From Ken Ditkowsky–all the spin and still a blackout on medicare/guardianship corruption in Chicago

Subject: No spin is required to get the meaning of the current cover-up
Date: Aug 10, 2016 1:42 PM
When we asked Jerome Larkin of the IARDC for an Honest Investigation his response was to bring disciplinary proceedings and to lie like a rug.    When citizens read that the IARDC was an entity set up by the Supreme Court of Illinois to protect the public against corrupt and crooked lawyers, they called for Honest investigations of the lawyers (including judges) who were preying on the elderly and especially their loved ones.   The IARDC found that kidnapping, exploiting, abusing, breaching public and fiduciary trusts by favored lawyers met the highest standards of the bar.   
Indeed, even when citizens cried that that 3rd Reich had invaded Illinois = as they learned that an elderly citizen had her mouth ravaged so that a guardian ad litem (appointed by a corrupt judge) so that the GAL could obtain a few grains of gold!   Of course Mr. Larkin and the Supreme Court of Illinois could not tolerate such disclosures and labeled the blog (MaryGSykes) as being akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   The manager of the blog, even though protected by statute and the Constitution, was immediately suspended from the practice of law by the Supreme Court of Illinois.    
In Illinois even the bragging by a judge on a deposition taken by the IARDC that she was wired (page 91) did not change the course of the ‘cover-up’    The judge was rewarded for her candor – she was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois as HER victim was assigned to a “nursing home” until her entire estate could be garnered into the safe hands of the miscreants.    No outrage was too small or too insignificant.   A complete record is found on the web.  See: Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, and NASGA.
The criminal enterprises Nationwide are starting to unravel.    Atty Seth Gillman recently pleaded guilty to over a 100 million dollar hospice fraud.   (We have to say “attorney” because the ARDC protected his nefarious activities for years before filing a complaint against him in Feb. 2016, though he had been stealing and defrauding Medicare/Medicaid/the State of Illinois for years.)  Phil Esformes was charged with stealing in his 30 nursing homes a billion dollars.  (you got that right – a billion dollars).   The Chicago nursing home cabal (and in particular allegedly Morris Esformes- the father of Philip) got fined hundreds of millions of dollars for their Omnicare activities (Pharmaceutical fraud in nursing homes).   The company was then sold to CVS Pharmacy for 12.4 billion dollars.    There is big money in health care fraud.
It was amusing to hear Blago our former governor plea for mercy – We all remember Tony Rezko and the attempts to shake down a DuPage County Hospital etc.    Resko was also disclosed to have sold our president a lot in Kenwood (Chicago) at a bargain basement discount price.   The great right wing conspiracy as well as many of us – the great unwashed – thought that this heavily discounted purchase price was a BRIBE.    Of course nothing ever came about it.
The cover-up for the Political elite is absolute.   If a member of the great unwashed makes a statement it is construed in the light most unfavorable.  Each time it is construed the construction become more and more obscene.   However, when the ‘fix’ is in – do not expect anything but benign comment – if any at all.
Indeed – Right is wrong, left is right, up is down, and most importantly criminals with clout go free!
I think it is time for America to WAKE UP!    If the highest ranking public officials violate the law they should be subjected to an HONEST INVESTIGATION and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.    
Jerome Larkin is not running for President of the United States –  his 18 USCA 371 actions have caused countless senior citizens to fall victim to elder cleansing – He and his group of miscreants ought to be subject to an HONEST INVESTIGATION and if the fact demonstrate that they have breached their public trust, they ought to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.    The fact that a person is elite should not in a democracy give them immunity from the RULE OF LAW.
From Joanne:
What I really want to know is how the Chicago media is so silent on hundreds of senior citizens forced into nursing homes against their will every month.
No one investigates. Isn’t that the easiest investigation for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, WGN, NBC, CBS, WTTW?  All you have to do is go there and ask all the residents if they want to be there or if they want to go home, or if they want to go home with a loved one, and then ask the loved one if arrangements can be made for that?
Of course, many are so heavily drugged they will not and cannot respond.  But still,  what  a great news story.
Many of these nursing homes are supported by government funds and I believe that the news reporters, if the seniors want to talk to them, they should be allowed to talk to the seniors about whether they want to be there or at home, if that is possible.
Why the silence on this issue from the mega media in Chicago.
Why aren’t the judges and GAL’s required to stay in these nursing homes themselves for a month before they place anyone there.
So many questions, so few answers from the mega media, but the mega media doing favors for clouted, wealthy is the reason why 70% of the American public now gets their news from blogs like these on the internet and that’s why the mega news papers are in a world of hurt right now.

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