From Ken Ditkowsky–Double and Triple Standards

Subject: Re: In a nutshell here is our situation. The Pa Prosecutor goes on trial
Today in America, we have double and triple standards.      All too often the characterization of events is not based upon the Facts, but political correctness.    The knee jerk reactions exploited by the political opportunists, the establishment, and the two major political parties is disingenuous and harmful to our democracy.
America is in crisis.      There is not a day that goes by that we are not confronted by an outrage promulgated by the Establishment.      Today, we are hearing that the information that we were fed on ISIS was substantially false.    Yesterday more of the Clinton e-mails were released and the cozy relationship between the Clinton Foundation, some of its donors, and the State Department was revealed.    The day before that ******
The trial in Pennsylvania of the Attorney General for leaking secret Grand Jury material cannot be denied as a political trial and therefore subject to very substantial corruption.    There is no controversy that grand jury materials are secret and if the prosecutor leaked them as charged she committed a very serious offense that must be severely punished.     If, however, the trial is based upon her offending the establishment, her tormentors and the current prosecutors are guilty of such terrible corruption that they all should be forever barred from public office, jailed, and run out of town on a rail.     We have a core value confrontation – either we have democracy in America or we do not.    The prosecutors must prove the AG guilty beyond a reasonable doubt!     The Court of public opinion does not have such a high standard, but, it demands much more than a naked allegation.
Across the Board we have similar situations.      Let me address two fact situations:
Fact situation A.
In Ferguson, Missouri we watched an unarmed young man, who happened to have a dark hue to his skin, exit a convenience store as he assaulted the store clerk and liberated some cigarellos from a store clerk.  When the clerk tried to stop him, he shoved the clerk away.    We then heard that the young man had been shot by the police.   Updates on the story on Wikipedia indicate that while the young man did not have his hands up to surrender, the police cruiser tried to block him, their window was open and the police argue he tried to reach for the officer’s gun (now why the windows were open or why he was allowed to approach so close without being tazed or pepper sprayed, is another mystery). Outraged people rioted, looted, and generally created civil chaos because this young man was killed.      Indeed, even though the policeman was exonerated and found to have acted within the scope of his authority the young man was lionized.      His mother was invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention and memorials are being erected in his honor.
and compare Chicago Police to Norway police who have not killed anyone in a decade:
Fact situation B.
In Chicago, Illinois another young man, who happens to have a dark hue to his skin along advanced degrees in Engineering and Law, OBSERVED and in accordance professional rule 8.3, 18 USCA 4 **** reported to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois that a certain judge was corrupt.     He reported that Judge Egan, refused to recuse herself even though she was on the board of directors of the defendant and her brother was the lawyer for the defendant.    Larne Amu thought that this was unfair and corrupt.    Indeed, so did a respected Chicago Business publication –CRAINS CHICAGO BUSINESS.   (Their allegations were identical to those of Amu) Outraged lawyer disciplinarians (Illinois ARDC and Jerome Larkin) professionally lynched Mr. Amu, and the Supreme Court of Illinois found that his reporting the corruption and wiring of Illinois judges so offensive that they immediately suspended his law license pending hearing and after hearing in which no one denied either Mr. Amu’s report or the article in the Crain’s Chicago Business.  Mr. Amu, it is said, helped many poor and immigrant persons from Africa for free or low cost or on a contingency, attain justice in their cases.  There are not many lawyers who will do this.  There were no riots in the streets, and Mr. Amu was castigated, and driven from his professional life.     There was a monument to him erected at the Offices of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission to wit:
Civil Rights Icon, Diane Nash, elected to observe another one of the kangaroo hearings being held by Mr. Larkin at the Prudential Building offices of the ARDC.     Even though there were empty seats in the arena, Ms. Nash was singled out for exclusion from the hearing.
The two events all occurred in the same year.      Under the cloak of political correctness, in writing this essay, the political correct people label me a racist, and a bigot for disclosing that Mr. Amu is an educated gentleman who any of us would feel pride inviting into our respect homes, and the individual (Mr. Brown) referred to in illustration 1 is a person that many of us would even voluntarily associate with.   (No degree, poor, minority–charity only goes so far for some).  Why is Mr. Brown lionized and Mr. Amu a pariah?
Mr. Brown’s death can be exploited by the unprincipled Establishment.     Mr. Amu is a thorn in their side as he represents a movement by minorities to break bread and enjoy EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW.     If there are more people with dark hues to their skin color who emulate Mr. Amu a few slogans and appeals to the baser instincts will remove many in the establishment from the gravy train.    Larne Amu is inconsistent with selling judgeships, government positions, cronyism, or other forms of corruption.      He is one of us!     He does expropriate the sundries from convenience stores and shove round store clerks and he is polite and professional in his dealings with legitimate authority.
Thus, while Mr. Brown and other villains are lionized, upper mobile and society enhancing people with a dark hue to their skin are castigated – – It is respectfully submitted that no matter what the mainstream media propagandizes, or the establishment preaches such is wrong.
Jerome Larkin, all his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators, and all the political people who exploit the elderly, the disabled and you and I have to be brought before the BAR OF JUSTICE and called upon to ANSWER for their alleged corruption.     The Establishment can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

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