How the nursing homes are becoming far more dangerous than ever imagined–now they call in SWAT teams!

from the following article:

After first describing how a SWAT team descended upon an animal shelter for housing for one night a fawn abandoned by its mother, came the note:

Eleven days later and less than 100 miles away, staff at a nursing home in the Chicago suburb of Park Forest called paramedics after 95-year-old World War II veteran John Wrana, suffering from a delusional episode, refused medical treatment. The paramedics in turn called the police, which further agitated Wrana, who threatened them with his cane and a knife. The police responded by shooting Wrana with stun guns and bean bags fired from a shotgun. Wrana died from internal bleeding shortly thereafter.

Jerome Larkin head Aministrator of the ARDC has joined forces with attorneys and judges to make sure that YOUR parents and grandparents are routinely housed in nursing homes against their will and without their or YOUR consent.  It’s called a guardianship and it occurs everyday on the 18th floor of the Daley Center in the Illinois Court System and throughout the nation.  Helen Stone does not want to be in a nursing home, and she has been crying every day for her daughter, but when her daughter comes and advocates for her care, Barbara Stone, herself a lawyer, is arrested and charged with “interferring with the care of a disabled person”.  Mary G. Sykes did not want to ever go to a nursing home, she wanted to die at home, and the court system ignored all of that and let her Guardian, Carolyn Toerpe, put her there against her will when Mary wanted to live with her younger daughter at home until she died.  On May 23, 2015, Mary Sykes was narcotized to death, the younger daughter rushed to the nursing home and found her heavily drugged and in a near complete stupor.  Mary Sykes NEVER took drugs. She was a staunch Roman Catholic organic vegetarian and would NEVER consent to hospice.   In July of 2014, myself and a concerned group of 3 other citizens found Mary in a nursing home and went to visit. She was walking and talking as usual and engaging in higher cognitive level thinking.  She clearly knew her daughter Gloria who came and her friends Scott and Delores.  A video was taken for 45 minutes.  The Naperville police would later destroy it upon orders from a court appointed attorney and the Guardian (of death) under threat of arrest.  Mary exhibited no signs of dementia in July of 2014, and death by dementia does not happen in less than one year’s time, but the ARDC, the Illinois Supreme Court and the probate court were all begged to investigate this case, and instead, the case was covered up by the ARDC.  Mary Sykes was listed on blogs like this one and others that her life was “at risk” but no one lifted a finger to save her.  Two attorneys, myself and Ken Ditkowsky, were suspened for 3 and 4 years respectfully for reporting this to the authorities and on the Probate blogs.  The ARDC clearly engaged in a cover up operation with the help of the Illinois Supreme Court.  Recently the ND of Illinois joined forces in the conspiracy of death for Mary G Sykes by suspending myself.  They had already suspended Ken Ditkowsky a year prior.

Seniors currently at risk the ARDC, Illinois Supreme Court and the ND Illinois courts do nothing about after abuse has been reported are:

Alan Frake:  contusions and undiagnosed hip pain, drugging with psychotropic drugs for no diagnosed psychiatric condition other than he is  (or was) a feisty old man.  The use of chemical restraints on seniors is illegal under FDA and AMA guidelines and is considered an act of Torture under the Geneva Convention.

MP: selling her home and valuables falling off inventory.  When the money is gone they will narcotize her to death too.

IL;  Son illegally evicted, items fallen off inventory, son without property or money.  Mother in nursing home where she does not want to be.  Home emptied.  She too will be narcotized to death when money runs out.  Please pray for them all.

Pray for the ARDC to see Truth and Justice


Please join with us in calling these actions what they are–clear cases of severe abuse of our elderly and disabled.

No senior should be forced in a dangerous nursing home against their will, but they are every day.

A SWAT team should not be responding to an incident at a nursing home–a staff of trained orderlys and a psychiatrist should.  The death of even one 95 year old man at a Park Forest nursing home is a great tragedy for the State of Illinois that should not be put in the same category as your average banana republic that has no hope and no rights for its residents.

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