Understanding what is psychologically happening when the guardianship (or other court proceeding) turns abusive and not justice–the psychopatic courtroom and judge

I strongly recommend that if you are a probate victim or family member you understand what a psychopath/narcissist/sociopath is and how they think.

The above link will take you to a National Geographic documentary on psychopathy and how they think and operate and why you are more likely today to find them in a modern corporation or boardroom or even the court room.  They are drawn only to riches, wealth, the need to control and deceive others. They have depressed emotions in the area of sympathy, empathy, understanding and compassion.  They will never love, and will make excuses for love.  They are calmest when they are told of violence, cruelty, torture and pain. Then they can focus and plot and plan their next move to win, to control to conquer and most of all, attain riches and prestiege.  This is the modus operandi of the psychopath/narcissist/sociopath (“PNS”).

One of the big problems I have with my probate victims is 1) they don’t think like the attorney and judge psychopaths they may encounter in the courtroom and 2) they don’t prepare themselves to confront insidious evil.  I’m not saying all judges and attorneys are insidious evil, what I am saying is that courtroom victims of bullying and abuse have to understand the nature and thinking of the psychopaths they may encounter there.  That is the hardest part.  (Note that judges and attorneys that are not of the PSN mindset genuinely care about you, read all pleadings, follow the law, make careful and reasoned decisions supported well by the statutes, rules and caselaw.  Beware of the judge that ignores all of that because you may have a judge with PNS.  The courts have been supplied with many, many good judges that will  care about you and your case, it’s just that some do have PNS problems and when that happens, watch out. They also will attract and surround themselves with court appointed attorneys and agencies of the same character.)

When you have been raised with some source of goodness, kindness, love and compassion, and are a good person to the core, you will never understand the PNS mindset–unless well trained and warned.  A great deal of time is wasted on trying to understand or analyze it or even fix it.  It’s not fixable.  Don’t go there.  Your only job is to recognize it and contain it, keep yourself away from it.  Not in your inbox or in your life.  You don’t have to be mean or cruel, just limit the involvement to what is absolutely necessary.

Once you are done with the National Geographic video, move on to the following:

and then next this video

If it takes you awhile to get thru these videos because you have to take breaks, don’t worry, I did too.  It’s hard for me to think that there are such evil predators out there and listen to the horrid things that PNS predators say.

The psychD’s (same people that guardianize people) claim that CEO’s are no. 1 in being psychopaths and I think they named lawyers as no. 2.  I think it’s time to challeng the ABA and all state bar associations to test their colleges and boot out the PNS ones.


After seeing the above and seeing how psychopaths work and all their traits, please view the above and compare with YOUR judge.  Once you do that, you will no longer wonder why your judge is 1) ignoring the law and case law; 2) talks a good story, pretends well, but really has no interest in you, truth or justice; and 3) is just handling the courtroom as an administrator of the worst sort–sticking to deadlines, reading the rules and construing them carefully against YOU and never doing any sort of substantial justice, just garnering favors, frienemies and power and prestiege.


Please note that one commentator said he thought that psychopaths are not a problem and are to be lauded for their “modern thinking”.  For sure, he needs to look in the mirror because he is his own worst enemy

PS–Jerome Larkin has never responded to anyone’s call that he and his sometimes “state agency” file Ethics Reports under the Illinois Ethics Reporting Act.  I guess that makes him a great CEO of the ARDC, but in the end, his ideas fail miserably because he is harming the public which the ARDC should be protecting.