Urgent need. Kind man rendered homeless by fraud in probate needs housing

This poor man has been rendered homeless and just needs a place to sleep  He has a car and is on disability.  His homelessness comes directly from fraud on the court perpetrated on the 18th floor of the Daley Center.  He is clean, neat, very respectable and well spoken.

He is trying to save money for a probate attorney to represent him on $300k in fraud taken from his father’s estate.

Many of you have been there and know what this is like.  I hope you will consider helping him with your basement or spare room and I am sure he will be very helpful and a source of support to any other court corruption victims out there.

If you know of something, please email me at joanne@justice4every1.com.

The miscreants in probate know he is homeless and did this anyway.  Not a one of the attorneys or the judge showed any care or concern for him.  He was wrongfully evicted not once, but twice after he repaired his father’s properties.

Thank you all for being decent human beings and caring and knowing it is wrong to summarily evict a child in probate without due process.  I find it disgusting and sad.

The court didn’t care, the ARDC for sure doesn’t care about how coverups and fraud in Probate endanger the health, safety and welfare of Illinois citizens.  We must clean up this mess.

No one in probate should be evicted summarily and without being  provided housing assistance. This is horrible, absolutely horrible.

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