Fax to Lea Black at the Ill. ARDC

Dear Readers;

click here https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B6FbJzwtHocwV2xuUnNtVXhDWkE


On Friday, my assistant Julia was able to get to the imaging dept in Probate and obtain a copy of the Probate files from Dec 1, 2011 to yesterday or April 27, 2012.

Attached is what she found.  Amazingly over six (6) months what was found is a clear pattern to exclude, snub, snob and ignore any pleading that Gloria filed, while on the otherhand, anything offered either orally or by mere hint of suggestion by the tortfeasors (GAL’s Adam Stern-AS, Cynthia Farenga-CF, the plenary guardian’s attorney Peter Schmeidel and company – PS) was grated without findings, no hearing, no discussion, and often without any written Motion or Notice of Motion–a situation prohibited by Local Rule 2.1 which says all Motions must be in writing  and the movant must provide proper notice to adverse parties.

Isn’t this the classic case of corruption?  Blagogevich was convicted because he merely hinted at “selling” a senator’s seat, when in reality it was to feather his political campaign fund–something the US Supreme Court in January 2011 said was perfectly fine.

The judge in the Probate Court declared in August of 2011 she did not have to follow court rules or Illinois Statutes pertaining to Civil Procedure in Court–she was exempt. Then she grants this privilege to the court officer miscreants–and now it is clear for the world to see this is a continuing pattern, ala Dorothy Brown who has finally provided some meager form of computerization to the Circuit Courts.

Why aren’t the Circuit Courts of Cook County computerized when the federal courts have been computerized since 200? 1) a thousand incompetent and computer illiterate patronage workers would have to be fired in a single day (although Dorothy Brown COULD keep them on as historical imagers pushing papers thru scanners, that’s what I would do until they died or passed over to the eternal world of civil servant); and 2) politically connected judges and their puppet attorneys (the GAL’s) would be exposed for what they are:  money grubbing, family strife churning leeches that create nothing but pain and misery in a family while swiping free parking money out of a well funded estate.

Here is a sublime expression of what ignoring corruption and feathering the campaign bed leads to.

Have a good read.  More to come.


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