From Ken Ditkowsky — The Cover up by US Govt officials continues….

To: Illinois ARDC <>
Cc: Probate Sharks <>, “JoAnne M. Denison” <>
Subject: Complaint against all the Jerome Larkin co-conspirators
Date: Oct 29, 2015 1:51 PM
The cover-up of the Elder Cleansing scandal has grabbed my attention and marvels me.     It is absolutely amazing that public officials have the temerity to act with criminal intent and actually get away with it.  Every day it puzzles me that here in America so many senior citizens and disabled people are literally kidnapped, and robbed of their dignity and few are even concerned.    Indeed, when a rapist is loose in a neighborhood everyone starts locking doors and windows, walking in pairs, and a hue and cry is raised.     However, when an elderly and/or disabled person is seized, packaged into one of the hell hole nursing homes to lie in his/her own urine pursuant to an ultra vires court order not even a mouse stirs!     The media goes mute, law enforcement goes blind, and the public goes deaf.     Worse yet people who will be targeted as future victims walk with vigor and determination right into the makeshift gas chambers of the American holocaust.
Watching the debate last night reminded me of just how far we have allowed ourselves to be diverted from the core values of America.     One of the guiding principles of America is the concept of ‘fair play’ and ‘honesty.’      The candidates for public office were protesting the obvious attempts by some people referred to a moderators trying to divert them into chaos and fighting amongst themselves for fun and profit.    Questions of the type – do you still beat your wife – were beyond the intellectual capacity of the moderators, but they have gotten out of style in the 21st Century.     The disclosure mechanism of a debate was absent as the moderators reduced the serious business to a sporting event.   Who won became more important than who, if anyone, is best suited to be the President of the United States.
The seriousness of exposing the character, intelligence, ability, and personality of the person who become the next President of the United States was (and is) on the back burner.     Billions of dollars are going to be wasted (and are wasted) in the packaging of a product that will exemplify the skill of PR people rather than the competence of the candidate.       This perversion is designed with great skill.    Unfortunately, it undermines America’s core values and leads to a general disregard of our humanity and our freedom.   It also trickles down as ‘elder cleansing,’ ‘racial cleansing’ and ‘ethnic cleansing.’
The Lanre Amu case of the Illinois Lawyer Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) is an example of racial and ethnic cleansing of the Jim Crow variety.     Amu, a citizen who immigrated to America from modern Africa, who possesses a darkest hue to his skin literally echoed a complaint made by the respected publication Crain’s Chicago Business when he encountered a law case in which the Judge was on the Board of the defendant, and the Judge’s brother was the attorney for the defendant [1].    Amu made a fatal error – he complained to the IARDC.     Before he could turn his head he was labelled a liar and was suspended from the practice of law by the Illinois Supreme Court.       Ms. Diane Nash (an Icon of the Civil Rights movement and a leader in the Selma march) sought to observe the kangaroo hearing that the IARDC was conducting against JoAnne Denison [2].    She was barred from the hearing room.    In Spite of there being empty seats the IARDC told her (Ms. Nash) there were none and barred her from the hearing room.
How did the Illinois Lawyer Disciplinary Commission get away with this outrage?     The political class has determined that they are ‘special’ and entitled to evade the laws that the rest of us are required to observe.    The Wall Street Journal noted how a presidential candidate tried to evade disclosure laws and got caught.     Here in Illinois public employees have to provide an ethics statement disclosing their financial information.     A search of the ethics filings reveals that the Illinois Lawyers Disciplinary Commission administrator (Jerome Larkin) and a number of other public employees on the staff of the IARDC just ignore the law.      Thus, the editorial from the Wall street Journal is applicable locally to demonstrate just how the elite public employees hold us = the ordinary citizens – in contempt and disrespect us, to wit:
Clinton’s Accidental Transparency
Let down by her overconfidence that the homebrew server would remain secret.

Oct. 25, 2015 4:46 p.m. ET
No wonder  Hillary Clinton  feels aggrieved by her congressional grilling on Benghazi. She had the hard luck to be secretary of state in the Internet era, when digital secrets escape despite the best efforts to keep them hidden. Unintended transparency is better than none.
In an earlier era, the American public would never have learned Mrs. Clinton knew during the attack that it was a planned operation by terrorists and not a spontaneous protest as the administration insisted.
Mrs. Clinton kept her more than 60,000 emails off the State Department’s server. They came to light only because the House Select Committee on Benghazi discovered her secret email system. Those emails—not Mrs. Clinton—were the star witness at last week’s hearing, disclosing with precision who knew what when. ****

2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky — The Cover up by US Govt officials continues….

  1. What you say is so simple and so true . How can human beings do this to others ? Take away their lives , their families , their hard earned money . These are not humans who do this. They are some creatures from another world dressed like humans . They know nothing about love. Just love of money and power, they respect nothing that is wholesome and right . They need to be spoken to in a languages they maybe can understand . What they have done to others needs to be done to them . Period ..

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