From Ken Ditkowsky — when will the Bar associations do what is right and fix the Probate situation?

Subject: Re: THE SHAME OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION – Justice Served with Andy Ostrowski
Date: Oct 22, 2015 1:14 PM
The use of disciplinary rules to silence disclosure of guardianship abuse, exploitation violations of ADA, corrupt judicial practices etc has been an is not only illegal but a violation of Rule of Law.     The criminals and Jerome larkin 18 UsCA 242 The
The co-conspirators involved have always known that their actions constituted Felonies.  This was and is true whether the conspiracy had a locus in Illinois, Florida, Texas, California, etc.    The case of Rosemond v Markham is consistent with the SCOTUS cases of Alvarez, Citzens United, and the entire line of recent First Amendment case and thus it was no surprise to any of the disciplinary panels that they and their 18 UsCA 242 co-conspirators that they were committing serious felonies.    In a similar manner the Courts affirming in or acting in concert with the terrorists who were assaulting America’s core values also knew or should have know that their actions were in violation of 18 UsCA 371 and 242.
This scenario is driven home by their enactment of Rule 8.3 which requires the very disclosures that lawyers have been punished for making.    It is however, conceivable that the Justices might not be familiar with the rules that they promulgate, but as lawyers they are deemed to know the law and 18 USCA 4 pops up as requiring the very same disclosures.
But for the element of corruption and the fact that so much money is involved and available for the criminal engaged in ‘elder cleansing’ (isolation, abuse, exploitation, deprivation of civil and human rights of senior citizens) there is no logical rationale for the Legal profession not to be leaders in the struggle to protect the elderly and the disabled (pursuant to ADA).     The American Bar Association, the State Bar Associations, and the Local Bar associations appear to be complicit inasmuch as numerous valid consumer complaints have been lodged with the professional associations (ABA, ISBA, CBA and others) only to be ignored at best or, at worst, valid complaint letters are even rebuked when a response is sent back wherein a representative of the bar association affirmatively aserts that they see nothing wrong with the Illinois and nationwide probate courts.      
All that said – let’s get started on whatever program you guys choose to remedy and punish this assault on America’s core values.     Some of us have attempted to ‘shame’ the 2nd oldest profession into acting with integrity and honor, however, it appears that the judiciary, and the lawyers who could re-mediate this situation are afraid to stand up and be counted.    The ABA is a great disappointment and certainly has not covered itself with glory.     The ABA should have been the first entity to demand an HONEST INVESTIGATION.

Every day that Jerome Larkin occupies the position as Administrator of the IARDC = or any office that has as its criterion a “public trust” the legal profession deserves the disrespect and shame that the public holds it.        

It is no wonder that the public believes that a bus loaded with lawyers falling into the river and every single lawyer perishing “a good start!”     If lawyers cannot or will not stand up for the American Constitution they do not deserve respect!

Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne;
I just wanted to point out today that I just received another report of a person who clearly knows the time, date and place and president, and engages in very sophisticated conversation, yet was guardianized.  Shortly thereafter, in utter disgust, with all the person’s bank accounts wiped out, trust accounts wiped out and investment accounts wiped out, all credit and debit cards canceled, the person moved out of state and had no trouble obtaining a new state driver’s license!  In fact, the person passed with flying colors.  Let’s call this person “Grandpa George”. He is furious at what happened to him. George was not allowed to talk in court, so he got an attorney and then the attorney told him not to talk in court.  A tied in doctor hacked up a report.  He found out later that this attorney always tells the client they can get them out of the guardianship and files no papers to do so and lets the guardianship go thru and is good “friends” with the professional guardian.  The “guardian” has all his money so he is forced to live with friends while he attempts to wrest back control of some bank accounts they didn’t find and his social security. (Those are overseas accounts not subject to US court order). The guardian, as usual, refused to give him a dime to live on for nearly a year now, but insists he comes back to her state.  Gag orders have issued.
In court they guardianize, at the Driver’s License facility this person was commended for passing with flying colors–nearly every question right.  He found a few untouched bank accounts and got out of his home state.  The home has been emptied and put up for sale.   So far the attorneys fees have been huge but grandpa left after one month of g-ship abuse.  How can they justify that?

2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky — when will the Bar associations do what is right and fix the Probate situation?

  1. New York invented an even “better” approach than Illinois to cleanse the assets of vulnerable populations and get rid of the owners of such assets – now in New York, you do not need to even go to court to grab somebody who cannot make decisions for himself or herself, have him or her undergo medical treatment, including surgery, or even do an “end of life decision” on that person’s behalf. Now such cases are decided by four-people-panels that include an attorney, a nurse, a family member (heir?) OR A FORMER CLIENT. Application for such “adjudications” can be made by hospitals – who will then be paid out of that person’s assets. So, no corrupt courts need be involved at all and no court-appointed guardians are needed at all. Volunteer death panels of unelected people with interest, acting upon applications of private businesses with interest will be enough.

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