FBI used to investigate political conservatives and suppress First Amendment speech

from the Wall Street Journal:


Our readers know that Democratic prosecutors in Wisconsin tried to criminalize the political speech of Governor Scott Walker’s allies, but it turns out their ambitions didn’t stop at the state line. New evidence shows that John Doe investigators were trawling the files they collected via subpoenas and search warrants for information on national conservatives.

The documents are under seal in a state court case, Eric O’Keefe and Wisconsin Club for Growth v. Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB), but two sources have read them to us. The lawsuit is a complaint against the GAB, the state agency that worked with Milwaukee prosecutors on the John Doe that used campaign-finance laws to trample the First Amendment.


This is all entirely interesting that Wisconsin is a hot bed of supressing the First Amendment, because union complained they could not protest at the capital when Wisconsin became an “open union” state where workers could take a job but turn down membership in the union.


Many of these protestors were arrested and denied their right to protest in an open public forum.

However, it is apparent that they did not engage in the tactics of a fishing expedition to take out their opponents by having the authorities “look for” criminal activity where there was clearly no “reasonable suspicion” or “probable cause” that any crime had been committed.

In mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s ARDC cases, we were both told by clients that the ARDC contacted them and wanted them to testify against us, which is clear prosecutorial misconduct. Apparently those words mean nothing to the ARDC or the Illinois Supreme Court, but Wisconsin is getting heat for supression of First Amendment rights.


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