The interesting, creepy and twisted status of the Mary G Sykes dilemma–now entangled in Probate, BK and Federal District Court

From Ken Ditkowsky:

The worm has turned.   They miscalculated with the ARDC complaint.  First JoAnne reacted by allowing me to defend her.   That meant that both of us were going to be co-ordinated.   This also meant that the pressure that would normally be delivered was obviated and when Black contacted JoAnne directly – a clear ethical violation – she had to be on the defensive.   Her response to my fax of protestation was clear backpedaling and mumbling at its best.

A second series of miscalculations occurred when they did not carry through on my challenge to allow an independent investigation.    If they were innocent had nothing to hide, why not clear the air with an investigation.

A third series of miscalculations was the idea that Gloria would fold her tent when she ran into adversity in the Forcible Entry and Detainer court and in the Bankruptcy Court.    The ADA complaint they viewed as a bump in the road that they would bull doze out of the way, and the Chapter 11 was duck soup as most attorneys cannot put together a plan.   Instead, Gloria came in there screaming about CT taking her intellectual property, the Sodini notices, etc.    Worse yet, Gloria learned well how to mumble about the Statute of Uses!    Where the hell had you come up with that bit!   Indeed, the Statute of Uses (naked trust) voided Carolyn’s status!    Would a judge know what that was all about?   If they tried to push the sale of the house, the title company certainly would.   The miscreants cannot be certain about delivery of clean title–let alone delivery of any title at all.    It is better to wait until Mary dies and then get a probate court order directing the executor (Carolyn) to sell the house.   But Carolyn not being appointed Executrix is not assured either, with all the tampering of the Probate Estate, the outstanding issues of her defending two Protective Order, etc.

As to the partition lawsuit, Schmiedel over played his hand.   The Chase foreclosure could be tied up for years in the Courts.   He cannot get all the necessary parties together in the same court.   Stuart can poster, but she cannot move the foreclosure action.    Gloria’s house cannot be sold without clearing the title of the Chase loan, and that cannot be cleared without addressing Gloria’s claims against Chase.   They are not going away.

Further hanging over their heads is the fact that they really did not serve the Sodini notices and thus the Court has no jurisdiction.    Every time you file something you mention that fact and the judge is aware that she is walking on very dangerous ground.   In my opinion criminal statutes have been violated.

If you could get an article published on the Sykes case and tie a neat package all hell will break!  The Tyler case and the Sykes case cannot stand the light of day.   Nine million dollars is unaccounted for in the two cases.   The IRS could bring a Federal RICO case against several judges, several guardian ad litem, and several guardians.   The criminal enterprise would be the probate court.

No I cannot bring it – a civil RICO will not fly, but the Justice Department’s action would fly.   Justice could give Stuart immunity and scrape goat Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel, Solo, and Connors.   LB might be icing on the cake.   She certainly knows that the ARDC complaint against me is bogus!  At this point in time, she certainly has the message that I am not frightened by naked intimidation and did nothing wrong except insist on my First Amendment Rights to the detriment of such ‘august’ persons as Farenga, Stern and Schmiedel.

The objection that Gloria filed this evening reiterates the fact that there is no jurisdiction and continuing on is dangerous business.   Gloria Sykes is not going away!   Indeed, if the media stop being cowed and take up the cause of the angels a whole new religion is going to be established over the bodies of Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel and Solo.    (Solo, Stern and Farenga are perfect villains – they look the part!  – central casting could not have come up with better casting!)

Gloria – quite honestly I do not know why I cared, but I felt sorry for Farenga and Stern.   I remember Stern from my youth.   He was the little boy that everyone picked on.   Farenga is the female version of Stern.   When I say everyone picked on him, I mean even the faculty!   As a youth I little sympathy for the Sterns of this world and they were safe from me as long as they left me alone.   I guess I feel guilty that I did not stick up for the Zloob!   However, I gave them both the opportunity to ‘help Mary’ and win my favor, but they turned me down.    Too bad!

Ken Ditkowsky

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