From Ken Ditkowsky – Jerome Larkin snubs a black attorney and a black and activist and what happens in Chicago? Nothing.

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Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2016 6:56 AM
Subject: Re: ABA Rule 8.4 should put the ABA out of business – for violation of its own>
The racism that has been exhibited by Jerome Larkin, the Illinois Supreme Court, the ARDC (Illinois) in the Amu case – practicing law while Black –AND THE outrageous denial of admission to Diane Nash CANNOT BE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG.
The Article that Judy sent out, to wit: 
 Is just another example of DON’T ASK DON’T TELL of the Political and Judicial Elite.
This article would never appear on CNN or even receive the play that it deserves – the reason is very simple – COVER=UP!     The Political and Judicial elite only care about being elected and a block votes react in a block.   A political candidate who offends either the racists or the non-racists is going to fall off the balance beam.   Where is the Africian American outrage here in Chicago – A Civil Rights icon was openly and notoriously refused admission to a public hearing!     An achieving individual who openly and notorious cast a stone for GOOD GOVERNMENT was literally told that he because he exercised his rights of citizenship against the reining political elite was to be deprived of his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS and his right to practice Law.   
Interesting, not a single CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST or CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST  – OR POLITICAL CANDIDATE has opened his or her mouth to protest this gross racial discrimination.    Racist is apparently mainstream and acceptable IF THE RIGHT PEOPLE ARE RACIST!
Indeed, in the McDonald case wherein a miscreant black teenager, who was apparently armed with a knife, was walking away from police officers at the time, was shot 16 times in 15 seconds by one police officer, was ignored so that Chicago’s current mayor could be re-elected without interference from the African-American community’s outrage at seeing so many of its teenagers finding permanent residence in the cemetery.   THUS THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT SWUNG INTO ACTION.   The entire City Counsel of Chicago – 100% DEMOCRATS =including the entire African American ALDERMANIC GROUP voted to PAYOFF and bribe the family of McDonald $5 million to keep quiet until the current mayor was re-elected. Video footage had been erased in the 24 hours ensuing the incident.  No police officer’s dash cam footage included audio, despite protocol it must be activated soon as an incident occurs.  Only one officer out of 8 shot at McDonald.
Today, with the mayoral election safely in the bag, the focus has changed and all those Uncle Tom’s who did not have the courage to stand up and be counted when the ELECTION WAS ON THE LINE are now once again vocal on the abstract, but dead silent on the specific cass such as the Amu case or the Establishments open discrimination against Diane Nash that prevented her from attending the IARDC’s kangaroo hearing.
In a similar manner the Judge referred to in the article, to wit:
is given a PASS!    He just like Judge Maureen Connors (who admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition to be ‘wired’) was transferred.      Violations of OUR civil rights by the POLITICAL AND JUDICIAL elite is acceptable – if you or I say something that is inappropriate – BINGO the world stops!    
Did anyone notice where the errant Judge was transferred?       THE TRANSFER TELLS YOU JUST WHERE THE WORST JUDGES ARE ASSIGNED and the lack of respect that we – the great unwashed – enjoy.
Democracy is not a spectator sport.    It requires all of us to not only exercise our franchise but to place limits on the Political and Judicial Elite.     When they violate the LAW they – just like you and me – should be subject to the FULL FORCE OF THE LAW.    NO EXCEPTIONS!
Ken Ditkowsky

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