New Filing to Illinois Supreme Court–why is the ARDC using unlicensed court reporters and trying to enforce fraudulent judgments against attorney activists?

Here is the most recent pleading filed:

Here are the exhibits

I don’t think that anyone can understand, with a straight face, what Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek are doing to come after me for a false judgment obtained with unlicensed court reporters.

Last week, Opryszek continued her delusion that the judgment is valid and that she can somehow play collections agent for the ARDC when in fact she was a direct part and participant in the fraud perpetrated upon the Illinois Supreme Court. She and Melissa Smart were in that hearing room when an unlicensed court reporter sat there and took the transcriptions.

Illinois law prohibits this for the “safety and welfare” of the citizens of Illinois.

Obviously, the ARDC is not at all interested in the safety and welfare of the citizens of Illinois. They put a judge (Judge Stuart) on the stand who lies and changes her testimony regarding putting a civil litigant (the younger Protective Daughter Gloria Sykes) into handcuffs via her bailiffs and threatens poor Gloria with the euthanization of her beloved pets if Gloria does not reveal the location of her own money–money that was to be used to fix up her home after it was damaged by mold.  All Judge Stuart wanted to do was hand the money over to the lawyers involved for their legal fees. And if they could not get it legally, they would fabricate and take it under false pretenses. What they all did was wrong and they all know it–from Judge Stuart who had to “suddenly retire” to Schmeidel, Soehlig, Farenga and Stern.

Stern threatens Ken Ditkowsky with disbarrment if Ken merely investigates the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.  Ken ignores Stern and finds the case riddled with lies, deception and falsehoods.  Stern then goes after Ken for sanctions–and get them–$5,000 worth via a rubber stamp, but only to be later overturned by the Illionis Court of Appeals, First District.

I am threatened with the loss of my law license by Judge Connors if I try to represent Gloria. Why? There is no true conflict.  I never represented Mary and everyone knows it.

Then we find that Justice Bernstein is pulling all the appeals at the court of appeals and getting them fixed, by an in court admission from Peter Schmeidel who is never investigated for all his subterfuge in this case. Why is that?

This blog reports the truth.  It is even admitted in my decision and quoted by the Tribunal that there is something “seriously wrong” in the Mary Sykes case by Kathie Bakken, Mary’s niece.

Mary Sykes was narcotized to death on May 23, 2015. There was no autopsy and no tox screen.  Gloria wanted that.  The Guardian blocked it like she blocked all investigations into her misbehavior, including the $4,000 taken from Mary Sykes in 2009 by the Guardian Carolyn Toerpe without Mary’s knowledge or permission. Mary filed for a Protective Order but that was never hear. Connors, Stuart, Waller, Schmeidel, Soehlig, Stern and Farenga must have been a part of that.  Why weren’t they investigated. Why aren’t they investigated even now?

Unless and until good Illinois citizens demand it,  disableds and seniors will continue to be railroaded into guardianships, assets lost, destroyed, stolen and fleeced. Valid citizen complaints are routinely ignored by the ARDC, but if a lawyer reports the truth on a blog, a heavy handed suspension is automatically issued as a head on a post to other lawyers that they dare not go there and protect the Truth, Honor and Justice or they will be flayed and drawn and quartered.

This blog and this lawyer doesn’t care. She will fight to the death for your rights to live in a free, open and transparent democracy where you don’t have to worry about your loved one being granny napped, abused, exploited and mistreated and then narcotized to death, all under color of law.

I and Ken are here to fight that. Lanre Amu spoke out against injutice and they flayed him too.

My case is all Fraud on the Court and I continue to fight it until the day I pass over.

So Sharon Opryszek and Jerome Larkin and Melissa Smart don’t think this is going away anytime soon. This blog is alive and well.  And I have backed it up numerous times and it is copyrighted.  You all need to do the right thing, restore my license, pay my damages and give me a grant so that I can fight this corruption for the next 10 years.  It’s all Karma, and Ms. Karma doesn’t go away until  you make amends.

That is my goal. No more lying, deceitful, money grubbing, outrageous lawyers in Illinois.

This has to end.


3 thoughts on “New Filing to Illinois Supreme Court–why is the ARDC using unlicensed court reporters and trying to enforce fraudulent judgments against attorney activists?

    • Thanks so much. I have been very busy lately helping the victims of court corruption, there are sooo, sooo many
      I send you peace and blessings, my activist friend.

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