Breaking News–Democrats finally drop support for Dorothy Brown

In light of numerous investigations, scandals and now a grand jury, the Dems have finally dropped Dorothy Brown

My only beef with her is she stood by and did NOTHING for computerization of the courts.  I was told by a Pacer sales rep years ago she COULD have signed up with Pacer, they would have set up a system for the Cook County Courts in a few months and the public would only have to pay 8 cents per page.  This was the year 2000.

Maybe now she is  a lame duck, she will computerize the system and make it cheap and free for all–despite the unconsitutional Illinois law that says the public has to pay for copies $1 for the first page, $.50 for the next 20……

Ridiculous rip off.

These documents belong to the public.  They do not belong to anyone else, including the county and the rip off state legislature.

Someone needs to sue.  The public needs and deserves public access to ALL court records.  The public deserves free or cheap access to their own documents.

I am sorry that Dorothy Brown is going down, but she has to learn that Illinois is not a “pay to play” political system.  Dorothy B. is an attorney sworn to uphold the Illinois and US constitution.  I know there have been many valid citizen complaints lodged against her.  I know that the ARDC and JL knew for years what she was doing and did NOTHING to protect the public from her.  I further know this because in the ARDC complaint against me, the ARDC “squeaked” about my calling DB on the carpet for 1) saying she charges the public too much for copies and 2) she refuses to get computerized because it’s likely she’s hiding somthing or protecting clouted attorneys who play with court records.  The ARDC went nuts.  DB is an elected official and no one to get all squeaked about when you throw criticism at her.  But now it turns out there is a long line of “pay to play” that they authorities were told of and they did nothing until the uproar was so much that even the FBI had to take action.  On the trib and ST websites they mention the “pay to play” in hiring and other nefarious scandals for a dirty pol.

I want to know when the FBI is going to do SOMETHING about the fact that the ARDC, and in particular Jerome Larkin has known about all this dirt and sh** for years and has DONE NOTHING.  Ms. Brown is still listed on the ARDC website as a stellar atty whom you can trust.  Atty Seth Gillman is still listed on the ARDC website as a stellar atty whom you can trust–despite being indicted by the Feds for $100 million in medicare fraud, JL says he is one great guy.  Yeah right.  Why doesn’t the FBI investigate THAT crapola and do something about it.

I have honestly come to the conclusion that in 2002 Mary Robinson, a good and faithful atty was removed from the ARDC to make way for the likes of JL and his mob style of fashioning that department and protecting the likes of Ms. Brown and Mr Gillman, two of the worst leeches on society until they actually and finally wear orange jumpsuits.  They put in place JL so the public has no right to know about nefarious conduct and activities of attorneys.  Why doesn’t the ARDC link Gillman’s record to the FBI record?  Why doesn’t the ARDC link Ms. Brown to those trib articles?  They don’t even suggest that the public Google these two nefarious characters for valid, negative media content so the public is warned.

The purpose of the ARDC is to protect the public from the dark, negative and nefarious attorney.

Instead, the ARDC gets rid of the likes of myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu by misciting precedent, engaging in clearly clouted activities of protecting nefarious attorneys until they finally go down.

The Rosemond v. Markham case ( makes it clear the ARDC has no jurisidiction to regulate my column or blog, they have clearly engaged in First Amendment violations, and yet they persist.  Not only do they persist, their entire trial of me was a series of felonies, spoliation of evidence and suppression of due process as witnesses changed testimony on the stand (Stuart) and transcripts were changed.  Why the FBI took out Stuart and not the miscreants who changed/alter/spoilated transcripts is beyond me.  As far as I am concerned, they can just go in and boot out the likes of Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Leah Black Guiterrez and all others complicit in violating mine and Ken’s First Amendment rights and put Mary Robinson back in place until the Illinois Supreme Court finds some attorneys that actually follow the US constitution and Illinois Constitution and files their Ethics reports as mandated by the Illinos Ethics Reporting Act of 2009, does not have a string of “mortgage payoffs” on their public records that are uninvestigated and does not on a regular basis dismiss valid citizen complaints.

What committe audits Jerome Larkin and his ARDC counsel Grogin?  How are the taxpayers assured that these two are not complicit with the mob and don’t have players like the court system does, with the likes of Dorothy Brown, two Tim Evans daughters making $100k each with high school diplomas for “court scheduling” (which is supposed to be random), together with Rosemary Roti, daughter of a known gangster Frank Roti.  And what about Marilyn Fishburn who directs court reporters to make court transcripts more favorable to the clouted attys and judges?

You heard it all first here. And for that, the (corrupt and crooked) ARDC suspended myself and Ken Ditkowsky for 3+ years.



2 thoughts on “Breaking News–Democrats finally drop support for Dorothy Brown

  1. Thank you for sending.Can’t help but remembering from Sunday School, Psalm 7:11, David’s Hope – “God is a just judge and God is angry with the wicked every day.” Prayers for you and yours. Thank you for your work. Keep your chin up.

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