From Ken Ditkowsky–Inciting hatred and fomenting citizen unrest by the ARDC

Date: Oct 26, 2015 10:55 AM
Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators are probably the most dangerous but ignorant miscreants in America.   Their smugness and arrogance endangers not only you and me, but ever other citizen in America.    What have they accomplished except create incredible Federal and State Income tax liability for themselves and join in the theft of several billion dollars in case as they dehumanized a finite number of senior citizens and disabled people?
Larkin is dangerous because he in addition to his criminal conspiratorial felonies has undermined our (yours and mine) sense of security.    Before Larkin demonstrated the venality that he and his co-conspirators represented I believed that I (and my wife) were completely safe from elder cleansing.   Then I read about Bev Cooper’s bout with the ethically challenged criminals who represented themselves to be lawyers, guardians at litem, judicial officials, judges etc.     Her million mother, who had a support network, was taken from that support network to be ravaged, abuse, exploited, dehumanized and finally terminated.
How did this happen?    A totally venal and corrupt judge united with totally and corrupt lawyers in their mutual quest for the life savings and other benefits that could be obtained from Alice Gore.    These felons were protect not only by a code of silence, but by a full fledge 18 USCA 242 and 18 USCA 371 conspiracy.    The facade created rivals the Nazi and Communist show trials.    By conjuring up fabrications that had no basis in fact so as to isolate Alice Gore from her support network the miscreant felons could at leisure pick at the bones of their victim.    (False allegations of misconduct against Mrs. Cooper telegraphed exactly what was going to be in store for Mrs. Gore – 1.5 million dollars disappeared into the pockets of the designated corrupt lawyers, judges, judicial officials and other co-conspirators – the Court was used to attempt to intimidate Mrs. Cooper into silence).
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is our cornerstone of American Democracy.   Our support base is the lynch pin of our survival within the democracy.   Larkin and his criminal co-conspirators threaten both.   Personally, my equilibrium is maintained because every day I am able to retire into the arms of my spouse.  Therein I am safe!  My environment including all the trials and troubles are out of sight and out of mind.     
What happens if she is no longer available to me.   I have children and grandchildren.  Each is support for me; however, Alice Gore had children!   How was the GAL in the Gore case able to thwart that support base?    Misrepresentation and deceit readily accepted by a wired and corrupt judge wore a web of deceit and isolated Gore from her support base.    The false and totally untrue claims of theft brought against Ms. Cooper did not have to be proved.   The corrupt judge allied with the venal and amoral GAL appointed a ‘adjudicated mentally ill relative’ as plenary guardian so that the facts and the circumstances could be maneuvered.    Alice was isolated!    Once isolated there was no longer any support network.
Larkin has demonstrated just how easy it is to in the 21st Century to wire a case and how the walls close so that no one hears the cries for help.   The totally foreign and amoral assaults on Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the American Constitution by Larkin is striking.   The fact that he has gotten away with such terrorism and criminal behavior is amazing – AND A WARNING.
America is unique.   The cornerstone of our Democracy is Freedom of Speech.   Our credo is = I may not agree with you and I may think your statement to be repugnant, but I will fight to the death to protect you right to utter your statement!

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article on the subject, to wit:

French Far-Right Leader Marine Le Pen Goes on Trial on Charge of Inciting Hatred

National Front president compared Muslim street prayers with the Nazi occupation of France

National Front leader Marine Le Pen arrived at a Lyon court with her lawyer Tuesday to face a charge of inciting racial hatred.

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