From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to Dismiss the Labryinth of Lies

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Date: Oct 27, 2015 6:32 AM
What is amazing is the effort that has been made to keep politics out of the Elder Cleansing scandal.    There has been almost no attempt to brand the American Holocaust a consequence of this or that Republican or Democratic program, even though so many horrendous criminal ventures are fostered and sponsored by political operatives.     Indeed, the assaults on the First Amendment promulgated by Jerome Larkin could not be sustained in a State in which the political machinery does not benefit from the corruption.   Indeed, we are all aware that by a wave of his hand the political leader of the dominant political party can quash any HONEST investigation and quash the collection of billions of dollars in tax money due from the conspirators.      It is no secret that the corruption is widespread and very profitable.
Behind the scenes the 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 criminals are laughing at us.      Interestingly in spite of very slow tangible progress and up to now an almost total media blackout the ‘fighters’ who stand at the barricades fighting off the elder cleansers do not give up.    Indeed, each of us is convinced that ultimately we will see the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 242/18 USCA 371 elder cleansers in orange jumpsuits in the custody of the United States Department of Justice.       Like it or not, we believe in America and her democracy.
Why is there no hue and cry for us?     Why don’t we pick on some political soul and make a whole new religion out of him/her?    We would love to do exactly that, however, each of us realizes that there is no quick fix to the problem of elder cleansing.      Abuse of the elderly and the disabled is as old as human race.     Exploitation of the weak is not a new state of affairs either.     Assisted involuntary suicide is prohibited by the Ten Commandments.    We by hook or crook are going to make any of the Jerome Larkin co-conspirators into saints.      We cannot get them to remediate even the grosses of their crimes.     I wrote Larkin asking him to apologize for his racial discrimination that he openly and notorious committed when he barred a civil rights icon from the kangaroo hearing he conducted in the JoAnne Denison case.     He did not respond!     Instead, he continued to violate citizen civil rights.   In a similar manner, the Guardian ad Litem in the Gore case is not going to stop authoring fictitious claims for her own benefit.   (Heirship in a Florida estate, oral promissory notes, imaginary thefts ***)     The Guardian ad Litems in the Sykes case are not going to cease their opposition to HONEST investigations of criminal conduct ******.         However, hope and justice is eternal but clout trumps both in Illinois and in too many State of the American union.
There is hope however on the horizon.      For instance, in the political specter we are actually seeing career political characters being pilloried for their same old, same old.      Last week we saw a former Secretary of State without shame disclose the bureaucracy of the Department of State was so bogged down in itself that not only could  it not act to protect is own personnel but it was impotent in just about every way possible.      The former Secretary further disclosed that instead of admitting to the America public that she and the Department had underestimated the playing field’s condition they just literally made up a lie and disseminated it.      She showed no remorse!      Lying to the American public was Standard Operating Procedure.      Of course the usual knee jerk apologists for this political operative tried to divert attention from the serious admissions of wrongdoing and incompetence; but like Larkin’s cover up it appears a large segment of America was not fooled.      Up is not down, Down in not up, Right is not wrong, Wrong is not right.     The old strategies of the political class are not working and political favorites are not this election cycle getting away with the  BIG LIE!.      The message is clear – Americans want HONESTY and integrity from their government.      America wants to be rid of the corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges, corrupt judicial officials as well as the corrupt political figures who figure that if they can buy elections and we are not smart enough to distinguish between Ivory Soap and Joe/Mary Candidate for public office.
Ironically not one political operative has openly and notoriously joined the fight to protect the elderly and the disabled from the predators who are raping our health care system and our safety valves that were represented to prevent hordes of elderly and disabled people from becoming homeless and destitute.   It was not the intention of the Good Deal, the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the War on Poverty to be unjust enrichment programs for ‘sheltered care facilities’ such as nursing homes, hospice ****.     Overcharges in services, pharmaceuticals etc was similarly not contemplated.    The 700% fraud surcharge was a bit of a surprise.    The usual 25% medium government fraud quotient was expected even though it also was a scandal.       To reiterate it was the good intention to actually benefit a strong segment of the population that motivated the ADA, guardianship legislation, health care legislation etc.
All good deeds are properly punished and this situation was no exception.    Intelligent criminals realized opportunities that were virtually unlimited and with the assistance of criminals in tailored suits and black robes did the deed – and are still doing the deed.    So why do we laud our restraint!       Many of us are realizing that we have an ally!        Everyone gets old and everyone become vulnerable.    The predators are no exception.      The jurist who has traded his white sheet and hood for a black robe is not only no exception, but, he/she is a prime target of his 18 USCA 242 friends.       The guardian ad litem who conjured up a scheme to silence a dissenter will ultimately find herself in her cousin’s nursing home getting the physical therapy (at government expense) consisting of being wheeled from her bedroom into the hallway so doped up that memories will be vague recollections of fantasy.     Her predator has no loyalty to her.      Interestingly, as government moves closer to closer to bankruptcy the taxman will make an appearance.     Here in Illinois the billions of dollars in income taxes, interest and penalties due by the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 242, 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators will not be overlooked as the anticipated and obvious tax rebellion comes to the fore.
Note to the bad guys!     We do not need to be vocal, aggressive or nasty.      Note to the political types!    We do not need you – you are prime victims and if you do not exercise self-interest and protect the elderly and the disabled there is a bed waiting for you at the **** Nursing home where you will enjoy laying in your own urine as the life blood is sucked out of you and your family by the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators.
Note to the rest of us!     We are not alone!      The issue of elder cleansing is not a partisan issue – it is a human issue and too many of our self-designated political leaders do not see their self interest in effectively addressing the problem.    More meaningless laws that are unenforced is not the answer and everyone knows it – especially the political types.     Being rich and famous do not give immunity from elder cleansing!    Mickey Rooney is an example that come immediately to mind.       We need HONEST investigations and Honest prosecutions of the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 371, and 18 USCA 242 elder cleansing co-conspirators.    Honest proper criminal prosecution and tax collection will not only take the profit out of isolation, abuse, exploitation and deprivation of human rights.
The Labryinth of Lies has to end right here and now.     It is now time for an HONEST investigation and prosecution of the Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 242/18 USCA 371 co-conspirators and the protection of the elderly and the disabled.

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