From Ken Ditkowsky–another Chicago pol in jail, another day in Chicago

But for crying out loud, this woman blames everything on casinos and tuition. Is she kidding?  Did her attorneys tell her no one wants to know her excuses.  We all have tuition, and therefore most of us skip the casinos or do so in moderation, once per year and then just a small amount, maybe $50.

Subject: Another day, another political figure from Illinois (Cook County) going to jail! Ho Hum!
Date: Oct 9, 2015 10:14 AM
Why does the Illinois Supreme Court justices and Jerome Larkin want to silence attorney compliance with 18 USCA 4?   The answer is simple.   There will be more cases such as the attached e-mail from the Chicago Sun-times!   
In the Sykes case all the protections of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 (including the jurisdictional) were ignored.   In SYKES, Gore, Tyler, **** estates were looted while corrupt judges looked on an signed orders that protected the miscreants.   Avarice prevailed over common decency.   Gore represents the absolutely the most disgusting set of facts that one could imagine as a judge literally supervised a gold rush and harvesting of the gold from the teeth of a innocent senior citizen.   Not only was there no remorse, but as late as today there has been no HONEST investigation much less punishment of the culprits.   Indeed, the attorney who orchestrated the felonies walks about the 18th Floor of the Daley Center like the ‘cat who swallowed the canary’ flush with the knowledge that Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the lawyer disciplinary commission is protecting her.
The Suntimes article brings to mind another article.   It seems a crazy out West was aggrieved because his prayers were not answered.  Ergo – he sued God.    A judge dismissed his suit as he could not get summons on God and thus the judge ruled that he lacked jurisdiction.   Such would never occur in Cook County, Illinois.
In the Sykes case 09 P 4585, Judge Connors – now Justice Connors of the Illinois Appellate Court- ignored the fact that all the protections of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 were ignored and therefore she lacked jurisdiction as she appointed two guardian ad litem, a plenary guardian and stripped Mary of all of her assets and humanity.    Connors had no problem making certain that Gloria Sykes and Mary Sykes could not receive honest representation and in her evidence deposition (approximate page 90 – 94) pointed out that if someone really objected and called this jurisdictional problem to her attention she would have the error corrected.   However, the judge admitted that the same result would have been reached anyway.\
Why is Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 242 co=conspirators including but not limited to the Illinois Supreme Court justices protecting this criminal activity and why does it not even rate a scintilla of remorse? 
Read the Sun-times Article!    Bribery is no longer the passage of a white envelope filled with cash.   It is much more subtle.    It is the offer of a job at some future time for either the person of interest or a member of his/her family.   It is the offer of an opportunity for someone near or dear.   It is a bargain purchase of real estate.  It is a campaign contribution.   It is a benefit of some kind or other that directly or indirectly affects the public official in the position to do a favor.   (It might even be the appointment of a lawyers as a GAL)\
Not only have the miscreants gotten away with their criminal activities but there are no tax consequences assessed.   Larkin owes based upon his overt acts in pursuance of protecting the miscreants engaging in elder cleansing well over a billion dollars of State and Federal Taxes.  (NB.  each of his co-conspirators have joint and several liability).   What efficacious collection activities are being carried out by our Bankrupt State of Illinois and are heavy in debt Federal government?
But for a fortuitous circumstance most of the bribed public officials get away with their crimes.   Even when the public shakes it head and rises up in disgust the public memory is short.   A high ranking official of the Clinton Administration (Rubin) got called before congress as the result of a scandal involving Citicorp.   He was it CEO and under oath he gave testimony that was so outrageous that most members of the public wanted to tar and feather him – But he got away with nary a scratch.   (He testified that he was not aware of the product that Citi was marketing that created the problem)   Yesterday the VW CEO tried to blame a couple of engineers for the decision to cheat on emissions tests – of course he and board were shocked to learn of the action.
Democracy is the only form of government that requires citizens to actively participate in their government and to weed out the corrupt public officials, corrupt political figures, corrupt jurists, corrupt *****.    It defines corrupt as a public official who will not do his/her job.    These people are taking money under false pretenses.    They are fiduciaries to the public trust.
It may sound old hat, but, Lawyers of all the members of society have the greatest obligation to work for the protection of the core values of America.   This does not mean hearing nothing, seeing nothing and doing nothing it means the full compliance with lawyer rule 8.3 even it means exposing the icons of the profession as criminals or saying things that are not politically correct.   It means that lawyers have to defend the rights of bad people to advance causes that are contrary to humanity.   The ACLU defends the right of Nazis to advocate hate and destruction of Jews.   Jewish lawyers are recruited to advance the Free Speech rights of these perfidious individuals.    All lawyers owe society such an obligation even if they are personally offended.  Such is the nature of the law.    Similarly lawyers including Jewish lawyers have an obligation to stand up and protect the rights of the targeted citizens (including Jews) to exercise their Constitutional Rights to voice opposition to the Nazis.    The unimpeded discourse is our American tradition.
The act of the Illinois Supreme Court, Jerome Larkin, and their 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators in their efforts to silence lawyers and stop them from exposing Justice Connors etc. Is wrongful and criminal.   They were placed in their positions of public trust not to enrich themselves, curry favor, or even enhance their reputations — they assumed a public trust – and the obligation to protect the public from their friends the two guardian at litem in the Sykes case, the guardian ad litem in the Gore case, the corrupt judges *****.    Their failure to honor their trust is the reason that we have to address the situation that appears in the Suntimes article.   We are getting the government we deserve! 

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Sent: Friday, October 9, 2015 6:49 AM
Subject: Feds: Byrd-Bennett said ‘tuition to pay and casinos to visit’ led to kickbacks

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Even before she was hired to run Chicago Public Schools, Barbara Byrd-Bennett set up a scheme to get a 10 percent kickback on all the CPS contracts she could steer to a former employer, in part to set up a college fund for her twin grandsons, authorities said Thursday. The feds found damning, detailed emails […]

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