Breaking News–Blog under attack by Treasonist to US Constitution!

Once again, my blog is under attack from the Miscreants  and Treasonists of the US.
But I stand Firm. We have learned from 9.11. The woman clearly was trained by ISIS (and no, I know that ISIS isn’t real so don’t write me that one)
first the Anti-First Amendment, treasonous letter:
To: Viviana Banos <>, Atty Ken Ditkowsky <>, Atty Candice Schwager <>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — honest atty unfairly persecuted by ARDC” <>
Cc: Lucius Verenus Probate Sharks <>, Bev Cooper Probate Sharks <>
Subject: Re: Barbara Stone response from THE MOST DANGEROUS BLOGGER
Date: Oct 8, 2015 4:07 PM
With all due respect, what you are asking me to do is to supress my First Amendment rights as a lawyer (still admitted in Federal Court and appeals courts) and a reporter, and you are asking me to hide corruption and a string of felonies from the internet–which is the public’s right to know.  we do not remove posts.  Your communication has been reported to the authorities as a supression of my First Amendment rights and I consider what you have done to be an act of Treason against the citizens of the US.

Futhermore, you are asking me to compromise the integrity of my blog which I will never do.  You will have to fly to Chicago, shoot me in the head, hack my passwords and remove it yourself.

We operate in accordance with the First Amendment to the US Constitution.  Please read the Wiki SCOTUS cases on the First Amendment to the US constitutuion.  Start with New York Times v. Sullivan and take this up and through Citizens United. Go look at the Hillary movie before you first comment.  What I have said is true about Barbara and her mother and the public has a right to know.

Further, every post from Barbara was done with her permission.

It makes no difference what you or I do anyway because there are literally hundreds of “way back” or historical sites around the globe, crawling and publishing, crawling and publishing what is put there each and every day.

Why not go after them and “cleanse them first”.

What happened to Barbara and Helen Stone was a national tragedy.  Her mother is highly at risk in her current situation.  I have dozens of lawyers and court corruption victims ask about Barbara all the time and how she is doing and will the courts save her mother from certain death.  Why not focus on that instead.

I want to know why you have no sympathy, empathy or compassion for either Barbara (who is wholly innocent in my view) and her mother who is nothing more than a product of target-medicate-isolate and eliminate scheme flooding our probate courts.  Have you been tested for being a psychopath, narcissist or sociopath?  Because it doesn’t look good from what you have written me.

I want to know what no one has gone after the brother for $600,000 in forged checks on his mother’s account. I want to know why Helen Stone had a feeding tube implanted in her against her will and that she could eat just fine, but no one at the nursing home wants to take the time to feed her.  I want to know why Barbara has not seen her mother in over a year. All of that belongs on a blog. Answer that first and we will talk some more.

If you have a problem with what I have published, I invite you to comment thereupon.  If you don’t like what I have published, as the US Supreme Court has said over and over again, “avert thy eyes”.

But this is not North Korea, my blog is run out of England where they don’t care about US court orders, and if they did, I would move it to another jurisdiction in a second.

You sound like you need to move to North Korea along with anyone else that is pushing for this Treasonous act against a free, open and democratic society.

I am sure Kim Jong Un will welcome you with open arms.

Until that, I assume after reading this you will be withdrawing your demand to remove content from a blog in a free, open and democratic society.

There is a warning at the top of the blog that I AM THE MOST DANGEROUS BLOGGER.

Tell you what, I will stop publishing when YOU clean up the mess in probate, when YOU work for all my court corruption victims–Sykes, Wyman, Spera, Drabik, Harrison, etc. for FREE and get justice for them.

You think you can send out such a horrid demand letter and you don’t affect other people, well your words and phrases do.  What you are asking me to do is to turn my back on court corruption victims everywhere, to simply give up when I get a demand letter. This I will not do.

Do you know how much these people have suffered. Do you even care?  Do you know how much the evil in the world wants this all covered up so they can steal and kill freely?

Who writes letter like you do?  You should be ashamed of yourself, resign your job and come work with me on court corruption victims.

Resign while you still have time before the devil completely takes your soul and spirit from you.

Mestopheles is at your door.  Don’t invite him in.

JoAnne Denison,
Executive Director,
Justice 4 Every blog and 9 other blogs–most out of the country where you can’t do anything about it.
Probate Sharks–you are instructed to publish this attack on US democracy and freedom in defense of all the probate victims out there, including Mrs Gore who was isolated for 10 months from 20+ family and friends and then they saw her for less than an hour and found out she too, like Mrs. Stone, had a feeding tube at one end laced with drugs and a diaper at the other.  The true horror?  They had pulled her 29 gold teeth and never inventoried them.  At the time, Mrs. Gore wanted to eat, she loved to eat.  She love steak, lobster, shrimp and fine food.  But the court appointed cronies took this all away from her.  Is this what you want?  6 weeks after I published this on my blog (which the FBI reads, if you did not know), Judge Kowamoto “suddenly retired” and fled to Texas and she has not been heard of since.  Good riddance.  $1.5 million in coins disappeared in that case.

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