Ken Ditkowsky, esq. continues to find parallels to other cases…

What is most disturbing is the fact that in relation to the Elder Abuse/Financial Exploitation cases history keeps repeating itself.  
The facts that are related to me indicate that the Tyler case and the Sykes case have many of the same facts.    It also appears that there are similarities to the Gore case.       The nursing home cabal raises its ugly head in these cases and too many of the same actors are on the scene.   It may be coincidence but [2 entities]  are frequently mentioned whenever someone in one of these cases claims mischief is afoot!      [One entity] also has a way of getting a mention.     One of the ‘cabal’s’ enterprises similarly is heavily involved.
All of this might just be coincidence, but I do not believe in coincidence.    When I was talking to the Marys’ the MO was amazingly similar to that we discovered in Sykes and the protection provided the Court appointed attorneys was amazing.     Indeed, even though Ms. Tyler started out with an expensive condo (Lake Point Tower) and about $8,000,000 in assets family members who complained as to the fact that the assets were not inventoried were demonized.       In Sykes the value of the Estate was about a million dollars and the value of real estate and Gloria was demonized – but the inventory was more secret than our Nation’s secrets.     
Isolation of the senior was a prime weapon in the arsenal of the abuser/exploiter.      Drugs were administered in both Sykes and Tyler and a vital and active senior was reduced to ruin.      Family members complained to law enforcement, the judiciary, and even the [agency] with no success.     Fiduciary relationships (guardian/ward) were honored by naked words and no action whatsoever.   
The pattern is repeated over and over again without regard to location.     No one seems to care, except the miscreants and their co-conspirators.     Anyone who steps up and acts uppity such as yours truly and the Marys’ and Gloria etc.  has to deal with sanctions.    The Marys’ were charged with criminal contempt for protesting.   Yes, they were ordered not to file anything with prior permission and did, but I believe that Near vs. Minn   (Supreme Court) is still the law and prior restraints on the First Amendment Right are prohibited.     The lack of jurisdiction did not stop my being hit with a $5000 sanction.    When the Appellate Court reversed because of the lack of jurisdiction, the [agency] filed a complaint against me.    Not only does the complaint make unwarranted conclusions, but, the Administrator admits to not having sufficient information to admit or deny the facts upon which the conclusions were based.   As to Gloria Sykes every concept of fair play and Constitutional protect has been abrogated.   
I have renewed my plea to law enforcement to make an independent investigation and in this regard I have written to Senator Kirk, Attorney General Holder,  the States attorney, the Sheriff and others.    I noted that political elite wax eloquent as to protecting grandmother’s social security, but are very silent when it comes to protecting Grandmother’s property and liberty.     It is respectfully submitted that the few pennies that grandmother is paid in social security pales when grandma’s liberty, property, and civil rights are forfeit.    How do our political leaders sleep at night?     By their inaction and inertia they are a major part of the problem.
It may sound like a broken record, but I do not see Governor Quinn, or President Obama urging the tax authorities to aggressively and diligently audit the guardians who refuse to inventory millions of dollars of senior assets.     The taxes, interest, and penalties to be collected in the Sykes case easily at this point in time are in excess of a million dollars.    In the Tyler estate are in excess of eight million dollars.      If the guardians (including the GALs) suffered a benefit they should also pay the taxes.     Are these people immune from tax collection because they are sharing the ‘wealth?’      This scam is a more sophisticated form of ‘greylord!’      
I offered the Sykes [entities] the opportunity to join with me in asking for an independent investigation of the allegations made by the friends, neighbors, and family of Mary Sykes.    I said, if you have nothing to hide – join in the call.    The silence is deafening.       The admission of wrongdoing is easily determined by the failure of these fiduciaries to join in the call for transparency and an independent investigation of the charges made.        The admission of wrongdoing is easily determined by the fact that the ‘safe harbor’ letters and calls to an investigation have been greeted by [agency] complaints.   
Ken Ditkowsky

From JoAnne Denison;

As an update, I have been alerted to another case, this one in Mass. where an attorney held a POA for her father and was moving money to pay his household expenses.  AT Mellon Bank NY, the banker was giving her a hard time about paperwork, when she casually mentioned that if excessive paperwork were going to be a problem she could just move the accounts elsewhere (value $9 million).  Her father was an attorney and had clearly granted her POA and daughter intended to allow dad to stay at home until he died.  She was taking excellent care of him and often stayed over and involved him completely in her lives and the lives of his grandchildren, whom he adored.

Next thing she knew, his CPA went to court, had him declared incompetent, attained guardianship–all in a deal to keep $9 million at Mellon Bank in NY!  Yikes.  The guardian refused to allow the two daughters to see dad freely and started immediately to isolate dad from friends and family and they started drugging him with seroquel and risperdol–two dangerous psychotropic drugs used only on the most violently ill mental patients.  As in the Sykes case, currently the GAL is adding other attorneys to the case to outlawyer the daughter and churn the feeding freenzy–all with court connected lawyers.

Guardian claims dad gets angry and violent–but it turns out that happens only when they force him to stay at a local crappy nursing home when he is “too sick” to care for at home OR when he wants to call or visit his two daughters.  The guardian obtained a court order that neither daughter can see or talk to dad!  That means no children contact and no grandchild contact.  Words defy me as to that one.  Is the isolation from all your children and grandchildren the height of cruelty and indignation for a senior–and a lawyer grandfather who carefully planned and drew up countless documents and trusts to avoid just that?

We plan on starting a blog for this one too, so if greedy miscreants are reading this, more and more of these cases will be published here and elsewhere on the internet AND BY ATTORNEYS.  Lawyers that ask questions. Lawyers that are disgusted by greedy, thieving, cruel behavior which should only be found in those types of prisoners beat to death by other inmates for thieving from grandma and grandpa.

If this is your modus operandi, rest assured that I am being contacted by other (honest) lawyers in other states about starting blogs to stop this highly under reported yet extremely lucrative thieving that is continually destroying families.

JoAnne Denison

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