From Gloria Sykes, her thoughts and feelings and one question about a Driver’s License exam for Mary G?

Dear Readers;

This is really what makes a blog special and what we all want to read, and that it the personal thoughts and feeling of those that are going through these terrible courtroom travesties of justice.

Just how do people handle all of this?  Gloria hasn’t seen, touched or talked to her mother for a year now–its’ the worst form of  emotional abuse to a senior.  Gloria and her mother were very close for the 10 + prior years Carolyn ripped Mary G out of her home and neighborhood since the 1950’s and has isolated her in the remote suburb of Naperville. Don’t get me wrong, but suburbs are most useful if you can drive.  And Carolyn is isolating Mary.

And that brings up another question (I gotta publish this one)–Gloria tells me that her mother had passed the driver’s exam in 2009!  Her test wasn’t perfect, but SHE PASSED!  That was in summer, so how is it at the same time some hack PsychD is saying she is incompetent!  Huh?  That’s what I want to know.  She can pass a driver’s test, road exam and written test, but some hack says she is incompetent?  Someone wants to invalidate Mary G’s legal documents from August 2008?  That’s outside the statute of limitations for “Relief from Judgment” or to defeat a properly entered judgment. Why do they think they can do that.  And Gloria tells me that in 2009 Mary was driving.  To the Grocer’s and around the neighborhood.  In fact, it turns out that because Mary G didn’t like to drive Gloria’s car (too big), she was borrowing a neighbor’s car!  Obviously the neighbor thought Mary G was competent enough to drive.

What are they basing this alleged incompetency judgment on, exactly?  Who in their right mind would do such a thing?

The videos, the pages of handwriting, now the driver’s license test–who does this?

More disgusting facts, more apologies to Gloria.


Now for words from Gloria:


I can’t help but believe that God is watching us from above every time we sit on the toilet.  I also believe God watches specialty events, occasionally guiding tennis balls to hit the edges of the white lines on the courts, basketballs off the backboards into the hoops, and baseballs over the walls for home-runs.  God knows when people are dishonest and revengeful just like Santa knows which children are naught and which ones are nice.  I think all people live “Under God” a deity peering down on us just like the manager at Walmart atop the customer service desk.  That said, I have a keep sense of right and wrong: a strong personal and professional integrity that was taught to me by my mother and father.  “Reach for the starts,” my parents told me, “and if you fall short, look how far you’ve gone!”. So you’ll have to excuse me when I say that the last few years have been a nightmare, a reality no man, woman or child should have to face in the real world.  And so, when I tell the facts of the ‘horror story’ it is not unusual for people of authority to say, “you’re nuts’ and “that can’t happen [in America]”.  One only needs to read the 12 or so verified court records that include transcripts, currently on file with the Cook County Clerk’s office/Probate Division and there’s no doubt in my mind that the repeated comment in response “you’re nuts” or “that can’t happen [in America] will be changed to “Oh my God!”

Indeed, Oh My God!  But as God has nothing to do with the actions of dishonest, vindictive, greedy people, this reality my mother and I and thousands of “American’s” face every day.  The media is filled with stories of people shows selfishness and personal agendas are now infamous.  They work at such places as ENRON, Arthur Anderson, WorldCom, even the Roman Catholic Church: they’ve betrayed the trust of stockholders, citizens, children and the faithful — making our Democracy, our Economy, and our religious institutions less trustworthy in  the process.

These particular stories have faded from the front page, but the story of Corporate Greed and selfishness will be in the news forever.  The problem we have is that our Judicial is so well insulated, protected, that the “media’ has been silent, until now!  Still, it’s drama is perennial and its social costs immense.  The poet Rumi said it with reckless candor 800 years ago, “If you are here unfaithfully with us your are causing terrible damage”.  

What my Mother and I, and thousands of other ‘victims’ of Court sanctioned abuses and financial exploitations of the elderly and disabled have experienced is not a failure of legal ethics on the part of our Judicial and the attorneys appointed by the Courts: it’s a failure of human holiness.  Doctors who are dismissive of patients, politicians who lie to voters, attorney’s who intentionally “LIE” to the Judges and themselves and rob the elderly and disabled of their Golden Years and lives, and clergy who rob children of their well-being and  childhoods!  These people, men and women like attorneys Peter Schmiedel, Cynthia Farenga, and Adam Stern, for the most part do not lack ethical knowledge or convictions: they give speeches and seminars on financial exploitation and ethical issues and more than likely believe their own words. But they have a well rehearsed habit of holding their own knowledge and beliefs at great remove from the LIVING of their lives. 

Over the past three years the THREE attorneys listed above, have not only destroyed my livelihood and stolen my homestead and assets, but they have intentionally taken from me my Mother who is also my best friend: they have willfully destroyed my Mother’s life and the lives of all people mother loves and trusts for their own financial gain.  I am not ‘nuts’ or as the THREE want you to believe every adult child or loved one who stands up to the Probate Courts and attorneys are collectively, ‘bi-polar and mentally ill’.  No, hell no!  I made a promise to my mother that I will save my Mother’s life and bring her home to the community where she thrived for over 50 years, to the unrestricted and unsupervised life she once had filled with the freedoms to speak to and visit with whomever she pleased, to spend her money how she wants, and to have access to and the right to retain an attorney of her choice and sue the the people who have done her harm!  What I’ve learned about myself is awesome, if I may say so myself.  I’ve learned about friendship and the meaning of friendship: I’ve learned about love and the powers behind true love; and I’ve learned that the selfish, hateful, divided lives of many the officers of the probate courts across America – and particularly in Cook County Chicago, is pathological, so it always gives rise to symptoms — and if we acknowledge the symptoms, we may be able to treat the cancer — the DIS-EASE!  When people error, they lie and then they coverup and hurt the innocents: the cover-up is always worse than the initial crime.   Only when we are able to see it, can we believe it and once we believe that what most find impossible is possible, we start to un-numb ourselves and find the courage to prevail. If we continue to let people like Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, and Peter Schmiedel (including other attorneys from Fischel & Kahn) continue to manipulate the system, our judicial, bend the rules and live above the laws,  there is no hope. But if we believe, as I do, that we’re people “Under God”, then we have the angles on our side.  Personally, I’d rather have God and the Angels on my side than any of the political elite running the show in the Sykes case.  Now I say, “Dear God, thank you for giving me the courage, health and strength to right these wrongs and save my life and in doing so, save my mother’s life” rather than “Oh my God”.  I’m still reaching for the stars!  What makes this journey, this challenge even more accomplishable is that I’m not alone: thousands of us stand hand in hand and will prevail, together because we know right from wrong, good from bad, and heck, we know God is watching us from above… even as we sit on the toilet!  

(As I wrote my Chapter 11 plan and disclosure statement, I find myself missing my mother more and more. It’s been over one year since I last touched her, heard her voice, felt her unconditional love, knew she was okay.  And so I wrote this note as a way for me to cope and move forward, as getting on with live is better than getting by with life… please cross post.)
Gloria Jean Sykes 
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Fax to Lea Black at the Ill. ARDC

Dear Readers;

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On Friday, my assistant Julia was able to get to the imaging dept in Probate and obtain a copy of the Probate files from Dec 1, 2011 to yesterday or April 27, 2012.

Attached is what she found.  Amazingly over six (6) months what was found is a clear pattern to exclude, snub, snob and ignore any pleading that Gloria filed, while on the otherhand, anything offered either orally or by mere hint of suggestion by the tortfeasors (GAL’s Adam Stern-AS, Cynthia Farenga-CF, the plenary guardian’s attorney Peter Schmeidel and company – PS) was grated without findings, no hearing, no discussion, and often without any written Motion or Notice of Motion–a situation prohibited by Local Rule 2.1 which says all Motions must be in writing  and the movant must provide proper notice to adverse parties.

Isn’t this the classic case of corruption?  Blagogevich was convicted because he merely hinted at “selling” a senator’s seat, when in reality it was to feather his political campaign fund–something the US Supreme Court in January 2011 said was perfectly fine.

The judge in the Probate Court declared in August of 2011 she did not have to follow court rules or Illinois Statutes pertaining to Civil Procedure in Court–she was exempt. Then she grants this privilege to the court officer miscreants–and now it is clear for the world to see this is a continuing pattern, ala Dorothy Brown who has finally provided some meager form of computerization to the Circuit Courts.

Why aren’t the Circuit Courts of Cook County computerized when the federal courts have been computerized since 200? 1) a thousand incompetent and computer illiterate patronage workers would have to be fired in a single day (although Dorothy Brown COULD keep them on as historical imagers pushing papers thru scanners, that’s what I would do until they died or passed over to the eternal world of civil servant); and 2) politically connected judges and their puppet attorneys (the GAL’s) would be exposed for what they are:  money grubbing, family strife churning leeches that create nothing but pain and misery in a family while swiping free parking money out of a well funded estate.

Here is a sublime expression of what ignoring corruption and feathering the campaign bed leads to.

Have a good read.  More to come.


The interesting, creepy and twisted status of the Mary G Sykes dilemma–now entangled in Probate, BK and Federal District Court

From Ken Ditkowsky:

The worm has turned.   They miscalculated with the ARDC complaint.  First JoAnne reacted by allowing me to defend her.   That meant that both of us were going to be co-ordinated.   This also meant that the pressure that would normally be delivered was obviated and when Black contacted JoAnne directly – a clear ethical violation – she had to be on the defensive.   Her response to my fax of protestation was clear backpedaling and mumbling at its best.

A second series of miscalculations occurred when they did not carry through on my challenge to allow an independent investigation.    If they were innocent had nothing to hide, why not clear the air with an investigation.

A third series of miscalculations was the idea that Gloria would fold her tent when she ran into adversity in the Forcible Entry and Detainer court and in the Bankruptcy Court.    The ADA complaint they viewed as a bump in the road that they would bull doze out of the way, and the Chapter 11 was duck soup as most attorneys cannot put together a plan.   Instead, Gloria came in there screaming about CT taking her intellectual property, the Sodini notices, etc.    Worse yet, Gloria learned well how to mumble about the Statute of Uses!    Where the hell had you come up with that bit!   Indeed, the Statute of Uses (naked trust) voided Carolyn’s status!    Would a judge know what that was all about?   If they tried to push the sale of the house, the title company certainly would.   The miscreants cannot be certain about delivery of clean title–let alone delivery of any title at all.    It is better to wait until Mary dies and then get a probate court order directing the executor (Carolyn) to sell the house.   But Carolyn not being appointed Executrix is not assured either, with all the tampering of the Probate Estate, the outstanding issues of her defending two Protective Order, etc.

As to the partition lawsuit, Schmiedel over played his hand.   The Chase foreclosure could be tied up for years in the Courts.   He cannot get all the necessary parties together in the same court.   Stuart can poster, but she cannot move the foreclosure action.    Gloria’s house cannot be sold without clearing the title of the Chase loan, and that cannot be cleared without addressing Gloria’s claims against Chase.   They are not going away.

Further hanging over their heads is the fact that they really did not serve the Sodini notices and thus the Court has no jurisdiction.    Every time you file something you mention that fact and the judge is aware that she is walking on very dangerous ground.   In my opinion criminal statutes have been violated.

If you could get an article published on the Sykes case and tie a neat package all hell will break!  The Tyler case and the Sykes case cannot stand the light of day.   Nine million dollars is unaccounted for in the two cases.   The IRS could bring a Federal RICO case against several judges, several guardian ad litem, and several guardians.   The criminal enterprise would be the probate court.

No I cannot bring it – a civil RICO will not fly, but the Justice Department’s action would fly.   Justice could give Stuart immunity and scrape goat Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel, Solo, and Connors.   LB might be icing on the cake.   She certainly knows that the ARDC complaint against me is bogus!  At this point in time, she certainly has the message that I am not frightened by naked intimidation and did nothing wrong except insist on my First Amendment Rights to the detriment of such ‘august’ persons as Farenga, Stern and Schmiedel.

The objection that Gloria filed this evening reiterates the fact that there is no jurisdiction and continuing on is dangerous business.   Gloria Sykes is not going away!   Indeed, if the media stop being cowed and take up the cause of the angels a whole new religion is going to be established over the bodies of Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel and Solo.    (Solo, Stern and Farenga are perfect villains – they look the part!  – central casting could not have come up with better casting!)

Gloria – quite honestly I do not know why I cared, but I felt sorry for Farenga and Stern.   I remember Stern from my youth.   He was the little boy that everyone picked on.   Farenga is the female version of Stern.   When I say everyone picked on him, I mean even the faculty!   As a youth I little sympathy for the Sterns of this world and they were safe from me as long as they left me alone.   I guess I feel guilty that I did not stick up for the Zloob!   However, I gave them both the opportunity to ‘help Mary’ and win my favor, but they turned me down.    Too bad!

Ken Ditkowsky

Ken Ditkowsky, esq. continues to find parallels to other cases…

What is most disturbing is the fact that in relation to the Elder Abuse/Financial Exploitation cases history keeps repeating itself.  
The facts that are related to me indicate that the Tyler case and the Sykes case have many of the same facts.    It also appears that there are similarities to the Gore case.       The nursing home cabal raises its ugly head in these cases and too many of the same actors are on the scene.   It may be coincidence but [2 entities]  are frequently mentioned whenever someone in one of these cases claims mischief is afoot!      [One entity] also has a way of getting a mention.     One of the ‘cabal’s’ enterprises similarly is heavily involved.
All of this might just be coincidence, but I do not believe in coincidence.    When I was talking to the Marys’ the MO was amazingly similar to that we discovered in Sykes and the protection provided the Court appointed attorneys was amazing.     Indeed, even though Ms. Tyler started out with an expensive condo (Lake Point Tower) and about $8,000,000 in assets family members who complained as to the fact that the assets were not inventoried were demonized.       In Sykes the value of the Estate was about a million dollars and the value of real estate and Gloria was demonized – but the inventory was more secret than our Nation’s secrets.     
Isolation of the senior was a prime weapon in the arsenal of the abuser/exploiter.      Drugs were administered in both Sykes and Tyler and a vital and active senior was reduced to ruin.      Family members complained to law enforcement, the judiciary, and even the [agency] with no success.     Fiduciary relationships (guardian/ward) were honored by naked words and no action whatsoever.   
The pattern is repeated over and over again without regard to location.     No one seems to care, except the miscreants and their co-conspirators.     Anyone who steps up and acts uppity such as yours truly and the Marys’ and Gloria etc.  has to deal with sanctions.    The Marys’ were charged with criminal contempt for protesting.   Yes, they were ordered not to file anything with prior permission and did, but I believe that Near vs. Minn   (Supreme Court) is still the law and prior restraints on the First Amendment Right are prohibited.     The lack of jurisdiction did not stop my being hit with a $5000 sanction.    When the Appellate Court reversed because of the lack of jurisdiction, the [agency] filed a complaint against me.    Not only does the complaint make unwarranted conclusions, but, the Administrator admits to not having sufficient information to admit or deny the facts upon which the conclusions were based.   As to Gloria Sykes every concept of fair play and Constitutional protect has been abrogated.   
I have renewed my plea to law enforcement to make an independent investigation and in this regard I have written to Senator Kirk, Attorney General Holder,  the States attorney, the Sheriff and others.    I noted that political elite wax eloquent as to protecting grandmother’s social security, but are very silent when it comes to protecting Grandmother’s property and liberty.     It is respectfully submitted that the few pennies that grandmother is paid in social security pales when grandma’s liberty, property, and civil rights are forfeit.    How do our political leaders sleep at night?     By their inaction and inertia they are a major part of the problem.
It may sound like a broken record, but I do not see Governor Quinn, or President Obama urging the tax authorities to aggressively and diligently audit the guardians who refuse to inventory millions of dollars of senior assets.     The taxes, interest, and penalties to be collected in the Sykes case easily at this point in time are in excess of a million dollars.    In the Tyler estate are in excess of eight million dollars.      If the guardians (including the GALs) suffered a benefit they should also pay the taxes.     Are these people immune from tax collection because they are sharing the ‘wealth?’      This scam is a more sophisticated form of ‘greylord!’      
I offered the Sykes [entities] the opportunity to join with me in asking for an independent investigation of the allegations made by the friends, neighbors, and family of Mary Sykes.    I said, if you have nothing to hide – join in the call.    The silence is deafening.       The admission of wrongdoing is easily determined by the failure of these fiduciaries to join in the call for transparency and an independent investigation of the charges made.        The admission of wrongdoing is easily determined by the fact that the ‘safe harbor’ letters and calls to an investigation have been greeted by [agency] complaints.   
Ken Ditkowsky

From JoAnne Denison;

As an update, I have been alerted to another case, this one in Mass. where an attorney held a POA for her father and was moving money to pay his household expenses.  AT Mellon Bank NY, the banker was giving her a hard time about paperwork, when she casually mentioned that if excessive paperwork were going to be a problem she could just move the accounts elsewhere (value $9 million).  Her father was an attorney and had clearly granted her POA and daughter intended to allow dad to stay at home until he died.  She was taking excellent care of him and often stayed over and involved him completely in her lives and the lives of his grandchildren, whom he adored.

Next thing she knew, his CPA went to court, had him declared incompetent, attained guardianship–all in a deal to keep $9 million at Mellon Bank in NY!  Yikes.  The guardian refused to allow the two daughters to see dad freely and started immediately to isolate dad from friends and family and they started drugging him with seroquel and risperdol–two dangerous psychotropic drugs used only on the most violently ill mental patients.  As in the Sykes case, currently the GAL is adding other attorneys to the case to outlawyer the daughter and churn the feeding freenzy–all with court connected lawyers.

Guardian claims dad gets angry and violent–but it turns out that happens only when they force him to stay at a local crappy nursing home when he is “too sick” to care for at home OR when he wants to call or visit his two daughters.  The guardian obtained a court order that neither daughter can see or talk to dad!  That means no children contact and no grandchild contact.  Words defy me as to that one.  Is the isolation from all your children and grandchildren the height of cruelty and indignation for a senior–and a lawyer grandfather who carefully planned and drew up countless documents and trusts to avoid just that?

We plan on starting a blog for this one too, so if greedy miscreants are reading this, more and more of these cases will be published here and elsewhere on the internet AND BY ATTORNEYS.  Lawyers that ask questions. Lawyers that are disgusted by greedy, thieving, cruel behavior which should only be found in those types of prisoners beat to death by other inmates for thieving from grandma and grandpa.

If this is your modus operandi, rest assured that I am being contacted by other (honest) lawyers in other states about starting blogs to stop this highly under reported yet extremely lucrative thieving that is continually destroying families.

JoAnne Denison

From Ken Ditkowsky–a Response to the [agency]

Motion to Deem Request to admit admitted\
Now comes the Respondent Kenneth Ditkowsky and states as follows:
Prefatory statement
                Supreme Court Rule 216[1] is intended to separate the wheat from the shaft and require the petitioner to Admit facts that should not be contested;
Rule 216 provides that “[a] party may serve on any other party a written request for the admission by the latter of the truth of any *125 specified relevant fact set forth in the request.” 134 Ill.2d R. 216(a). The necessity and reasonableness of the medical services a plaintiff received to treat her injuries and the reasonable cost of those medical services are facts that are proper subjects for a Rule 216 request to admit. Szczeblewski v. Gossett, 342 Ill.App.3d 344, 348, 277 Ill.Dec. 1, 795 N.E.2d 368, 371 (2003). Rule 216 provides:
“Admission in the Absence of Denial. Each of the matters of fact and the genuineness of each document of which admission is requested is admitted unless, within 28 days after service thereof, the party to whom the request is directed serves upon the party requesting the admission * * * a sworn statement denying specifically the matters of which admission is requested or setting forth in detail the reasons why he cannot truthfully admit or deny those matters.” 134 Ill.2d R. 216(c).
24 The statute was not designed to shift the burden of proof on to a defendant but rather to save the time and expense of litigation by eliminating the necessity of proof regarding facts within the knowledge ***610 **151 of the party upon whom the request is made. Szczeblewski, 342 Ill.App.3d at 349, 277 Ill.Dec. 1, 795 N.E.2d at 371. To that end, Rule 216 provides that “a party has a good-faith obligation to make a reasonable effort to secure answers to requests to admit from persons or documents within the responding party’s reasonable control,” including from the party’s attorney and insurance company investigators or representatives. Szczeblewski, 342 Ill.App.3d at 349, 277 Ill.Dec. 1, 795 N.E.2d at 372. However, Rule 216 also provides that a responding party may, in lieu of answering all or part of the request, serve “written objections on the ground that some or all of the requested admissions are privileged or irrelevant or that the request is otherwise improper.” 134 Ill.2d R. 216(c); Brookbank v. Olson, 389 Ill.App.3d 683, 688, 329 Ill.Dec. 835, 907 N.E.2d 426, 430 (2009). If the proper framework of Rule 216 is not followed, an incontrovertible judicial admission results and the fact is withdrawn from contention. Brookbank, 389 Ill.App.3d at 687, 329 Ill.Dec. 835, 907 N.E.2d at 429–430.
Oelze v. Score Sports Venture, LLC, 401 Ill. App. 3d 110, 124-25, 927 N.E.2d 137, 150-51 appeal denied, 237 Ill. 2d 561, 938 N.E.2d 522 (2010)
                The proceedings herein are not the usual litigation, but are proceedings in which a professional reputation is being defamed, and the Administrator has taken communications out of context and drawn conclusions that are not warranted.       The respondent is not a voluntary party or an attorney in any of the litigation from which these matters arise, however, as a citizen of the State of Illinois and the United States of America he has profound interest.    A senior citizen has been illegally deprived of her liberty, property, civil rights and human rights.     Persons who have protested what appear to be extra-judicial actions occurring in the Courts also have been deprived of the liberty, property, and civil rights including the rights guaranteed by the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970.
It is respectfully suggested that the Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is held to a higher standard as professionalism than the ‘run of the mill’ lawyer.   This fact is recognized by the fact that the Administrator must prove his claim by clear and convincing evidence.      Thus, responses such as:
Response:   The Administrator does not have sufficient information to admit or deny the purported fact contained in Request number 1 as the Administrator was not; present in court on August 31, 2009.  (Page 3 Administrator’s response to Respondent’s 3d Wave Request to Admit)
Response:   The Administrator objects to the term recruited.   Respondent is attempting to show that the Court and the Guardian ad litem engaged in “doctor shopping”    This is a disputed fact and in not the appropriate subject of a request to admit facts.   The Administrator admits the Dr. Amdur signed a CCP 211.  (page 3 and continued on page 2 of Administrator’s response to Respondent’s 3rd Wave Request to Admit)
“Response:  The administrator has insufficient evidence to admit or deny the purported facts contained in request number 6”     (page 2 Administrator’s response to Respondent’s 3rd Wave Request to Admit)
Is inappropriate and must be deemed admitted.       The Administrator’s responses to the Requests to Admit are replete with similar evidences of the Administrator no complying with the criterion established by the Supreme Court of Illinois to avoid forcing a litigant to prove facts that in all honesty and candor should be admitted.
                The Administrator after essentially disclosing that little, if any, investigation required by Rule 137 was done prior to filing the disciplinary complaint herein was been served with four sets of Request to Admit, each set having less than 30 Requests of parts thereof.     Each of the Request to Admit refers to an essential fact that should have been thoroughly investigated.     For instance, Matter of Sodini, 172 Ill. App. 3d 1055, 527 N.E.2d 530 (1988)   requires for the Probate Court to obtain jurisdiction that notices be served on the close relatives of Mary Sykes.       If as the respondent contends the Sodini notices were not served, this complaint must be dismissed.       Good faith requires that the Administrator either admit or deny the fact.     The criterion set out to protect people like Mary Sykes is very simple.    List in your petition the close relatives and serve them a notice 14 days before the competency hearing.      If the Sodini notices are not provided there is no jurisdiction to appoint plenary guardians, etc.[i] .
                Complaints that aver that a party has acted inappropriately become an Oxymoron when a second set of rules apply for the Administrator and the respondent.    Herein, as an example, the Attorney representing the Administrator listed in the Administrator’s schedule of witnesses a witness, JoAnne Denison.   The e-mail that was sent to Ms. Denison was requested to be admitted.      In paragraph 15 on page 6 of the 2nd Wave Responses the Administrator responded.
“Objection.  The Administrator moves to strike Request number 15/exhibit) as irrelevant to this proceeding as it relates to a separate confidential matter.    Without waiving the objection that Administrator does not have sufficient knowledge to admit or deny the genuineness of the e-mail but denies the facts therein.”
Indeed!    The Administrator in alleged ‘good faith’ and ‘candor’  represents that he does not have sufficient knowledge to admit or deny the genuiness of an e-mail sent from the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission offices by the very attorney who signed the responses to the Request to Admit.
                The respondent and others have alleged that their rights protected by the First Amendment, the Fifth Amendment and the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution have been violated.    The respondent and others have alleged that their rights protected by Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 have been violated.    The respondent and others have alleged that 735 ILCS 110 and 42 USCA 1983 are being ignored in this prosecution and in the matters involving Gloria Sykes and Mary Sykes.     When in a response to a Request to Admit a document can be filed that in reference to a an e-mail sent by the attorney representing the Administrator that said states:
“****Without waiving the objection that Administrator does not have sufficient knowledge to admit or deny the genuineness of the e-mail but denies the facts therein”
There has been no candor in the responses, no good faith, and most seriously a double standard is being applied to the instant respondent’s rights by the Administrator.      The respondent therefore appeals to this hearing board to declare all the Requests to Admit admitted and enter judgment in favor of the respondent in these proceedings.
                The respondent has served four separate sets of interrogatories on the Administrator.     Rule 216,  like Rule 213 does not place any limitation on the number of sets of interrogatories and/or sets of Requests to Admit that can be served.     Each set is limited to 30 interrogatories including sub-parts.
Wherefore the respondent moves for the Requests to Admit that were not specifically denied to be deemed admitted.
Respectfully Submitted,
Kenneth Ditkowsky
Pro se,  Respondent
5940 W. Touhy Ave
Niles, Illinois 60714
847 600 3421

What’s the deal with the [agency] complaints taking sooooo long to be dismissed

Dear Readers;
One of the issues I have been struggling with is that the [agency] complaints against Ken and myself for simply running a blog about the Sykes case.  I just can’t figure that one out.
It’s clearly a blog, it’s clear neither Ken nor I represent Gloria or Mary, we’re just concerned.  I also have known Gloria, Carolyn, Fred, Mary G, Scott, Doris and other friends and family for years.  I don’t get that.  Ken was the family attorney, so why is Ken accused of lying about all of this?  If anyone should know about $1 million in gold coins and cash in the mattress, Ken would know.  I also checked directly with the friends and family and the gold coins and cash are well known.  No one is amused by the cash grab by the miscreants.  All the family–with the exception of the miscrants–agrees that Gloria was doing a great and loving job of taking care of her mother for 10+ years.
There’s little to dispute in this case–outside of the 18th floor, where the case suddenly enters the Twilight Zone with time, space and perception being dramatically warped into something bizarre, twisted and unreal.  And out of that twisted, warped court room media has flowed a story that is strangely not investigated at all by the [agency] prior to filing a public complaint against Ken Ditkowsky.
So here is his most interesting explanation below.
take care all,
JoAnne Denison
Now from Ken Ditkowsky:
My theory on why the [agency] complaints against us prosper is that fact that there is a great deal of money involved.   The value of the commodity goes down if there is a risk of disbarment.   Lets take an example.   A [entity] for being deaf and dumb and running cover for the [entity] is promised a fee of $100,000.00.   this 100,000 can be paid part in taxable currency (check and/or court award and part in under the table funds – or all in under the table funds) The under the table funds can be a discount on a vehicle, discount on real estate, some fungible, gold coins etc.
A referral fee of 1/3 is paid to the sponsor.   In Sykes [it may be] believe it is a political person who is receiving ‘nursing home dollars.’    In that case it would be a campaign contribution.   (Gloria unearth a bunch of campaign contributions to the person she suspects as being the ‘clout!’ – she has come to her conclusions from a different angle and would probably resist my analysis.)
If the political person receives campaign contributions he/she incurs no taxable income until she/he elects to pay the taxes on the funds.    As no one knows that our [entity] has received dollar one he is not going to tell anyone.   He has a windfall.    All that happens is the disabled person’s estate is reduced and no one is the wiser.
In the Sykes case about a million dollars is not inventoried.   Shut you up, me up, Gloria up and no one has to pay dollar one in Federal Income Taxes!    Let us go one step further.   Why do the [entities] fear an investigation.  A trained investigator is going to ask questions.   Questions lead to answers.   Answers lead to more questions and in the investigator is independent someone is going to have to account for about a million dollars of inventoried treasure trove.
The [entities] for the plenary guardian have filed numerous complaints with the [agency] concerning you and me.    Ask yourself why?   Ask yourself if the regulators are ‘pure!’    The GSA scandal of recent days should give a clue to the right answer!    Also ask yourself why my ‘safe harbour’ (settlement) e-mails were taken out of context and are the basis of the [entity] complaint against me filed by the [entity].   Why is unethical for me to offer the [entity] a release from the Civil Rights claim that I have against them in exchange for them just doing their jobs?   As you know I wrote the [entities] and suggested that if they had nothing to hide join and ask for an independent investigation!   We have a better chance of having the President appointing either one or us  Secretary of State
Of course the [entities], et al all might be pure, sweet and a virgin.   It might just be a coincidence that the [entity] complaints against us are given credence even in the face of massive evidence to the contrary and the complaints against the [entities] for the plenary guardian are just tossed!   As I said we have a right to differ and I will fight to the death to protect your right to disagree with me.
Do not fall down a rabbit hole!
Ken Ditkowsky

Ken Ditkowsky’s Answer to the Complaint filed against him by the ARDC via Cynthia Farenga

Link below to KD’s Answer, Motion to Dismiss and Affirmative Defenses to the bogus ARDC complaint filed against him for merely calling for an investigation and emailing those that can investigate or help in that and posting to this blog! Imagine posting to a blog to get an investigation started is an ARDC complaint!

Dear Readers;

As you are probably aware, Ken Ditkowsky and I are so far the only Illinois lawyers to protect Mary G and publicly fight the grave injustices done to Mary G Sykes, a woman ripped out of her home by a relative she rarely visited, and now lives isolated in a remote suburb of Naperville.  The daughter Gloria who cared for her mother admirably for the past 10 years–an arrangement well known in the family–has been evicted from her home, she was ordered (without a hearing or any due process or service) to stop working on her home to make it habitable after mold damage, then the court froze her $200,000 in Indiana so she is now homeless and penniless.

Why?  So the other sister can sell both homes, put the money in a trust that she benefits from!

Watch the video links shown below, sign the petitions, let the world know that you will not stand for an Illinois grandma and American citizen to be abused like this.  In the videos she knows what she wants.  She wants to live at home until she passes, she wants Gloria to care for her and she wants her property divided equally between her daughters.  She is NOT incompetent to that extent.

Kend Ditkowsky and I have been caught up in all of this because we have been working tirelessly on this blog and to inform others of this situation–and those attorneys who will churn fees at hundreds of dollars per hour–want us silenced.  They apparently have a lot of clout in Probate and even with the ARDC.

Two complaints remain against myself and Ken Ditkowsky–mainly for publishing the truth about the situation on this blog and in emails, and also to call for an investigation of elder abuse.  Apparently, when it’s the court and clout connected attorneys doing the abuse, it’s no longer abuse.  And when you stand to be awarded with tens of thousands in attorneys fees, you get to loot what you want from the elderly.

Please read the attached Answer to the ARDC’s complaint and help us out.

thank you.

JoAnne Denison

From Ken Ditkowsky

Dear Gloria and JoAnne;
Sorry that you did not receive this answer, motion to dismiss, and affirmative defense that I filed in relation to the spurious complaint filed against me by the ARDC.    As you are aware I have very sensitive to any attempt by anyone that is reasonably calculated to shut me up.   What is most disturbing is the fact that in reference to the Request to admit that I served on the ARDC that required them to either admit or deny the basic facts that they claimed were in the e-mails and which were untrue, the ARDC admitted that the administrator had no information to either admit or deny the fact.   Indeed, if they have no information they cannot reasonably suggest that anything that I said.
It gets worse.   The first pleading that I filed was a motion to dismiss pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/2 619.   This motion had three affidavits attached in support.   The first affidavit was Gloria’s affidavit.   The second was Scott’s affidavit.   The third was the ADA verified complaint filed in the United States District Court.   All of these affidavits confirmed the fact that every word that I wrote in the various e-mails referred to ARDC complaint filed against me was in fact true and accurate.    To my utter surprise the attorney for the ARDC worte in her response to the Motion that there were no affidavit attached in support of the Motion.    (This is the very same attorney who without my permission called my client JoAnne.  Then when I objected to such an obvious breach, instead of just saying I’m sorry it was mistake she tried to **** her way out of it)
The ARDC has published their spurious complaint against me on their website, therefore, I assume that they will also publish this answer, and thus make available to law enforcement and others the information contained therein including but not limited to discriminatory enforcement of the ethical rules in such a manner as to thwart lawyerly complaints of corruption.
As I state in my answer, Illinois has a wonderful set of laws; however, they mean nothing as no one cares to enforce them.    Thus, Mary Sykes has lost her liberty, her property, and her human rights, and Gloria Sykes who has stood strong and tall in attempting to protect her mother has been subjected to the loss of her property, her liberty, and intimidation and harassment.    It should be noted that every single lawyer who Gloria has sought help from has been ‘talked to’ by Farenga, Stern, and/or Schmiedel and they have either been turned, or frightened off except you JoAnne and yours truly.   The ARDC has received complaints against both of us, and is prosecuting me as I by complaining about the elder abuse/financial exploitation and the theft of Mary’s property am tending to bring the profession into disrepute.    Of course the people who are participating are ‘model and ethical lawyers!’
There is a humorous aspect to the ARDC complaint.    Even though I am a stranger to the Sykes litigation and have not filed an appearance for anyone and there is no way that I could profit one way or another, the complaint echos the Alice in Wonderland averment that I complain about the theft of Mary’s property and Gloria’s property to secure an advantage in the pending litigation.   Indeed, except for the possibility of falling down the rabbit hole there is no possibility for this to occur.
Please publish the Answer etc.
Ken Ditkowsky

And I would like to note (JMD) that if you follow the money trail, it leads directly to the Plenary Guardian, the GALS’s Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga, and the Guardian’s attorney’s Harvey Waller and Peter Schmeidel/Dorothy Soehlig!

I have not received a dime from Gloria in years.  I am doing this blog for free.  Ken has tirelessly written emails, letters an d posts from this blog–all without pay!

It would appear that Mary G has been fleeced–of her home, about a million in gold coins numerous other relative can verify, as well as other property the family can and would verify if given a chance.

thanks for what you can do for Mary G, 93 years old and professionally abused.





Watch Mary G Sykes–a victim of elder abuse, probate abuse and financial abuse who was declared “incompetent” speak her mind clearly!  Amazing footage of what the Illinois court considers “incompetence”!

Amazingly enough, she is supposed to be incompetent and her GAL’s Adam Stern GAL and Cynthia Farenga GAL have conveniently arranged a guardianship where her desires are NOT being carried out. She wants to live at home and have her daughter Gloria care for her in Mary’s home until she dies. Carolyn Toerpe had her execute a will where once Mary’s home is sold the proceeds are put in Trust and Carolyn Toerpe takes it all upon Mary’s death. Now Carolyn Toerpe has had Mary declared incompetent and is seeking to have both Mary’s home and Gloria’s home sold and the proceeds put in Carolyn’s trust. All of this has been done under the authority of the Probate Court of Cook County and GAL’s Cynthia Farenga Attorney and Adam Stern, Attorney. This proves that evil never sleeps.
Sign my petitions at:
READ her complete story at
Thank you for any bit of help you can give her!

Legal Disclaimer–
Although this is obvious, no person in this blog has been accused of any wrongdoing, crime or even arrested unless stated otherwise from a website reporting actual arrests and convictions. We are stating our opinions and we have the right to do this. Only the particular author is responsible for his or her content. (So don’t blame me if you dislike some posts from someone else. This site is newsworthy because it is picked up automatically by many other blogs and is therefore protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Illinois State Constitution and violations will be taken seriously with charges under the Illinois Citizens Participation Act. We ARE participating in government here–we are lawyers trying to make a difference to make things better for grandma and grandpa. We don’t care how much money you’re making–directly or indirectly from Probate or a nursing home or home health care wired-in business. Do yourself a favor and get a different job, it’s not worth it.  And if you’re someone filing ARDC complaints against this blog, we are all exercising our rights to disseminate important news to protect the rights of the elderly and respect their wishes.  Again, go get another job–it’s not worth it.
PS – This blog is primarily for entertainment purposes only and please don’t file any pleadings or documents in court without checking with the sources for errors. My rate to review is $300 per hour.  Sorry, but portions of this blog have to be entertaining so we can get the word out.  There is most certainly a great deal of (stinging) truth in it, esp. for the GAL’s, the probate court and a society that ignores (thereby condoning) the sleazy world of probate, and in particular the 18th floor of the Daley Center in Chicago, but everyone needs to understand, these are not pleadings, there is no Motion, Response and Reply set by any court, together with extended legal argument recorded by a court reporter and subject to a Motion to Reconsider if errors or new evidence is found.  So don’t take it that way.  Like a good reporter, do your own due diligence and check with the sources first.  Honestly, I have to explain blogs to attorneys?  Have they no life? Do they not know how to email me or use the “comments” section at all?