From Ken Ditkowsky–the answer to why $60 million in Medicare Fraud is never published by Chicago Meg Media

The Elder Cleansing Industry is massive and extremely profitable.    It dwarfs the CLINTON FOUNDATION and the Ford Foundation combined.    Philip Esformes was charged with the FBI with Medicare fraud as to the 30 nursing homes in Florida with theft of a billion dollars.    The Omnicare corporation after being fined more than a 100 million dollars was sold to CVS for 12.4 billion dollars.   Its nursing home earnings were through the roof.   Seth Gillman – one of favorites of Jerome Larkin – was accused of stealing a billion dollars in connection with his Hospice operation.   He pleaded guilty to fraud and awaits sentencing.
What do you think the Cadre of Nursing home operators is billing Medicare here in Chicago?   What about the New York, Los Angeles, ***** operators.   Do you think for a minute that they are any more honest that Philip Esformes or Seth Gillman?
We have a crisis on our hands — the health care frauds are massive and not only out of control, but, are one of the most lucrative industries in America.    It also has massive political protection.   Witness the effort that Jerome Larkin and exerted here in Illinois to attempt to stop the publication of the MaryGSykes blog.   All Cynthia Farenga had to do was to write to the IARDC and allege that we were demanding an HONEST INVESTIGATION and Larkin unleashed his fraudulent Kangaroo Courts and gang of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.    Indeed, it worked!   Almost 3 million dollars was openly stolen from Mary Sykes, 1.5 million for Alice Gore (plus the grains of gold that were in her teeth)***** and not one dime was inventoried or taxed either by the State of Illinois or the USA.
If Philip Esformes in 30 nursing homes was able to steal a billion dollars for Medicare how much do you think that his father, ****** et al were able to garner here in Chicago.    ***** with his mob connections has nursing home operations all over the USA and he is reported to draw about a million dollars a day in compensation!   N. Draman went into personal bankruptcy, but had the money to outbid me as to a non-collectible judgment that was being auctioned off.    (I wanted him to place a bid of record and he did!)   The Casino in     apparently was not listed on the Bankruptcy!
In answer to your question – the reason that the 50 million and 10 million dollars thefts are not mentioned as they are NOT NEWS!    They are small potatoes!   The industry is protected by your friend Jerome Larkin.     Our miscreants are above the law!     Most importantly come election time they will make certain that every resident of their nursing homes VOTES CORRECTLY and casts a vote for whom the party bosses direct.
Ken Ditkowsky

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