The Ken Ditkowsky Petition on Care

Posted on April 6, 2012

Let’s start out Good Friday and the first day of Passover or as I call it, “Peaster” helping our good friends in need, and this one is Ken Ditkowsky.   So Happy Peaster and Spring Solstice to all.

So first–the latest news on Ken Ditkowsky.

To prove that KD wasn’t lying to the ARDC he submitted detailed affidavits from Gloria Sykes and Scott Evans.  Lea Black then DENIED his Motion to Dismiss based upon the fact the Petitions were not enclosed.  Ken swears he placed them in each envelope.  The  Motion to Dismiss should have been reconsidered based on the fact these affidavits were conveniently, accidently-on-purpose lost by the ARDC.  (Note that the ARDC has NEVER responded to the complaints of Gloria or any of her and Mary’s friends.  Those are also conveniently, accidently-on-purpose lost by the ARDC!)


Come and see what 65 individuals have written to help out Ken Ditkowsky.

Add your signature ASAP.  I plan on faxing a copy of the petition to the ARDC today!

I know some attys do horrific things.  Think of all the politicians who have gone to prison–for selling senate seats and such.

But then there are the rest of us that work tirelessly for our clients–long hours, no pay.  And often we aren’t even appreciated by the client that doesn’t understand all of what is going on. I assure you that you have to be tough as nails to be an attorney, that cares, that works without pay, that wants to make the world a better place for grandma and grandpa.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have walked over to the Daley center, knew I was going to be yelled at by an unfair court and clout happy counsel on the otherside, repeating, “yea thru the valley of death” (this is actually an analogy to walking in earth or being here, only the bravest entities come, what an armpit!) Sometimes I think that the state court system is clogged with cabals of petty thieves and their puppet judges.  Ah, but then I recall the blissful days of Federal Court where perhaps you disagree with what the judge has determined, but you KNOW he has made a careful, intelligent, informed decision that is based in law.

So PLEASE sign this petition or only the politician lawyers will be left, and we know where they end up!

# 65

17:48, Mar 30, TARA KING, HI


# 64

21:58, Mar 28, Lucinda PalmerLambert, MI

Attorney Ditkowsky voices his outrage about guardian abuse for all to hear. I hope, some day, Mary G. Sykes will know that he has responded to her call for help.

# 63

21:35, Mar 26, tashi barnett, CA

# 62

15:03, Mar 24, Ms. Lucy Nycek, IL

# 60

07:46, Mar 22, Ms. Erin Bokesch, OH

# 59

00:55, Mar 22, Ms. Jennifer Goings, TX

# 58

14:45, Mar 21, Leanne Miller, CA

# 57

11:05, Mar 21, Mrs. ruth lande, IL

# 56

10:34, Mar 21, Elizabeth Chambers, IL

# 55

03:04, Mar 21, Ms. Kairen Brooke-Anderson, South Africa

# 54

01:21, Mar 21, Mr. Panagiotis Rigopoulos, Greece

# 53

20:23, Mar 20, Ms. Rajka Campagiorni, NV

# 52

18:30, Mar 20, Ms. Lark Kirkwood, OK

# 51

17:17, Mar 20, Ginger Franklin, TN

I too am a victim of conservatorship/guardian and probate court abuse. We must ban together and fight for what is right and to get these laws changed!!!!

# 50

16:50, Mar 20, Ms. Mary Healey, United Kingdom

We have to get the abuse of vulnerable people stopped.

# 49

09:33, Mar 20, Name not displayed, IL

# 48

19:31, Mar 19, Sylvia Rudek, IL

I agree: Atty Ditkowsky has done nothing to deserve this action, and is in fact an honorable, ethical and hard working attorney that cares about what is going on in the Probate Court of Cook County.

# 47

14:13, Mar 19, Barbara Mathison, UT

This is outrageous what is happening to Gloria and her mother and someone who is trying to help them. What kind of nightmare is this. What happened to America the Free – free speech, right for legal representation and the right to be heard ????

# 46

12:26, Mar 19, Robert Smith, IL

# 45

10:52, Mar 19, Ms. florence iverson, MN

# 44

08:19, Mar 19, Sandra Berg, IL

# 42

20:04, Mar 18, Barbara Stephans, CA

This case should be dismissed.

# 41

17:14, Mar 18, Mrs. katlynn Thompson, AK

# 40

12:37, Mar 18, Ms. Sylvia Harris, OH

# 38

09:57, Mar 18, Mr. Martin Kozak, IL

# 37

08:37, Mar 18, Fred L. Zaidman, CA

# 36

07:01, Mar 18, Ms. Laura Margoscin, IL

No one should have do deal with financial exploitation….especially a 92 year old woman, along with abuse. Sad case. I had the same thing happen to me, only it was for my daughter who was being abused by her father….I am now destitute and he has more hours with her. Probate court or Circuit court is just Circus Court. It is unbelievable what they are doing to that poor woman, along with many others. It is hopeful to see that this woman’s Lawyer is getting what he deserves for his actions. To many others slip through the system.

# 35

17:13, Mar 17, Chris Maderer, IL

# 34

15:51, Mar 17, Mr. Ed Laurson, CO

# 33

10:42, Mar 17, Ms. Jane Stillwater, CA

At the age of 92, no one should to be forced to deal with financial exploitation. Kudos to Attorney Ditkowsky. Wish there were more like him.

# 32

09:59, Mar 17, Rebecca Reyes, NV

Guardians abuse is rampant and it is a fast growing epidemic in this country. We need to do action now! We need more of Atty. Ditkowski who cares for the elderly.

# 31

07:01, Mar 17, Ms. DEBORAH rADER, LA

# 30

06:57, Mar 17, Deborah Ditkowsky, IL

# 29

06:13, Mar 17, Ms. SUSAN STALEY, TX

# 28

05:43, Mar 17, Mr. Bill C, Germany

# 27

02:01, Mar 17, Mrs. Joan Massetti, NY

# 26

01:17, Mar 17, Karen Breding, CA

# 25

01:06, Mar 17, Name not displayed, LA

# 24

19:35, Mar 16, Mrs. Roberta DeGray, CT

This complaint needs to be dismissed with a formal apology to Mr. Ditkowsky.

# 23

19:34, Mar 16, Ms. Lisa Bokesch, OH

# 22

19:27, Mar 16, Ms. Gloria Jean Sykes, IL

On Monday, March 12, 2012 my sister Carolyn Toerpe ‘lied again”, this time saying that the Cook County Sheriff directed her to do this or that. Meanwhile, my mother is held hostage and isolated. My Mother directed me to find attorney Kenneth Ditkowsky, an attorney who not only was her long time litigator and estate planner, but also a friend. To deny my Mohter the right to an attorney and then, attempt to sanction or disbar Mr. Ditkowsky for doing what any decent person would do: investigate and report the truth, is as evil as what my sister has ben empowered to do: slowly kill my Mother while she does whatever she can to silence me. On behalf of my Mother I thank Mr. Ditkowsky: he is her hero and I pray one day she is able to thank him herself. Together we must stand and stop these crimes against good American Citizens who, when called to help, risk everything in order to save anoter person’s life. xo

# 21

19:09, Mar 16, Beverly Donias, TX

I lost my own mother at the age of 65 due to lies and corruption of the nursing homes, atty ad litem, ct social worker, and the court. Mom wanted to come home but the guardian would not let her and guardain DNR and put her in hospice though she was not terminal and her health declined because of all the mental drugs forced upon her. Her only reason she had a pinched nerve and back spasm. but was left blind and deaf due to forced unnecessary psych drugs. She had an adverse reaction too. Courts took all her rights and mom was at the mercy of the court. The court ignored my pleas and complaints.

# 20

19:08, Mar 16, Elaine Renoire, IN

NASGA (National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse) wholeheartedly supports Attorney Ken Ditkowsky!

# 19

18:12, Mar 16, Name not displayed, VA

# 18

17:56, Mar 16, Mr. Michael Kirkby, ON

# 17

17:38, Mar 16, Ms. Carolyn Sheetz, IN

# 16

17:18, Mar 16, Ms. Mary Waddell, RI

Attorney Ditkowsky has worked long and tirelessly for his client, who is being victimized and mistreated by the Probate court system.

# 15

17:05, Mar 16, Evelyn Mero, MI

# 14

16:52, Mar 16, Ms. Cynthia Nelson, MN

# 13

16:08, Mar 16, Mr. Love Light, India

# 12

15:40, Mar 16, LM Sunshine, AZ

# 11

15:40, Mar 16, naomi chambers, IL

# 10

15:04, Mar 16, Barbara Montrond, OR

My family has been severely victimized by the probate court, the conservator/guardians, ALL attorneys purporting to be in my father’s (the VICTIM) best interest. My father was isolated from the “objector” (myself and my daughters….the three people he loved more than anything on the world), abused mentally, physically and ultimately put on “hospice” (ran out of money) and forced to injest Haldol, Serequel, Oxy etc. until he died. I have the medical reports that state the main issue that he was suffering from was dehydration and a UTI which the guardian allowed to fester for over a month in effort to force the hospital to admit him. (three days inthe hospital allows them to move “wards’ to care facilities without court approval). The way that Gloria and her mom has been treated by her “sister” et al is virtually identical to how we were treated…the petitioneer, my father’s son, was in it for greed as were the ones that collaberated with him to torture then terminate my fathers life. Thank God that Gloria has an advocate like Mr. Ditkowsky! How evil can these people be. For the sister Caroline….I imagine you will see my “brother” where you will eventually end up….Karma! Seems a little uncanny that Gloria’s story is almost identical to most of ours that have suffered the same horrible series of events. Please read Oregons new articles on Sue Lee with conservator Nancy MacDonald (very similar) and Benjamin Alfonso with the ODVA and other familiar names. This is epidemic and any one that has a working brain will see the systematic victimization at work…..QUIT SHOOTING THE MESSENGER!!

# 9

14:39, Mar 16, Judith Ditkowsky, IL

# 8

13:43, Mar 16, Name not displayed, IL

Mary G Sykes should be returned to her home. The GAL’s and abusive guardian should not be allowed to profit from this tragedy.

# 7

11:29, Mar 16, Ms. Lydia Price, IL

# 6

11:26, Mar 16, Name not displayed, IL

# 5

10:38, Mar 16, Name not displayed, CA

# 4

10:37, Mar 16, Mr. Donald Shutters, IL

# 3

10:22, Mar 16, Ms. Mary McDonald, Ireland

# 2

10:10, Mar 16, Name not displayed, UT

# 1

09:39, Mar 16, Ms. Josie Coogan, ME


PS–And if you’re listening Lea Black from the ARDC, if you’re doing stuff like this and persecuting innocent attorneys trying to make the world a better place for grandma and grandpa despite a huge senior housing industry that is apparently wired into our court system, my advice to you is to quit your job and come work for me.  Oh, it will be only at $15 per hour and no health insurance, but you don’t realize the vast improvement in goodness and health to your soul.  I would rather STARVE than work in a place that does things like that.  That’s why I haven’t worked at a large law firm in YEARS. And I would never work for Chicago, Cook County or Illinois state government where lawyers get “told” what to do and then get thrown under the bus.

2 thoughts on “The Ken Ditkowsky Petition on Care

    • I can start another if there is enough interest. Please let me know. His charges are up on appeal for writing a letter to Mary’s doctor and trying to investigate and for complaining about all the troubles in the Sykes case

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