From Ken Ditkowsky–why are Jewish congregants raising bail bond for Morris Esformes when his nursing homes regularly were cited for abuse/torture of the elderly?

Morris Esformes was recently indicted for $1 BILLION in medicare/medicaid fraud in Florida some years after the FBI order he divest himself of masses of nursing homes in California.  Recently, the Federal Court judge set no bail and yanked his passport and that of his son Philip Esformes, but read on below. Amazing, just amazing.  This predator regularly engaged in the mantra portion of “isolate, medicate, drain the estate and eliminate and cremate”. Finally the fed have taken action (thank you AIGs Holder and Lynch, thank you very much), but now Jewish congregants feel sorry for him?!?!
For certain, Federal prison will be a  cakewalk compared to what they do to the elderly in nursing homes across the nation–nursing homes like the ones he operated. A nursing home resident gets no visitors, the food is disgusting and not healthy, if you eat too slowly, they yank your teeth and put in a feeding tube (Alice Gore, Illinois, 99 years old), they isolate you from all or near all friends and family, and chemical and physical restraints are very common while the police, GALs and OPG do nothing to save you (Teichert, Cook County, Illinois).
Why isn’t this mainstream news in Chicago?  Why aren’t the Tribune and SunTimes following this case? When isn’t a $1 billion crime not newsworthy.  It for sure is combined with tons of fraud, deception, ruining peoples’ lives, and this one, even murder.  Narcotizing innocent elderly and disabled people to death.
From Ken Ditkowsky:
From: kenneth ditkowsky <>

Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2016 11:56 AM
Subject: Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me

This morning I was informed that some respected members of the clergy were raising funds and committing hundreds of thousands of dollars for bond for Philip Esformes.   The fact that Esformes was being lionized by these clergymen was reprehensible to many who share the same religious designation as these clergymen.   We uniformly repudiate people who openly and notoriously are strangers to the truth, persons who prey on those who are vulnerable – such as children and the elderly, and those who practice pay to play politics.    We also condemn hypocrisy and all evil, except our own personal vices.
Each of us in heavily invested in the core values of America, the promulgation of good government, the protection of Liberty, Fidelity, and Justice.    We demand that YOU are loyal to RULE OF LAW and respect for your fellow citizens.
Periodically we are reminded that we also have some warts.   It is a struggle to not rationalize our personal shortcoming and justify pernicious conduct in our social, political, and judicial leaders.    Worse yet we consistently close our eyes to unpleasantness that we have to address.
The Philip Esformes theft and money laundering of a billion dollars in Medicare Fraud is reprehensible and no matter what his claimed religion or heritage is not a rallying point or excuse.   The profiteering known as ‘elder cleansing’ is beyond contempt and cannot be countenanced in a free society.    The ‘cover-up’ and attempted intimidation and extortion by lawyer disciplinary commission (including Jerome Larkin’s group IARDC) is pure terrorism.    From the reaction of the American Bar Association and the American Civil Liberties Union it appears that the 2nd oldest profession has been so intimidated that it has abandoned it function in American Democracy.    (NB – these civil rights organizations and others observed the ‘rape’ of the First Amendment by the Illinois Supreme Court, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission **** and nodded their collective heads and buried them in the sand.)
Lawyers are expendable – but are the elderly and the vulnerable in society.   Articles appear in sundry publications that sound the alarm.   They appear to be ignored, to wit:

Covering Orthodox Judaism Since 2004

Also from Ken:

A NBC article had the following statement, to wit:
Esformes and his co-conspirators are alleged to have further enriched themselves by receiving kickbacks in order to steer Medicare beneficiaries to other health-care providers — including community mental health centers and home health-care providers — who also performed medically unnecessary treatments that were billed to Medicare and Medicaid, the office said.
“In order to hide the kickbacks from law enforcement, these kickbacks were often paid in cash, or were disguised as payments to charitable donations, payments for services and sham lease payments, court documents allege,” according to prosecutors.”
Just how deep does this scandal go?  Is Rabbi Levin who committed 2.2 million toward Esformes’ bail part of the problem?    What about the other rabbi’s involved in sucking up to Esformes?
From my limited investigation of the Esformes and Esformes type operations here in Chicago it is just about incredible for anyone with two ears, two eyes, and a scintilla of intelligence not to recognize the nefariousness thereof.   A learned individual – in my humble opinion – certainly would give no credibility to any exculpatory claim that either Philip or his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators would or could offer.
I was taught as a very young person – fool me once – shame on you.  fool me twice – shame on me!    The fact that tainted money was given to very worthwhile charities does not cleanse the money or the act.   It certain does not turn Esformes into Robin Hood!

2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–why are Jewish congregants raising bail bond for Morris Esformes when his nursing homes regularly were cited for abuse/torture of the elderly?

  1. I can’t believe it took 14 years to arrest this scumbag..14 years of taxpayer money after deaths in their Illinois facility shut them down and repeated trips to pay millions in penalties that claim no quilt..Give me a freakin break.The gallows are where Phillip,Rabbi( freakin joke!!)Morris Esfromes and family should be,like the Hague ,at the end of a noose!!I have researched him and have personally seen first hand how this creep works hiring under paid immigrants to staff his facility as he parades around ,Bluetooth attached being a big shit..He never communicates to employees or residents who’s he’s screwing over..Just an arrogant piece of shit who thinks because he believes he’s the (chosen one)Jew, he can rape,piliang the residents like a leech..

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