From the Wall Street Journal–$700,000 in fees in 30 months–what a Guardianship is all about!

More mainstream media coverage!  Yes.  The title?  ABUSE PLAGUES SYSTEM OF LEGAL GUARDIANS.  And they act like it’s something new.

From the Wall Street Journal, an article on the g-ship of Linda McDowell, 71 years old.

But guardianship systems across the country are plagued by allegations of financial exploitation and abuse, despite waves of overhaul efforts. As a result, critics say, many elderly people with significant assets become ensnared in a system that seems mainly to succeed at generating billings. “These laws which were designed to protect the vulnerable are being used against them to exploit them,” says Dr. Sam Sugar, founder of Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship, an advocacy group.


But the roughly 1.5 million adult guardianships in the U.S. involve an estimated $273 billion in assets, according to Anthony Palmieri, auditor for the guardianship fraud program in Palm Beach County, Fla.


“My savings are gone,” says Ms. McDowell, now living in a motor home near Sequim, Wash., with her dog, Sam. “They took everything.”

How the nursing homes are becoming far more dangerous than ever imagined–now they call in SWAT teams!

from the following article:

After first describing how a SWAT team descended upon an animal shelter for housing for one night a fawn abandoned by its mother, came the note:

Eleven days later and less than 100 miles away, staff at a nursing home in the Chicago suburb of Park Forest called paramedics after 95-year-old World War II veteran John Wrana, suffering from a delusional episode, refused medical treatment. The paramedics in turn called the police, which further agitated Wrana, who threatened them with his cane and a knife. The police responded by shooting Wrana with stun guns and bean bags fired from a shotgun. Wrana died from internal bleeding shortly thereafter.

Jerome Larkin head Aministrator of the ARDC has joined forces with attorneys and judges to make sure that YOUR parents and grandparents are routinely housed in nursing homes against their will and without their or YOUR consent.  It’s called a guardianship and it occurs everyday on the 18th floor of the Daley Center in the Illinois Court System and throughout the nation.  Helen Stone does not want to be in a nursing home, and she has been crying every day for her daughter, but when her daughter comes and advocates for her care, Barbara Stone, herself a lawyer, is arrested and charged with “interferring with the care of a disabled person”.  Mary G. Sykes did not want to ever go to a nursing home, she wanted to die at home, and the court system ignored all of that and let her Guardian, Carolyn Toerpe, put her there against her will when Mary wanted to live with her younger daughter at home until she died.  On May 23, 2015, Mary Sykes was narcotized to death, the younger daughter rushed to the nursing home and found her heavily drugged and in a near complete stupor.  Mary Sykes NEVER took drugs. She was a staunch Roman Catholic organic vegetarian and would NEVER consent to hospice.   In July of 2014, myself and a concerned group of 3 other citizens found Mary in a nursing home and went to visit. She was walking and talking as usual and engaging in higher cognitive level thinking.  She clearly knew her daughter Gloria who came and her friends Scott and Delores.  A video was taken for 45 minutes.  The Naperville police would later destroy it upon orders from a court appointed attorney and the Guardian (of death) under threat of arrest.  Mary exhibited no signs of dementia in July of 2014, and death by dementia does not happen in less than one year’s time, but the ARDC, the Illinois Supreme Court and the probate court were all begged to investigate this case, and instead, the case was covered up by the ARDC.  Mary Sykes was listed on blogs like this one and others that her life was “at risk” but no one lifted a finger to save her.  Two attorneys, myself and Ken Ditkowsky, were suspened for 3 and 4 years respectfully for reporting this to the authorities and on the Probate blogs.  The ARDC clearly engaged in a cover up operation with the help of the Illinois Supreme Court.  Recently the ND of Illinois joined forces in the conspiracy of death for Mary G Sykes by suspending myself.  They had already suspended Ken Ditkowsky a year prior.

Seniors currently at risk the ARDC, Illinois Supreme Court and the ND Illinois courts do nothing about after abuse has been reported are:

Alan Frake:  contusions and undiagnosed hip pain, drugging with psychotropic drugs for no diagnosed psychiatric condition other than he is  (or was) a feisty old man.  The use of chemical restraints on seniors is illegal under FDA and AMA guidelines and is considered an act of Torture under the Geneva Convention.

MP: selling her home and valuables falling off inventory.  When the money is gone they will narcotize her to death too.

IL;  Son illegally evicted, items fallen off inventory, son without property or money.  Mother in nursing home where she does not want to be.  Home emptied.  She too will be narcotized to death when money runs out.  Please pray for them all.

Pray for the ARDC to see Truth and Justice


Please join with us in calling these actions what they are–clear cases of severe abuse of our elderly and disabled.

No senior should be forced in a dangerous nursing home against their will, but they are every day.

A SWAT team should not be responding to an incident at a nursing home–a staff of trained orderlys and a psychiatrist should.  The death of even one 95 year old man at a Park Forest nursing home is a great tragedy for the State of Illinois that should not be put in the same category as your average banana republic that has no hope and no rights for its residents.

Dirty Attorney pleads to Misprison of Felony for covering up cop’s crimes

Apparently the DA attorney a Ms. Worrell had a “close relationship” with a dirty cop who handcuffed a suspect, beat him up and shoved a gun down the victim’s throat.

Instead of helping the victim file charges against the officer, the DA helped the police officer file false charges against the victim, adding insult to injury.

It is believed Ms. Worrell will face only 18 months probation for her crime.

If Larkin is involved he would just give her a reprimand.

For reporting on dirty attorneys and such in Illinois honest attorneys get suspended for 3 to 4 years.

From Ken Ditkowsky — The Cover up by US Govt officials continues….

To: Illinois ARDC <>
Cc: Probate Sharks <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>
Subject: Complaint against all the Jerome Larkin co-conspirators
Date: Oct 29, 2015 1:51 PM
The cover-up of the Elder Cleansing scandal has grabbed my attention and marvels me.     It is absolutely amazing that public officials have the temerity to act with criminal intent and actually get away with it.  Every day it puzzles me that here in America so many senior citizens and disabled people are literally kidnapped, and robbed of their dignity and few are even concerned.    Indeed, when a rapist is loose in a neighborhood everyone starts locking doors and windows, walking in pairs, and a hue and cry is raised.     However, when an elderly and/or disabled person is seized, packaged into one of the hell hole nursing homes to lie in his/her own urine pursuant to an ultra vires court order not even a mouse stirs!     The media goes mute, law enforcement goes blind, and the public goes deaf.     Worse yet people who will be targeted as future victims walk with vigor and determination right into the makeshift gas chambers of the American holocaust.
Watching the debate last night reminded me of just how far we have allowed ourselves to be diverted from the core values of America.     One of the guiding principles of America is the concept of ‘fair play’ and ‘honesty.’      The candidates for public office were protesting the obvious attempts by some people referred to a moderators trying to divert them into chaos and fighting amongst themselves for fun and profit.    Questions of the type – do you still beat your wife – were beyond the intellectual capacity of the moderators, but they have gotten out of style in the 21st Century.     The disclosure mechanism of a debate was absent as the moderators reduced the serious business to a sporting event.   Who won became more important than who, if anyone, is best suited to be the President of the United States.
The seriousness of exposing the character, intelligence, ability, and personality of the person who become the next President of the United States was (and is) on the back burner.     Billions of dollars are going to be wasted (and are wasted) in the packaging of a product that will exemplify the skill of PR people rather than the competence of the candidate.       This perversion is designed with great skill.    Unfortunately, it undermines America’s core values and leads to a general disregard of our humanity and our freedom.   It also trickles down as ‘elder cleansing,’ ‘racial cleansing’ and ‘ethnic cleansing.’
The Lanre Amu case of the Illinois Lawyer Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) is an example of racial and ethnic cleansing of the Jim Crow variety.     Amu, a citizen who immigrated to America from modern Africa, who possesses a darkest hue to his skin literally echoed a complaint made by the respected publication Crain’s Chicago Business when he encountered a law case in which the Judge was on the Board of the defendant, and the Judge’s brother was the attorney for the defendant [1].    Amu made a fatal error – he complained to the IARDC.     Before he could turn his head he was labelled a liar and was suspended from the practice of law by the Illinois Supreme Court.       Ms. Diane Nash (an Icon of the Civil Rights movement and a leader in the Selma march) sought to observe the kangaroo hearing that the IARDC was conducting against JoAnne Denison [2].    She was barred from the hearing room.    In Spite of there being empty seats the IARDC told her (Ms. Nash) there were none and barred her from the hearing room.
How did the Illinois Lawyer Disciplinary Commission get away with this outrage?     The political class has determined that they are ‘special’ and entitled to evade the laws that the rest of us are required to observe.    The Wall Street Journal noted how a presidential candidate tried to evade disclosure laws and got caught.     Here in Illinois public employees have to provide an ethics statement disclosing their financial information.     A search of the ethics filings reveals that the Illinois Lawyers Disciplinary Commission administrator (Jerome Larkin) and a number of other public employees on the staff of the IARDC just ignore the law.      Thus, the editorial from the Wall street Journal is applicable locally to demonstrate just how the elite public employees hold us = the ordinary citizens – in contempt and disrespect us, to wit:
Clinton’s Accidental Transparency
Let down by her overconfidence that the homebrew server would remain secret.

Oct. 25, 2015 4:46 p.m. ET
No wonder  Hillary Clinton  feels aggrieved by her congressional grilling on Benghazi. She had the hard luck to be secretary of state in the Internet era, when digital secrets escape despite the best efforts to keep them hidden. Unintended transparency is better than none.
In an earlier era, the American public would never have learned Mrs. Clinton knew during the attack that it was a planned operation by terrorists and not a spontaneous protest as the administration insisted.
Mrs. Clinton kept her more than 60,000 emails off the State Department’s server. They came to light only because the House Select Committee on Benghazi discovered her secret email system. Those emails—not Mrs. Clinton—were the star witness at last week’s hearing, disclosing with precision who knew what when. ****

Free and support the Unity 5 Journalists in Myanmar Jailed for Free Speech

One of the things Myanmar is severely lacking is free speech.

In this article we have Muslims being banned from political office:

Next, we have Amnesty International complaining about the Unity 5 or 5 banned imprisoned journalists for merely speaking the truth:

On World Press Freedom Day we remind the government of their promises to foster a free press and demand freedom for the ‘Unity Five’.

“What I want is more media freedom.” These are the words of Tint San, Chief Executive Officer at the Unity newspaper in Myanmar during his trial. His crime? Doing his job.

In January 2014, weekly newspaper Unity published an article about an alleged secret chemical weapons factory in Magwe Region, central Myanmar. Reporting that the factory was built in 2009 on land that was confiscated from farmers.

The government was quick to deny the story and responded by seizing copies of the newspaper. But worse was to come. Within days, Tint San and four journalists Lu Maw Naing, Yarzar Oo, Paing Thet Kyaw and Sithu Soe, were arrested…..

Jerome Larkin would be proud. Citizens arrested in a banana republic for telling state secrets on how their government poisons the populace with deadly chemicals .  While the Myanmar government refuses to fund food, clothing, medical care or education for the populace, it wastes money on the military and on containing deadly chemicals.  The release of waste of vast amounts of “military” money always seems to fall under “state secrets.”  The production of vast amounts of deadly chemicals–for whatever reason–also seems to fall under “state secrets.”

Likewise, somehow the publication of vast amounts of attys and judges acting badly in court and not following the law falls under the Jerome Larkin umbrella of “code of silence”–a secret society that must be protected at all costs.

The Unity 5 were just doing their job when they were jailed, and likewise, when Ken Ditkowsky, I and Mr. Amu pointed out to the court there were obvious conflicts of interest, we were suspended for the necessary and evil “code of silence”–a code of silence that made it possible for Dorothy Brown to function for years screwing up the Cook County Court system with her brand of corruption.


From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to Dismiss the Labryinth of Lies

To: “” <>, Illinois ARDC <>, ISBA Main Discussion Group <>, “” <>, ABA Commission On Racial and Ethnic Diversity In the Profession <>, AARP Inc <>, The Disability Discussion Docket – Official E-mail List of the Commission On Disability Right <>, DOEA INFO <>
Cc: Probate Sharks <>, Tim NASGA <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Nasga Us <>, Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Chicago FBI <>, “J. Ditkowsky” <>, Bev Cooper <>, Janet Phelan <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, Chicago Tribune <>, FOX News Network LLC <>, SUNTIMES <>, Fiduciary Watch <>, “” <>, Diane Nash <>, Ginny Johnson <>, Candice Schwager <>, “Y. ACLU” <>, Cook County States Attorney <>, Scott Evans <>, Edward Carter <>, Glenda Martinez <>, RosANNa Miller <>, Alyece Russell <>, Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik <>, Tom Fields <>, Jay Goldman <>, Barbara Stone <>, “” <>, Nancy Vallone <>, Eric Blair <>, Cook Sheriff <>, Len Holland <>, Elaine Renoire <>, Robert Sarhan <>, John Howard Wyman <>, Kathie Bakken <>, “Jim (” <>, Martin Kozak <>, Janet Phelan <>, KRISTI HOOD <>, Mary Richards <>, Doug Franks <>, 60m Cbs News <>, Martha Jantho <>, ACLU of Illinois <>, “Truthbetoldradio (” <>, Dow Jones <>, “” <>, Harry Heckert <>, Teresa Lyles <>, Pam Zuckman NBC <>, Beverly Newman <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>, Angela Woodhull <>, Andy Ostrowski <>, “Esq. Dr. Richard Cordero” <>, Douglas Kinan <>, “Dr. Rich Swier” <>, AARP <>
Date: Oct 27, 2015 6:32 AM
What is amazing is the effort that has been made to keep politics out of the Elder Cleansing scandal.    There has been almost no attempt to brand the American Holocaust a consequence of this or that Republican or Democratic program, even though so many horrendous criminal ventures are fostered and sponsored by political operatives.     Indeed, the assaults on the First Amendment promulgated by Jerome Larkin could not be sustained in a State in which the political machinery does not benefit from the corruption.   Indeed, we are all aware that by a wave of his hand the political leader of the dominant political party can quash any HONEST investigation and quash the collection of billions of dollars in tax money due from the conspirators.      It is no secret that the corruption is widespread and very profitable.
Behind the scenes the 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 criminals are laughing at us.      Interestingly in spite of very slow tangible progress and up to now an almost total media blackout the ‘fighters’ who stand at the barricades fighting off the elder cleansers do not give up.    Indeed, each of us is convinced that ultimately we will see the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 242/18 USCA 371 elder cleansers in orange jumpsuits in the custody of the United States Department of Justice.       Like it or not, we believe in America and her democracy.
Why is there no hue and cry for us?     Why don’t we pick on some political soul and make a whole new religion out of him/her?    We would love to do exactly that, however, each of us realizes that there is no quick fix to the problem of elder cleansing.      Abuse of the elderly and the disabled is as old as human race.     Exploitation of the weak is not a new state of affairs either.     Assisted involuntary suicide is prohibited by the Ten Commandments.    We by hook or crook are going to make any of the Jerome Larkin co-conspirators into saints.      We cannot get them to remediate even the grosses of their crimes.     I wrote Larkin asking him to apologize for his racial discrimination that he openly and notorious committed when he barred a civil rights icon from the kangaroo hearing he conducted in the JoAnne Denison case.     He did not respond!     Instead, he continued to violate citizen civil rights.   In a similar manner, the Guardian ad Litem in the Gore case is not going to stop authoring fictitious claims for her own benefit.   (Heirship in a Florida estate, oral promissory notes, imaginary thefts ***)     The Guardian ad Litems in the Sykes case are not going to cease their opposition to HONEST investigations of criminal conduct ******.         However, hope and justice is eternal but clout trumps both in Illinois and in too many State of the American union.
There is hope however on the horizon.      For instance, in the political specter we are actually seeing career political characters being pilloried for their same old, same old.      Last week we saw a former Secretary of State without shame disclose the bureaucracy of the Department of State was so bogged down in itself that not only could  it not act to protect is own personnel but it was impotent in just about every way possible.      The former Secretary further disclosed that instead of admitting to the America public that she and the Department had underestimated the playing field’s condition they just literally made up a lie and disseminated it.      She showed no remorse!      Lying to the American public was Standard Operating Procedure.      Of course the usual knee jerk apologists for this political operative tried to divert attention from the serious admissions of wrongdoing and incompetence; but like Larkin’s cover up it appears a large segment of America was not fooled.      Up is not down, Down in not up, Right is not wrong, Wrong is not right.     The old strategies of the political class are not working and political favorites are not this election cycle getting away with the  BIG LIE!.      The message is clear – Americans want HONESTY and integrity from their government.      America wants to be rid of the corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges, corrupt judicial officials as well as the corrupt political figures who figure that if they can buy elections and we are not smart enough to distinguish between Ivory Soap and Joe/Mary Candidate for public office.
Ironically not one political operative has openly and notoriously joined the fight to protect the elderly and the disabled from the predators who are raping our health care system and our safety valves that were represented to prevent hordes of elderly and disabled people from becoming homeless and destitute.   It was not the intention of the Good Deal, the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the War on Poverty to be unjust enrichment programs for ‘sheltered care facilities’ such as nursing homes, hospice ****.     Overcharges in services, pharmaceuticals etc was similarly not contemplated.    The 700% fraud surcharge was a bit of a surprise.    The usual 25% medium government fraud quotient was expected even though it also was a scandal.       To reiterate it was the good intention to actually benefit a strong segment of the population that motivated the ADA, guardianship legislation, health care legislation etc.
All good deeds are properly punished and this situation was no exception.    Intelligent criminals realized opportunities that were virtually unlimited and with the assistance of criminals in tailored suits and black robes did the deed – and are still doing the deed.    So why do we laud our restraint!       Many of us are realizing that we have an ally!        Everyone gets old and everyone become vulnerable.    The predators are no exception.      The jurist who has traded his white sheet and hood for a black robe is not only no exception, but, he/she is a prime target of his 18 USCA 242 friends.       The guardian ad litem who conjured up a scheme to silence a dissenter will ultimately find herself in her cousin’s nursing home getting the physical therapy (at government expense) consisting of being wheeled from her bedroom into the hallway so doped up that memories will be vague recollections of fantasy.     Her predator has no loyalty to her.      Interestingly, as government moves closer to closer to bankruptcy the taxman will make an appearance.     Here in Illinois the billions of dollars in income taxes, interest and penalties due by the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 242, 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators will not be overlooked as the anticipated and obvious tax rebellion comes to the fore.
Note to the bad guys!     We do not need to be vocal, aggressive or nasty.      Note to the political types!    We do not need you – you are prime victims and if you do not exercise self-interest and protect the elderly and the disabled there is a bed waiting for you at the **** Nursing home where you will enjoy laying in your own urine as the life blood is sucked out of you and your family by the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators.
Note to the rest of us!     We are not alone!      The issue of elder cleansing is not a partisan issue – it is a human issue and too many of our self-designated political leaders do not see their self interest in effectively addressing the problem.    More meaningless laws that are unenforced is not the answer and everyone knows it – especially the political types.     Being rich and famous do not give immunity from elder cleansing!    Mickey Rooney is an example that come immediately to mind.       We need HONEST investigations and Honest prosecutions of the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 371, and 18 USCA 242 elder cleansing co-conspirators.    Honest proper criminal prosecution and tax collection will not only take the profit out of isolation, abuse, exploitation and deprivation of human rights.
The Labryinth of Lies has to end right here and now.     It is now time for an HONEST investigation and prosecution of the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 242/18 USCA 371 co-conspirators and the protection of the elderly and the disabled.

FBI used to investigate political conservatives and suppress First Amendment speech

from the Wall Street Journal:

Our readers know that Democratic prosecutors in Wisconsin tried to criminalize the political speech of Governor Scott Walker’s allies, but it turns out their ambitions didn’t stop at the state line. New evidence shows that John Doe investigators were trawling the files they collected via subpoenas and search warrants for information on national conservatives.

The documents are under seal in a state court case, Eric O’Keefe and Wisconsin Club for Growth v. Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB), but two sources have read them to us. The lawsuit is a complaint against the GAB, the state agency that worked with Milwaukee prosecutors on the John Doe that used campaign-finance laws to trample the First Amendment.


This is all entirely interesting that Wisconsin is a hot bed of supressing the First Amendment, because union complained they could not protest at the capital when Wisconsin became an “open union” state where workers could take a job but turn down membership in the union.

Many of these protestors were arrested and denied their right to protest in an open public forum.

However, it is apparent that they did not engage in the tactics of a fishing expedition to take out their opponents by having the authorities “look for” criminal activity where there was clearly no “reasonable suspicion” or “probable cause” that any crime had been committed.

In mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s ARDC cases, we were both told by clients that the ARDC contacted them and wanted them to testify against us, which is clear prosecutorial misconduct. Apparently those words mean nothing to the ARDC or the Illinois Supreme Court, but Wisconsin is getting heat for supression of First Amendment rights.