefts and murders in probate.

Subject: Fw: Breitbart News Round-up: What Floods? Hillary Raises $$$$$ with Cher on Cape Cod
Date: Aug 22, 2016 3:55 PM
Just for the record – 
It is time to be counted!    DOES GRANDMA COUNT?
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2016 3:53 PM
Subject: Re: Breitbart News Round-up: What Floods? Hillary Raises $$$$$ with Cher on Cape Cod
Kissing babies and helping old ladies across he street were always staples of the political campaigns – UNTIL NOW.
Right here in America we have an active HOLOCAUST.    The villains are our corrupt Judicial and Political elite, and the victims are the elderly and the disabled.    Right here in Cook County, Illinois in case 09 P 4585 we have a text book example of the process.     Indeed, it is very simple:
1) Grab and senior, isolate her from her family and prior life and
2) appoint a guardian who then and there systematically removes the senior from her civil rights, human rights, and of course her life savings and other assets. and
3) when the estate is totally looted the miscreants just kill her off  – INVOLUNTARY ASSISTED SUICIDE IS WELL ACCEPTED here in Illinois.   We have nursing homes that are quite expert at it.
Yes, Illinois has a laws against such conduct, but, our Political and Judicial elite accept the principle that LAWS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN – AND they do exactly that–for as much money as they can grab.
09 P 4585 (Estate of Mary Sykes) is not unique, but is a product of arrogant disclosure.   The file is very clear in establishing a total lack of jurisdiction over Mary Sykes.   755 ILCS 5/11a -10 sets the standard – it is totally ignored.   The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission took the evidence deposition of the presiding jurist – Judge Maureen Connors.   At page 91 of her evidence deposition she admits to being ‘fixed’ or “wired.”     Without any evidence whatsoever she was prepared to render the decision that the miscreants wanted – AND WAS PROUD OF IT.
Normally a corrupt judge gets admonished — NOT IN ILLINOIS!  Judge Connors became Justice Connors and was elevated to the Illinois Appellate Court.
It is my estimation that about three million dollars was stolen from this estate – all of which was duly sanitized by the Court ignoring protests of Mary’s daughter Gloria and approving incorrect guardian accountings.
I call your attention to the blogs PROBATE SHARKS and MARYGSYKES.   These detail chapter and verse the perfidy of not only the Mary Sykes case but many other examples of ELDER CLEANSINGS.    The Alice Gore case is particularly obscene.    The avarice was so extreme that guided by the Guardian ad Litem and the Court supervision Alice’s 29 gold teeth were removed so that the miscreants could garner possession of the few grains of gold therein.  A feeding tube was implanted against her will because feeding her took too much time for a for-profit nursing home.
(It is of interest to note that President Obama signed an Executive Order for no more for-profit prisons. They cost just as much but the inmates receive far fewer services, security issues exponentiate, and daily troubles abound over government run prisons.  Same for the nursing home industry.  For profit nursing homes (gulags for the elderly) have 25% less patient assistance/staffing and while 50% of the nursing homes, comprise the bulk of nursing home complaints.
As you are aware we have a National crisis – – the budget deficient is through the roof on the Federal level and Illinois is almost in Bankruptcy.    Raising taxes is the method that the political establishment uses to deal with MONEY problems.   Collecting those taxes from the Political elite is the last avenue; HOWEVER, it should be the first avenue.    These elder cleansings are uniquely lucrative.    Recently Philip Esformes was indicted in Florida for stealing from medicare/medicaid a BILLION DOLLARS. He did it out of 30 nursing homes.   Seth Gillman running a Hospice operation in Chicago managed several hundred million dollars.   Omnicare was finded about a 150 million dollars for fraud on medicare, and was then sold to CVS pharmacy for 12.4 billion dollars.   In the Mary Sykes about three million was unaccounted for,  Alice Gore 1.5 million dollars.
A breach of fiduciary relationship is a taxable event.  Similarly theft is also taxable.    The Department of the Treasury and the Illinois Department of Revenue appear to be disinterested in collecting the taxes, interest and penalties due for the political and judicial elite.    18 USCA 371 makes all the participants jointly and severally liable for the taxes.
Thus, when Jerome Larkin acted upon the request of Cynthia Farenga to shut down the demands for an HONEST INVESTIGATION pursuant to 18 USCA 371 his action in an attempt to shut down the operation was a taxable event for him and as the Sykes case he incurred tax liabilities on the funds stolen from the estate.   The corrupt judge approving the inventories does not bind either the IRS or the IDR.    Fraud is fraud whether committed by the Political elite or the great unwashed.
What is interesting and quite sad is the fact that presidential candidates ****** and ****  and their entourages have not seen it appropriate to go to the aid to the abused and exploited little old ladies that are being brutalized by the miscreants – such as the cast of characters involved in either the Gore case of the Sykes case.    Indeed, no one appears to be interested.
We do not have the dramatics of having grandma hauled into a railroad care and transmitted to the killing field; however, the effect is the same.   Across America the outrage continues unabated in silence.  Lawyers who protest are stripped of their law licenses!   Family members who protest have their assets forfeit, tossed in jail etc.    THIS IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
NO ONE CARES!   Today Grandma is not helped across the street – our political animals steal her purse and then toss her into the oncoming traffic.     Apparently in the lexicon of today political climate even the Trump came cannot be bothered with Grandma – **** or can Breitbart News induce it to sponsor an HONEST INVESTIGATION!
Ken Ditkowsky
Also, for the record, are lawsuits filed by candidates that deny civil rights.  I have already received one complaint that one candidate took an elderly woman’s property in eminent domain at a drastically reduced price to build a commercial for profit building.
Eminent domain is for the taking of bona fide public projects only that benefit a neighborhood–schools, hospitals, community centers, etc.  It is not to be used just because someone wants a deal on a piece of their neighbor’s property. Such actions are truly shameful.  It’s just more fraud in government.
I think we have seen eminent domain used in Chicago, to buy and tear down houses to build shopping centers for wealthy corporations that just want to make more money and that’s just plain wrong.  It’s fraud on the neighborhood, the public and the community and it’s just shameful.
Too many times I have heard that a guardianship has been initiated because some elder wanted to stay in their home until they died, refused to sell to a developer, and then the developer gets some crooked attorney and estranged family member to create guardianship all for a measly buck. The property is sold at a huge discount in probate to a stawman, and the process begins.  It’s all shameful.
And again, if you complain properties are sold in probate at huge discounts by letting them be filled with water or mold, or they come into disrepair, the Illinois Atty. Regn. and Disciplinary Committee just looks the other way. The Sykes case was one example where the property was right next to condos and the goal very well have been to get Gloria and Mary’s home and use it for lucrative condos. For sure, neither wanted to sell, they wanted to live in their own neighborhood until both passed.  But Mary was 90 and no matter what her health was (beating the pants off of the neighborhood card club in canasta)–she would be guardianized no matter what, no matter her protestations (find these on vimeo and facebook).  Gloria was a bit trickier, but all the miscreats had to do is allege some sort of fraud against the estate and blame Gloria–which they did.  It was all nonsense.  The ARDC refused to investigate then, and still does to this day, what really happened in the Sykes probate case.  It needs an investigation.  $1 millin in valuable coins–gone, no accounting of Mary’s home in probate, rumors it sold for pennies on the dollar.  Other cash accounts have disappeared, and no one, but no one can call for an investigation. Two attorneys (myself and Ken Ditkowsky) would be suspended for calling for an HONEST investigation of Sykes.  All discovery on missing items would be quashed. The Sykes Estate would be used to pay the expenses on Trust property (the Mary Sykes home), but the sales price, terms and conditions and an accounting for the sale would be taken off the books in Probate.  How interesting.
How long will the public put up with such shenanigins.  To this date none of the Plenary Guardian, Waller, Schmeidel, Farenga, Stern, etc. can or will be served with discovery on these highly important fianancial transactions.  Not a single deposition was taken, no interrogatories served (written questions) or a single request for documents.
How do these clouted people get away with such nonsense and there is no public clamor for justice? The ARDC goes right along with it and just says “move along, nothing to see here.”

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