From Atty Jeff Norkin–his summary of the problem of suppressing valid dissent against corruption in the courts

From Atty Jeffrey Norkin;

Great summary of the problem.

I spent 21 years representing victims of police brutality. I discovered, uncovered, exposed, and pursued retribution for numerous, major conspiracies to cover up and distort the truth about how and why defenseless people became gravely injured or dead at the hands of police and corrections officers, often in the public eye. I spent 21 years representing victims of commercial torts, often fighting powerful, wealthy corporations with no regard for anything other than their own profits.

What did I get after being deprived of over $40 million of rightful recoveries by blatantly illegal judicial rulings, mostly by Federal judges appointed by Republican politicians?

I was disbarred via two dictates of an entity which declared and declares itself above the law, and above the U.S. Constitution. In Florida, lawyer discipline is delegated to the people who populate our state Supreme Court. That group explicitly decided that lawyers in disciplinary cases are not entitled to due process. They, as I was, can be deprived of their livelihoods based on hearsay, without notice of the acts with which they are charged, and, among many other violations, without any appellate recourse.

The US Supreme Court holds to the contrary. Lawyers are protected, like everyone else, by the due process protections that are the heart and mind of the American system of justice.

But the almighty Florida Bar Disciplinary Board, clothed in the Robes of State Supreme Court justices, spit on the Supreme Court and the Constitution.

This is tyranny. These are tyrants. What was done to me is as criminal an act (actually a multitude of acts) as any coup or murder in cold blood.

These are people who suspended me for two years in a dictate, which recited that I had done “nothing with selfish or dishonest motive,” somehow characterizing that fact as a “mitigating factor,” instead of the “Exonerating factor” that every person, lawyer and layperson would immediately recognize it to be.

These are the people who then disbarred me purportedly for practicing law during my suspension. What they didn’t tell the public is that the legal work I performed I did so openly as it was within my constitutional rights. They omitted that I was acting with my client to enforce a judgment I had won, a large portion of which I owned. They also omitted that my efforts were to stop a $420,000 fraud on the court and I was the only person with the resources to do so; the only person who could help my former client and fellow creditor to salvage the judgment I had obtained for him; for abuse of process against the same fraudsters who, after my suspension, illegally attended a hearing ex parte, lied to a newly presiding judge that they, not my client, had won the case, and walked out of court with a $420,000 fee and cost judgment as the prevailing party.

And it goes on and on…..

Thank you, Mr. Pitts, for stating the truth so well and publicly. And more to the point, thank you for caring. It is perhaps most amazing of all how few people seem to.

Jeff Norkin


Dear Jeff;

Same in my case.  The Tribunal ruled that while my intentions are good, somehow I “did not understand” why my conduct of publishing this blog and revealing what was actually going on in the courtroom in Illinois, Cook County and across the nation was “misplaced.”

They struck my expert witnesses and most of my family witnesses.

But no matter, the elderly sister Yolanda was able to testify and her daughter also testified and said “there was something seriously wrong with the Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 case” and everything seemed like a “done deal.”

You are right about everything you said.  You, as a lawyer, were entitled to due process and a remedy for the wrongful actions perpetrated upon you.  When you filed motions to collect your own judgment, and your client joined in, you were not practicing law without a license. When you brought fraud to the attention of the court, that was your civic duty to do so.

I am sorry about what happened to you.  It is a most extreme miscarriage of justice and you deserve better as a citizen of the US which is supposed to be a free, open and transparent democratic society.

I appreciate what you have written and I strongly encourage you to keep on filing pleadings under “Fraud upon the Court.” This is a legal theory that can be brought up at anytime during a legal proceeding, be it on the first day of the case, the 100th day, the 300th day, the first time up on appeal or the 10th time on any appeal.

We must fight this and must not stop. Corruption has slowly erroded our court system and it is the call of every good citizen to fight it each and every day.

You will note in my case, that I have recently published the following indictments based upon health care/nursing home fraud:  $1 billion in Fla. against Esformes; $124 million against Omnicare for kickback schemes, $100 million against Seth Gillman for hospice fraud.  We must give kudos to Atty General Loretta Lynch for instituting these indictments.

How can I, a 58 year old mother of 4 children, acting fairly much alone in all of this (despite the fact Cook County has 45,000 registered attorneys and the State of Illinois has a total of 85,000 attorneys), fight all of this?  Ken Ditkowsky is fighting for the human and civil rights of our disabled and senior citizens so they suspended him for 4 years, but how do we fight a system that the tip of the iceberg has recently shown about $1.5 billion in indictments.


It’s an entire system, and it’s deeply entrenched.  It prevents the US from having universal health care.

I don’t understand why the US now spends more money on prisons than elementary and high school education and college combined.  I don’t understand all the nursing homes and the vast majority of people there are there against their will and the states attorneys and FBI turn a blind eye.  Nursing homes are gulags and concentration camps for the elderly.

Let’s continue to fight and continue to make a difference for truth, justice and all the victims of court corruption out there.


PS – I sympathize with you on your collections. That’s why I know they are after me, there is NO WAY I am filing any legal proceeding for legal fees nor will I collect them or ask any client for them.  I now only take free will donations to my charity, Justice 4 Every 1.  You know if I set foot in a court, they will figure out how to hit me with Unauthorized Practice of Law and have me arrested.  I know that.  You now know that.  Best to make sure you only work for other attorneys and write for them and write books and blog posts on your own.  We need to figure out a way to make money from books.


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