Spiegelman’s Cease and Desist letter to this blog regarding the Helen and Barbara Stone Case

As many of you are aware, an attorney from Florida wrote a Cease and Desist letter to me regarding removing all content for “any and all cases in Miami Date County, Floorida relative to Barbara Stone, Helen Stone and/or the Guardinship of Helen Stone, and any and all parties participants counsel who have appeared, including Roy R. Lustig and Judge Michael A. Genden…..”

I would like to know why this guy is covering up corruption in the Florida court system?  What is the point of that? Who is he actually working for and why is he doing this?

In any case, I have emailed him and I am waiting to hear from him regarding why he is attempting to suppress my (and your) first amendment rights to publish what Barbara Stone has told us.

It must be an important case, because it’s expensive and risky to send out these letters.

I am actually honored to know that someone thinks my work in uncovering corruption is so important it warrants an attorney letter clearly supressing my first amendment rights.

I will let you know how this attorney responds, if at all.


email to Atty Spiegelman re:  Barbara and Helen Stone cases.

Dear Mr. Spiegelman;

I would like to interview your offices for my blogs, and esp. as it relates to the Stone case.

Or you can start by answering the following questions:

  1. how did you come to write the cease and desist letter, what prompted you?  What attorneys were involved in drafting up this letter or requesting that it be drafted?
  2. are there any court orders requiring that you do this?  can you provide copies?
  3. Barbara insisted that her mother was in danger and that the State was trying to kill her mother.  Has she dropped this assertion?
  4. Is Barbara able to see her mother now?
  5. Has the Guardian filed a Citation to Recover for the $600,000 in allegedly forged checks that brother wrote from Helen’s funds?
  6. Do you believe that a cease and desist letter to a blog directed at uncovering court corruption is appropriate?  Do you have any caselaw to support your letter?
  7. Do you generally draft letters that supress and/or violate the First Amendment to the US constitution?
  8. How often have you drafted First Amendment Supression letters?  Is this a form on your computer?
  9. Are you aware that 18 USC sec 4 may make you liable for the felonies that others commit when you write to me regarding violations of law rather than the authorities?

Your answers and a telephone interview would be greatly appreciated for the readers of my blog and other probate blogs.

please email me with a time that is convenient for you



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