From Ken Ditkowsky–why does an aspiring states attorney need half a million dollars put in her campaign fund

first the article:

A half million dollars is less than three times what is required to be on the ballot as a Democratic Candidate for Judge in Cook County.    It is almost infinitely less than ********* spent to push ***** ****** aside for the nomination and with the ****** campaign planning on spending a Billion dollars to purchase the Presidency the half million dollars is nothing at all.
Such is the reason that protecting Jerome Larkin and his ilk is so important to the Political and Judicial Elite.   Without enforcers such as Larkin, lawyers and others would not be intimidated into silence.   Even the Supreme Court of Illinois is cowed into not crossing the line.   As an example – note that the ACLU, NAACP, Urban League, et al were not heard to utter a single protest when he and his local branch of the KKK  (IARDC) punished Lanre Amu for disclosing the very conflict of interest that Crain’s Chicago Business highlighted. They knew he mostly represented African immigrants and the poor so they pushed him away like a stray dog.    If you need more examples, note how the ABA, CBA, ISBA, ACLU, et al. came to our rescue when Larkin unilaterally determined that it was unethical to complain about Judicial corruption, elder cleansing, *****.    How much does it cost to run the IARDC/KKK here in Illinois?
There are important criminal enterprises that have to be protected if the current crowd, temporarily raping the estates of the elderly and the disabled  are to be able to continue their works.    Nursing homes, hospice facilities all designed to garner maximum public funds  – a billion dollars stolen by Philip Esformes – provide bigger opportunities. (Note the billion was in central Florida ONLY and it comprised only 30 nursing homes which the FBI seized–kudos to them–but dozens Esformes nursing homes and billions of fraud remains to add to the indictments of the Esformes and their banksters).
Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne
The states attorneys, the OIG and the OIIG have to start doing something about the corruption in Illinois, it is out of control and the taxes on this criminal activity and fraud are not being collected. The miscreants rake in handfuls of cash from the US and Illinois governments under fraudulent schemes, and they use this to start and maintain a cottage industry in everything connected to it, from the probate/guardianship courts to the zoning board grabbing homes of stubborn elders who won’t sell for a reasonable price.  Zoning is changed, eminent domain proceedings are threatened or begun.
If the Feds and the States Attorneys won’t protect the hoi poli and the elderly and disabled, who will?  Certainly no one is protecting this blog.  No one is supporting attorneys speaking out against corruption, not the ABA, CBA, ISBA or any of the other dozen “clubs” or bar groups.  When it comes to a cover up, the historical mandate in Illinois is to look the other way and don’t get involved.

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