Suspension from NC–the system of corruption is endemnic!

To:, Illinois ARDC <>……
Subject: Suspension for 3 year from NC
Date: Mar 15, 2016 5:13 AM

Dear Mike

I was recently served with your notice of suspension.  See attached.
I have to tell you that I was extremely disappointed in your conduct as an attorney and officer of the court of North Carolina.
I invite you to read my blog about probate corruption and in particular the case of Mary G Sykes, which I was disciplined over.  She was targeted, her estate was drained for attorneys and nursing home fees, she was isolated from 20+ friends and family, including a beloved and long time care giver her daughter, Gloria Sykes.  Almost all of her estate went to attorneys fees and she was drugged and placed in repeated nursing homes against her will.  It is utterly not true that there was no basis for my statements, all the pleadings and evidence are published on my blog.  Mary Sykes is now dead, having passed over on May 23, 2015 when she was narcotized to death because no one intervened, not the Illinois ARDC, the NC state bar which was informed of the controversy, the Illinois Supreme Court, nor any of the numerous states attorneys and police that were well informed of the facts of the situation well in advance of this occurence.
Ms. Gloria Sykes, who fought for her mother courageously, is an award winning investigative journalist with a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University Illinois. She is highly respected in her industry and has done interviews with Gacy and other serious cases. She fought hard to get her mother out of an abusive guardianship with no jurisdiction (I assume you did not read the pleadings on this which I send you.  Please find jurisdiction in this case, you have the Record on Appeal, where is it?)
My case involved blogging about corruption.  In Illinois, the Appellate court has declared that the courts have no jurisdiction over the media because we do have First Amendment rights.  (In re Weddigen, 4th district, appellate 2015 Illinois).
I consider this to be notice to you that you have suppressed my first amendment rights which violates 42 USC 1983, 42 USC 242 and other statutes relating to First Amendment suppression.  The FBI division on human and civil rights has been bcc’d on this email.
I am asking at this time that you turn over the names of any others that you know of who have participated in this crime according to 18 USC sec 4 which makes it a felony not to report this activity to the authorities. Suppression of First Amendment rights is a Federal Felony.  Further, just because someone says “zero tolerace” that does not mean zero brains in reviewing a case.  You ought to take that notion seriously. Go ahead at Westlaw, Lexus and Fastcase the cases on “zero tolerance” in Illinois.  A justicable decision must still be made.
I appreciate your prompt cooperation.
I would appreciate your making a statement. I am scheduled for a TV show on abuse guardianships and corruption in the courts on 3/23/16.  You are welcome to appear.  Please email Bev Cooper at her address above if you wish to appear and she will give you directions to the studio and the time to appear before broadcast. If I do not hear from you I will inform the viewers you did not respond to media requests for statements and inquiry.
Thank you for sending this to me. At least we have your name for supporting nationwide corruption from the lawyers in North Carolina.  You should note that the Illinois Supreme Court will NOT name any justice responsible for suspending me. The ones at the ARDC have already been outed for fixing cases (my chair Sang Yul Lee and Anna Loftus, the puppet of Anne Burke on the Illinois Supreme Court.  None of these have responded to inquires concerning their behavior but I have reported them to the local FBI and asked that their offices be bugged for “special deals” to support corruption in the courts.)  You should be made aware.  I am from Illinois, the land of most governors in orange jumpsuits in 2 decades)
JoAnne Denison
cc: and dozens of other probate blogs and new media.

Randy Robinson continues to fight for his mother in Detroit Michigan probate

Dear Readers;

As many of you are aware, Randy Robinson can’t return home because he is under a court order (believe this one) to have his mother returned to Detroit Michigan from her brother’s home in California, so (satan’s) “guardian” can put her in a nursing home and liquidate Gayle Robinson’s property–all for her attorneys fees.

We all know that Gayle Robinson’s property is toast, they can all kiss that one good bye.  (Satan’s) Guardian in this case is on “Mary Rowan”, an attorney with an incredible notorious reputation for abuse of the elderly in guardianships.  She needs to be removed.

Note the comments at the bottom of this article which are scathing in nature and describe other horrific guardianships under her (mis) management.

Please pray for Randy and his daughter who cannot return home because Mother Gayle has made the decision to leave Detroit Michigan after Mary Rowan and her flying monkeys has invaded their family and for all practical reasons, destroyed it.

In more good news, both Lyle and Andrew Harrison were RELEASED from prison on Friday, after arguing with Judge Brosch (who has clearly lost his mind) as usual.  Opposing Counsel cooked up some crazy “Motion for Body Attachment” previously published on this blog, insisting that Lyle was practicing law without a license because in his pleadings he purports to represent other family members and a trust (he did not, and I defy anyone to find any sort of statement or representation in the documents in question–his counter claims).

The real crux of the issue is that Lyle Harrison is claiming against Hardware State Bank in Moultrie, IL because they failed to deposit crop proceeds into a trust account pursuant to handling these farm proceeds on behalf of the Harrison family. Since 10% of the crop proceeds was to be deposited in 9 separate accounts for each of the Harrison family children since they were born, Lyle Harrison estimates that the children are now owed $43 million, Present Value (Lyle is a Kettering or GMI graduate, so he knows how to properly crunch numbers such as these).

The really question is, where did that money go?  The FBI in Springfield has been alerted, they know that Lyle and Andrew were put in jail on the bogus notion that they had to withdraw their counterclaims due to assertions of legal representation therein, they know that opposing counsel Eberspacher cooked these false motions up and supported them.  (I have the transcripts).

Lyle and Andrew will be working on the appeallate brief and counter claims.  The Judge (Brosch/Flannel, the names are interchangeable) has already threatened Andrew and Lyle if they file an appellate brief, he will have them arrested and incarcerated again!  Unbelievable.

I don’t know if it was Eid or what (Muslim holiday after Ramadan which is filled with prayer) or what that got these two gentlemen out of the Moultrie County lock up (with violent criminals), but I am glad they are out.

And contrary to the judge’s orders they WILL be working on filing new counter-claims and they WILL be working on filing an appellate brief, threats of jail or not.

Contine to pray for this family and continue to pray for Randy Robinson.


From Ken Ditkowsky–make the miscreants pay the taxes that are due.

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jun 28, 2015 12:52 PM
To: Douglas Kinan , “” , Matt Senator Kirk , Edward Carter , Probate Sharks , “JoAnne M. Denison” , Tim NASGA , Nasga Us , Eric Holder , “FBI- ( (” , Chicago FBI , Chicago Tribune
Subject: Why are the elder cleansers not paying their income taxes on their ill gotten gains? We would all like to know.

Tax Consequences of Elder Cleansing:
1.        Unreported Inventory.
One of the most common consequences of the isolation, and financial exploitation is the taking of assets (such as occurred in the Mary Sykes case -09 P 4585) and not inventorying them.   This theft is a benefit to the miscreant guardian as well as all who join in the Conspiracy.    In the Mary Sykes case we are dealing with nearly a million dollars in gold coins.    We are also dealing with “cash” and other valuables.   It is estimated that the entire estate had a value of over 2 million dollars.
When the fiduciary (and his co-conspirators) take possession directly or indirectly a taxable event occurs and each has joint and several liability for the entire value of the asset that is not inventoried and which ultimately finds its way out of the estate.   This is ordinary income.  It can be allocated to each and all of the following miscreants:  Judges X and Y, Schmeidel, Farenga, Stern and the ARDC that covered up by wrongfully prosecuting attorneys blowing the whistle on the abuse and fraud:  Jerome Larkin, head of the ARDC, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Leah Black Guiterrez, Stephen Split and others.  Those with a finger in the pie, and those that cover up the pie, are all jointly and severally liable until the tax fraud debit is paid.
2.       Side ventures
The assets of the estate being ravaged has various assets in it that slip through the cracks after being inventoried.    In the Sykes it was quite difficult to make her home disappear.    So the guardians went into Court claiming that they needed money and the need to sell the house.    In the Sykes case the house had a value in excess of $700,000 – according to an appraisal done previously. [1]     The sale of the dwelling was for approx. $200,000.00.       This sale was highly questionable even though approved by the Court.
It is expected (and will occur in Sykes) that the property will be sold and through a series of mesne sales that full value will be obtained for the miscreants (co-conspirators).    The first purchaser will sell the property to another nominee purchaser.    This will be followed by another sale and finally a sale to the ultimate purchaser.     The final sale will be claimed as a capital gain –
As this side venture was a taxable event on day one, the entire transaction when it occurred is ordinary income.   Thus, the Sykes miscreants must pay when the sale occurred ordinary income taxes against the correct value of $1 million.    They are not entitled to capital gains – no matter how they structure the sale.
3.       Collateral pickups.
Being a guardian has with it opportunities.     They include kickbacks for playing the Ward in a nursing home, hospice facility.     In addition, employment of certain attorneys means referral fees etc.        All these referral fees are taxable income.      In the case of nursing homes as an example, the remuneration may come in the form of the income from nursing beds, an interest in the partnership controlling the facility, or the opportunity to engage in other and similar exploitations of the elderly.     These collaterals are ordinary income and the joint and several liability attaches to all of the conspirators.    Thus, it is respectfully suggested under reporting of the income tax liability may start the Statute of Limitations in operation as to the miscreant who reports the “kickback” but not as to the co-conspirators who did not report the benefit(gain).    Any tax paid however offsets the liability of the other co-conspirators to the extent of the payment
The Gore case a certain Guardian ad Litem was provided an opportunity to be the “heir” of an elderly person.    She took advantage of it and filed in the Florida Courts her claim.     The AG of Florida objected to the claim, however, he settled for ½ of the value of the payout.    That left a million dollars as an inheritance.     This inheritance was not an inheritance – it was a theft and the co-conspirators owed the tax on the money received as ordinary income.     Those who cover-up the fraud (such as Jerome Larkin and his minions SO, LBG, SS, MS, etc.) also owe the taxes due as a joint and several liability.
4.       Pick-ups.
In several of the Florida estates and in the Sykes case the miscreants have managed to get Court orders that attached property that was not part of the disabled person’s estate.      Theft is a taxable event even if a Court approves it.
For instance.    In one Florida Estate the guardian and the Court arbitrarily took possession and control over the property of one of the objecting family members.    It was clear that this control was obtained for the purpose of shutting the dissent to the elder cleansing life shut down.     The minute the guardian and Court took control of the funds that we not part of the estate each of the co-conspirators (including the Judge’s X and Y who should have known better) owed the United States of America the ordinary income taxes due.   (Constructive receipt).     These taxes vested.
In a similar manner in the Sykes estate, the commandeering of Gloria Sykes hazard insurance settlement resulted in tax liability for the guardian, the two guardian ad litem, the corrupt jurist, the attorney who was aware of and part of the theft, Jerome Larkin and his crew who tried to cover it up and everyone who joined in the conspiracy.    The taxes that they owed are ordinary income.
In some of the cases, and in particular the Florida case the theft was covered up by the corrupt jurist awarding Attorney fees from the stolen money.     The award of attorney fees and court costs is an independent act.    Money is fungible!     The fact that some taxes were paid (or will be paid) on the attorney fees is incidental and does not defray the Federal and State taxes due.    The entire fund is ordinary income and must be reported in the year of the theft as ordinary income on the tax return.    No credit is given to the criminals for paying taxes on attorney fees or other costs that are claimed to be paid out of the stolen funds.   The only credit that they are entitled to is for taxes specifically paid on the stolen funds.
The Sykes case is a corner stone case that has almost all of the pernicious events occurring therein.      The statutory protections were all ignored by a corrupt jurist and his cohorts.     The corrupt judicial officials were protected by the Supreme Court justices of Illinois and the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission and its director Jerome Larkin.    Larkin acted through attorneys who demonstrated amorality and avarice as they protected their co-conspirators from an Honest investigation.   18 USCA 371 addresses this situation and defines the fact that all who did overt acts in pursuance of the elder cleansing are co-conspirators and jointly and severally liable for not only the damages but the ordinary income taxes.     (There is no benefit of the doubt for corrupt public and judicial officials who elect to prey on the elderly and the disabled – the State and the United States of America should be able to collect the income taxes due in full and without unjust delay.)

[1] A real estate appraisal varies as it is opinion.   In the Fairway Preserve Condominium frauds, the developer was able to obtain appraisals of condo units for $350,000, while the Count appraiser appraised the same units for $100,000.00.     Historically, lender appraisals are lower than insurance appraisals.     The real appraisal occurs when the property is sold to a purchaser who is not controlled by either the real purchaser or the seller – or their representatives.   In the Sykes case because of the location, zoning potential, and size of the lot the $700,000 value is a bit frugal.

From Barbara Stone–Her RICO and civil damages complaint

After months of being terrorized by the criminal enterprise in Miami Dade Florida known as their Probate Court and Judge Michael Genden and Attorneys Roy Lustig and Mark Raymond (I was also threatened with Sanctions by them, they filed a Motion against me, and I had not appeared in any case in Florida, so you can see how desperate they are to cover up crimes against Barbara Stone and her Mother, Mrs. Helen Stone), Barbara has filed her own Counter Claims in Florida against a number of judges, including her mother’s probate judge Michael Genden, and a number of attorneys involved including the Plenary Guardian and her attorney for all the abuses Mrs. Helen Stone has suffered at the hands of her tormenters.

Some highlights:

46. Other attorneys throughout the country are being viciously retaliated by exposing the
rampant corruption and racketeering in the legal system. Attorneys such as Christine Andersen, Esq., Joanne Denison, Esq., Ken Ditkowsky, Esq., Larue Amu, Esq., Jeff Norkin, Esq., Candice Schwager, Esq. and thousands of other honorable attorneys who are complying with their mandate to report wrongdoing that not only violates civil laws but is a criminal danger to society and the public are being viciously retaliated and their law licenses threatened and suspended and they face or have been disbarred for complying with their mandated oath to report. This is the only act that they attorneys are being retaliated against. This retaliatory is solely due to their attempts to report wrongdoing.

Barbara was encourage by several sympathetic judges in Florida to seek Whistleblower status.  There are now about a dozen or more attorney across the nation including the above, who have risked their law licenses, including myself and Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu to blow the whistle on corrupt judges and attorneys operating a criminal enterprise out of Probate court.

When Mary Sykes was guardianized without Summons and Petition being served, when $1 million in gold coins went missing and the probate attorneys and court scrambled to quash all discovery, when her home was sold for 20 cents on the dollar, you know that Chicago has the same problems, as does Florida.

All of us–from Barbara Stone to Candice Schwager to Grant Goodman to Lanre Amu and Ken Ditkowsky, blow the whistle, do our jobs and prosecuted and hounded for protecting the elderly and vulnerable, and then they put the likes of Jerome Larkin in as Administrator of the ARDC to cover every thing up, you know there is something seriously wrong with Illinois and the nation.  No one is coming to our rescue or protecting us.

I now have dozens of low cost and pro bono attorneys without counsel. Who will serve them as I did, filing pleadings, asking that seniors and the elderly be protected, that they not be guardianized without proper service and notice to next of kin.

No one is protecting them and Jerome Larkin is running a cover up operation with his own malicious assistants–Melissa Smart, Sharon Opryszek, Steven Splitt (a professor of ethics at John Marshall Law School?), Leah Guiterrez Black, etc. all act in retaliation.  All pretend that this blog is a lie.

I could not figure out why they were all so upset when I mentioned the fires at the OPG and how there were several and they always happened on Friday afternoons.  Now I am aware that the fire killing 6 was first ruled a homocide by the coroner after investigation and that was changed, so why do they accuse me of lying?  An accellerant was suspected also, but nothing came of that.  CNBC backed off on their investigation and some of their reports on the fire have broken links.  I want to know why.  Patrick Murphy was never questioned, as far as the internet reports, but was made a judge.  I want to know why.  Other attorneys have told me some very shocking news–definitely reported to the ARDC, but nothing came out of that.  The attorneys at the OPG were protected.

Barbara’s complaint goes on to say:

Michael Genden with intent thereby extort Ms.  Rochlin to gain an advantage to threaten her to refrain from representing Counter-Plaintiffs mother. The Florida Bar through certain
of its member by written communication maliciously accused counter Counter-Plaintiff of offensesas part of a retaliation to stop her whistleblower against the Florida Bar by attempting to disbar her and deprive her of her reputation an her livelihood and her ability to earn income and in so has malicious exposed her to disgrace in her reputation with intent to gain advantage to force her to cease her attempts to expose their criminal racketeering activities.
245. Further they are trying to force her to refrain from doing what she is required under Florida Bar Rule 4.83 to do.
246. That thru the misuse of criminal proceeding Counter-Plaintiff is being extorted and threatened to silence her whistleblowing activities and gain advantage and have disgraced her reputation by forcing her to wear a public shackle .

Florida is amazing in that Barbara Stone, for speaking out against the severe and continuing abuses against her mother–isolation, drugging, the draining of her estate with churned bills and inflated fees, etc.–Judge Michael Genden, together with the States Attorneys offices has her on electronic monitoring.  She has had an ankle bracelet for over a year, and unless the Federal Court stops this entire mess, the concept of putting civil litigants in leg shackles for reporting Probate Court abuses may easily spread to Chicago.

Ms. Stone pays $350 per month to have a leg bracelet put on her so the miscreants can operate in secrecy and with impunity.

Barbara Stone is seeking Whistleblower status in Florida and with the Federal Court System.  She is claiming no ability to get a fairly heard case in Florida with all the corruption that is going on.  She is asking that her case get transferred to Illinois to Judge Blakey and consolidated due to his expertise in RICO (Racketeering and Influential Crime Organization Act–a statute that aptly fits the current mess of Probate Court in Illinois and Florida.

I have really no idea what the Florida Bar and the Illinois ARDC think they are covering up. When you lie, cheat and steal, it always comes home to roost and turns into a big, ugly mess.

Jerome Larkin has made a career out of protecting favored attorneys–those in the Sykes case– Farenga, Stern and Schmeidel, while persecuting Whistleblowers–Ditkowsky, Amu and myself.

In Florida, the Bar is going after Barbara Stone.  In Texas, they go after Candice Schwager for protecting Human and Civil Rights.  In Arizona, it is Grant Goodman.  In California, there is Richard Fine.  There is also Ostrowski and Bailey in Pennsylvania.  Clear across the nation, miscreant lawyers in bar associations are witch hunting Whistleblower attorneys.

Barbara did a fabulous job out of her Complaint (counter claim) against these miscreants and it should be used as a model for other cases.

Let’s hope that the Federal Courts will start to take this malicious mess seriously


Department of Justice Report on Elder Absue and Exploitation

From Nancy Vallone, an important document to read.  It’s quite sad because it documents widespread elder abuse in the nation, with little action being taken.

Report by US Dept. of Justice concerning Elder Abuse

It’s pretty much an eye opener on the status of the disabled and in particular seniors in the US.  With 56% of them owning their own homes, there seems to be a ready post for the nefarious.

After all I have published and after all is said and done, and it appears Probate is a honeypot for the nefarious…

Ms. Janet Phelan comes along with another article which risks making Probate more of a system to the gulag for the elderly than it already is:

I hope someone stops this before it happens, and if it does, I hope a brave lawyer comes forward to stop the sharing of this information before the GAL/probate systems uses it to generate even more guardianships where they were not needed before all of this.

Write your representatives and stop this before it is too late.  It is clearly an invasion of privacy.  It is a misuse and abuse of governmental authority to send others indicators of dementia and fraility of the elderly to those who might most abuse them.  Judges and attys acting badly in our nation’s probate system.  We have already enough senior citizens in nursing homes, against their will, that want to go home, while the probate machines burn up their dollars in dangerous and life shortening nursing homes.  This “nursing home” machine is a nationwide tragedy.  Many other countries would find it shameful to lock away seniors and isolate their elderly –except if they pay $150 per hour or more to get “court supervision” for a single visit.

Thanks Janet for sharing.


Some thoughts on the First Amendment by Tim Lahrman

Just so you all know, Tim Lahrman is a great guy who has help many a probate abuse victim behind the scenes.  He is hard working and dedicated.

What he sent me today was this:

Subject: Re: First Amendment

I do not disagree with one thing Ken advocates for or the positions he has taken.   The 1st Amendment is a very interesting and powerful subject
I once wrote a letter to the only elected Probate Court Judge in Indiana and I opened my letter with the fact that the letter was presented in the spririt of the 1st Amendment and the right to freely exercise one’s right of political free speech freely exercised. I cited the applicable articles of the Indiana State Constitution and then I proceeded to tell this Judge he was a bully and that I did not mind calling him out as a bully.  It was indeed a bold letter, some might think even a crazy man’s rant, but nonetheless I had every right to write the letter and say what I did.  I simply called the guy out to be known as a notorious prick throughout the community and asked him if his parents were proud of him and raised him to be a prick —  anyhow,
I have said some bold things to a few judges and authority figures over the years, it is never really enjoyable at the time and I often have no idea where the words come from when I open my mouth, the words just come out and I guess I have just been lucky —–  I am always cautious and mindful not to make any threats, use fighting words and or assert any revenge —-  The Indiana Supreme Court has held that telling a state actor to f*** themselves is free speech, it is a statement that illicits no response.  Moral of the ruling, you can tell them to f***-off, just don’t add to the statement,  what are you going to do about it?   I love the 1st Amendment, its all a guy like me has —–  and never would I care to have a Bar Association license, not in today’s world anyhow …
But my point is this ——  what about the words we don’t hear from the people we are prohibited for associating with — and the words in the hearts and minds of those held in seclusion, secreted from society and from any opportunity to exercise their right to free expression, silenced and unheard from.    What about their words?  Is not this the real reason you find ourselves now arguing and fighting to express and protect your words ??   Why, if it was not for wanting to hear Mary’s words, and witness Mary exercise her 1st Amendment rights, none of us would even be here —- Brodsky included …..