From Ken Ditkowsky–is US healthcare reaching the homeless on the streets?

Subject: I knew that when push came to shove kidnapping homeless people for profit by the cabal of nursing home operators would become laudable.
Date: Aug 15, 2016 1:20 PM
The Chancellor of the University of Chicago (Beale) was heard to say – if you let me ask the question I will form the answer for the respondent.   In today’s world of political correctness, the Establishment protects itself by demonizing anyone and anything that does not toe the line.   Earlier we had a mini-revolution and the great unwashed rose up and said NO MORE!
Today the Wall Street Journal fired a salvo at our fight to protect the elderly and the disabled.   As usual the salvo was well disguised as a ‘social service.’
PROFIT for the corrupt political elite and corrupt judicial elite has always been an objective for the establishment.    Any dissent was brutally punished and lawyers in particular demanded HONEST INVESTIGATIONS by law enforcement were demonized, suspended from the practice of law etc.    In spite of the best efforts of the corrupt political cabal and their 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators the government was forced to do a bit of LAW ENFORCEMENT and a few of miscreants were called before the bar of Justice.
In reviewing the crimes committed, elder cleansing = i.e. guardianship for profit wherein a senior is isolated from his/her prior life so that he/she can be dehumanized and his/her estate forfeited into the ‘loving’ hands of judicial criminals et al was one of the most profitable for the miscreants and one of the easiest to be swept under the rug.    Blogs appeared to protest, i.e. Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, AAApg, NASGA ****.    The criminals assaulted the First Amendment but were unable to silence the continued cries of anguish that were being placed on the net.    The media, and the establishment were dead silent!  except to laud a successful rebuff by the establishment on the objectors.
In the course of our investigation not only did we discover that our modern day totalitarian national socialist steal the gold from the teeth of at least one of their victims – see Alice Gore case – but, one of the most successful of the nursing home operators sent thugs out on the streets (and in particular lower Wacker Drive in Chicago) and kidnap homeless people.   The involuntary residents of the **** nursing homes had their costs of captivity paid for the the Government (medicare in particular) but it was reported that the Illinois Office of the Public Guardian assisted in the effort.    Mr. Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission unilaterally revoked the First Amendment and statutory protections of lawyers so that demands for an Honest investigation were muted.   Indeed, the Supreme Court of Illinois also joined in the assault on the Illinois and Federal Constitutions.   Cries for HONEST protection of citizens were ignored and the dishonest and corrupt political and judicial elite prevailed.    Illinois was not alone in government perfidy.
Today’s WSJ places a new spin on the providing health care to the homeless, the elderly etal.
No one is against providing honest and appropriate health care universally and to those who are homeless, et al.    Unfortunately, some of us are also aware of just what Healthcare obtained from the government really is.    The VA scandals are only one example.    The **** kidnappings of homeless people for the profit of nursing home operations is another *****.
The Illinois miscreants are amateurs compared to the New York cabal – ****.   This does not mean that the Illinois cabal is innocent – See the Philip Esformes/Seth Gillman indictments and charges.
IT IS TIME FOR AN HONEST INVESTIGATION of the elder cleansing scandal even if it offends Jerome Larkin, the judicial elite and the political elite.    It is time to take the extreme profits out of the misery of the general population and particularly the senior citizens.
And Ken, I would like to note for the record that while we have both published the following facts:
1) Mary G. Sykes was never served in Guardianship 09 P 4585; she was spirited away to Naperville in a granny napping so she could not be served.  The sheriff’s dept. has no record of service; the court files for 09 P 4585 and the Record on Appeal has no notice of service, Mary was not read her rights as an alleged disabled–ever.
2)  Nearly $1 million in gold coins is missing.  Several family members saw and/or heard of the coins.  Ask Gloria, she has receipts.  Uncle Al Biddy collected them and Mary went and got them, the late Charles Sykes collected them. There is a bag. There was a safe deposit box rifled without inventory after the guardianship began.  The probate court quashed all discovery, then the ARDC does not investigate the GALs or the other court appointed lawyers–Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel, Waller, Soehlig, etc. This group knows where probate bodies and evidence are buried, why couldn’t I get a deposition on each of them?  I’d be glad to do it for the ARDC.  I want to know why Farenga threatens me with a wrongful disqualification and gets it with a rubber stamp, Ken is threatened with disbarment by Stern for investigating the case;  I am threatened by Judge Connors for merely trying to appear for Gloria.  Why all the threats?  None of my other cases are like this one.  The word on the street from others in the know whom I cannot repeat the source say this case is wired.  It will all be rubber stamps–and it was.  The ARDC refuses to investigate.
3) Judge Connors in her deposition says that if there were something found wrong in the case, she would just dismiss it and start over and come to the same conclusions. Wired case.  Important admission. The ARDC refuses to investigate.
4) The house is clearly commingled with assets of the estate.  Judge Stuart says this on the record and warns Toerpe (the guardian) not to do this.  She does it anyway and then never inventories the sale of the house, allegedly it is in trust.  Why the secret on the house sale price and trust.  Why was it sold to a real estate investment corp. Why was there no inventory of it or approval of sale terms, price and condition?  The Estate paid the mortgage for years, it was commingled, where is the accounting.
I have lots of questions on the Sykes case, the ARDC refuses to investigate just like it refused to prosecute Seth Gillman until 2 years into a $100 million indictment.
I’d like to know why the ARDC didn’t go right after him.  He also bilked employees of their health care payments and tax payments, etc. but the ARDC looked the other way.
Certainly the ARDC knew about city attorneys holding up 20 or so videos of cops shooting unarmed blacks in the city.  Rumor is it that Chicago has lots of black and minority deaths because the organs are harvested by X and Y hospital for profit.  A kidney goes for $30k, a pancreas for $20k, a heart goes for $50k, and everyone is quiet about that. Why are they quiet?  Are major Chicago hospitals involved?  I want to know, don’t you. Why do we always have 800 to 1500 shooting deaths in Chicago every year.  Much of Europe has none or close to none.
How did activist Bettie Jones die of a bullet wound to the neck behind a closed door?  How did the police manage to accomplish that?  For sure she was an annoying loud mouthed convenience but were the police wearing thermography lenses to do that?
I have lots and lots of questions and I have seen no answers.
I want everyone who commits a crime to be tested for psychopathy and then have them put on a psychopathic offenders list and delicense them if they are cops, firefighters, nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc.  Psychopathy is now supposed to be the leading cause of death and destruction and damage in the entire world, far outstripping any accidents or disease. Why?  One psychopath will have 5 or more co-dependents under his or her dominion or control. Psychopathy is said to affect 5% of all males and 1% of all females.  I’m in the corruption/death/damage field, and I will tell you this is a key place to start to get justice and cut the crime rate.   Psychopaths are 5% of the male population, but comprise a hefty 60% or more of all crime, if you add in their minions.

2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–is US healthcare reaching the homeless on the streets?

    • Yes, and there is still no investigation. Mary’s home was sold and there was no trust accounting for the profits either. Both the probate court blocked discovery on these issues and so did the ARDC at my trial?

      What and who is covering this up? Many people want to know and we need a full investigation of these issues.


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