Dorothy Brown, Clerk of Cook County–in the scandal news again

Dear Readers;

Since the ARDC was so obviously upset that I published questions regarding why isn’t the Cook County Court system computerized like the Northern District of Illinois Federal System since 2000 when Pacer or Public Access to Court Electronic Records was introduced (we have a very limited version of access to court filings outside of 50 W.Washington, and it’s for certain not public), no reason not to publish an update.

From what I’ve learned if the ARDC sqeaks when you mention certain topics, you know there’s a scab to be picked and it’s generally a scab of corruption that the public would like to remedy, preferrably with indictments and prision time.

Apparently, according to this new source:

Dorothy Brown is in trouble again, this time for taking a piece of land worth $100,000 and selling it.

I don’t know if any of you out there get $100,000 parcels of land out of the blue.

I also understand that DB has a lot more troubles ahead which will be coming out soon.

I still want to know why Cook County Courts don’t have Pacer or Public Access to Electronic Court Records or a version thereof.  And it should be reasonably priced at 8 cents per page too.

Oh, you can go to the Daley center and if you want court document images, you can get on a hard to use, antiquated data system, perform a nonintuitive user search, and then hope to find your case and the records and you then print them out document by document (and half are blank pages you may be required to pay for), and hope the printer doesn’t break down or screw up because then you will never get your records.  I have gone to print out just 15 or 20 pleadings, and I was there from 3 pm to 6 pm and I still haven’t gotten all the documents, but I for sure did pay for them.  I asked the supervisor to email them to me to save a trip downtown and that never happened.

The ARDC says we can’t tell the truth about the Cook County Clerk of Court.  I want to know why. So far we have learned she gets $100,000 parcels of land for no reason (hey, I want one of those, really?), she has questionable hiring and promotion results–some are promoted and some are never promoted according to one of my sources, she drags her heels at Public Access to Court Records and makes them as difficult and time wasting as possible to print out.

I don’t think I’m suspicious, I think I’m realistic, and you heard it from this blog first there is a deeper, darker side to all of this, and I know there is because the ARDC squeaks every time I mention the name Dorothy Brown and there’s something wrong going on becuase of the lack of computerization, the constant complaints about hiring and promotions, but now we have the $100,000 “gift” and conveniently the grantor is now dead.

We also know that the case schedulers (judge assignors) are two daughters of Tim Evans, the presiding judge who get $100k salaries each.  Why so much money?  We also know that Romary Roti, daughter of Frank Roti, a known mobster works there.  Really?  for that kind of money for a high school level job,  SHE has to be “helping out”?  What exactly is she helping out on.

And Judge Flannery files some bogus complaint about me, but I’m not the one with dozens of “lost” case files hanging out on a shelf in my ante room, the parties (Gloria Sykes) not getting any justice for years, which meant no justice at all.

All I have is questions and dark suspicions.

Primarily, this blog has predicted problems in dozens of areas that turned up with problems in the end, but the ARDC prosecuted ME for being the liar with a kangaroo hearing board and review board.

The show isn’t over until the fat lady sings, however.


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