From Barbara Stone–Her RICO and civil damages complaint

After months of being terrorized by the criminal enterprise in Miami Dade Florida known as their Probate Court and Judge Michael Genden and Attorneys Roy Lustig and Mark Raymond (I was also threatened with Sanctions by them, they filed a Motion against me, and I had not appeared in any case in Florida, so you can see how desperate they are to cover up crimes against Barbara Stone and her Mother, Mrs. Helen Stone), Barbara has filed her own Counter Claims in Florida against a number of judges, including her mother’s probate judge Michael Genden, and a number of attorneys involved including the Plenary Guardian and her attorney for all the abuses Mrs. Helen Stone has suffered at the hands of her tormenters.

Some highlights:

46. Other attorneys throughout the country are being viciously retaliated by exposing the
rampant corruption and racketeering in the legal system. Attorneys such as Christine Andersen, Esq., Joanne Denison, Esq., Ken Ditkowsky, Esq., Larue Amu, Esq., Jeff Norkin, Esq., Candice Schwager, Esq. and thousands of other honorable attorneys who are complying with their mandate to report wrongdoing that not only violates civil laws but is a criminal danger to society and the public are being viciously retaliated and their law licenses threatened and suspended and they face or have been disbarred for complying with their mandated oath to report. This is the only act that they attorneys are being retaliated against. This retaliatory is solely due to their attempts to report wrongdoing.

Barbara was encourage by several sympathetic judges in Florida to seek Whistleblower status.  There are now about a dozen or more attorney across the nation including the above, who have risked their law licenses, including myself and Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu to blow the whistle on corrupt judges and attorneys operating a criminal enterprise out of Probate court.

When Mary Sykes was guardianized without Summons and Petition being served, when $1 million in gold coins went missing and the probate attorneys and court scrambled to quash all discovery, when her home was sold for 20 cents on the dollar, you know that Chicago has the same problems, as does Florida.

All of us–from Barbara Stone to Candice Schwager to Grant Goodman to Lanre Amu and Ken Ditkowsky, blow the whistle, do our jobs and prosecuted and hounded for protecting the elderly and vulnerable, and then they put the likes of Jerome Larkin in as Administrator of the ARDC to cover every thing up, you know there is something seriously wrong with Illinois and the nation.  No one is coming to our rescue or protecting us.

I now have dozens of low cost and pro bono attorneys without counsel. Who will serve them as I did, filing pleadings, asking that seniors and the elderly be protected, that they not be guardianized without proper service and notice to next of kin.

No one is protecting them and Jerome Larkin is running a cover up operation with his own malicious assistants–Melissa Smart, Sharon Opryszek, Steven Splitt (a professor of ethics at John Marshall Law School?), Leah Guiterrez Black, etc. all act in retaliation.  All pretend that this blog is a lie.

I could not figure out why they were all so upset when I mentioned the fires at the OPG and how there were several and they always happened on Friday afternoons.  Now I am aware that the fire killing 6 was first ruled a homocide by the coroner after investigation and that was changed, so why do they accuse me of lying?  An accellerant was suspected also, but nothing came of that.  CNBC backed off on their investigation and some of their reports on the fire have broken links.  I want to know why.  Patrick Murphy was never questioned, as far as the internet reports, but was made a judge.  I want to know why.  Other attorneys have told me some very shocking news–definitely reported to the ARDC, but nothing came out of that.  The attorneys at the OPG were protected.

Barbara’s complaint goes on to say:

Michael Genden with intent thereby extort Ms.  Rochlin to gain an advantage to threaten her to refrain from representing Counter-Plaintiffs mother. The Florida Bar through certain
of its member by written communication maliciously accused counter Counter-Plaintiff of offensesas part of a retaliation to stop her whistleblower against the Florida Bar by attempting to disbar her and deprive her of her reputation an her livelihood and her ability to earn income and in so has malicious exposed her to disgrace in her reputation with intent to gain advantage to force her to cease her attempts to expose their criminal racketeering activities.
245. Further they are trying to force her to refrain from doing what she is required under Florida Bar Rule 4.83 to do.
246. That thru the misuse of criminal proceeding Counter-Plaintiff is being extorted and threatened to silence her whistleblowing activities and gain advantage and have disgraced her reputation by forcing her to wear a public shackle .

Florida is amazing in that Barbara Stone, for speaking out against the severe and continuing abuses against her mother–isolation, drugging, the draining of her estate with churned bills and inflated fees, etc.–Judge Michael Genden, together with the States Attorneys offices has her on electronic monitoring.  She has had an ankle bracelet for over a year, and unless the Federal Court stops this entire mess, the concept of putting civil litigants in leg shackles for reporting Probate Court abuses may easily spread to Chicago.

Ms. Stone pays $350 per month to have a leg bracelet put on her so the miscreants can operate in secrecy and with impunity.

Barbara Stone is seeking Whistleblower status in Florida and with the Federal Court System.  She is claiming no ability to get a fairly heard case in Florida with all the corruption that is going on.  She is asking that her case get transferred to Illinois to Judge Blakey and consolidated due to his expertise in RICO (Racketeering and Influential Crime Organization Act–a statute that aptly fits the current mess of Probate Court in Illinois and Florida.

I have really no idea what the Florida Bar and the Illinois ARDC think they are covering up. When you lie, cheat and steal, it always comes home to roost and turns into a big, ugly mess.

Jerome Larkin has made a career out of protecting favored attorneys–those in the Sykes case– Farenga, Stern and Schmeidel, while persecuting Whistleblowers–Ditkowsky, Amu and myself.

In Florida, the Bar is going after Barbara Stone.  In Texas, they go after Candice Schwager for protecting Human and Civil Rights.  In Arizona, it is Grant Goodman.  In California, there is Richard Fine.  There is also Ostrowski and Bailey in Pennsylvania.  Clear across the nation, miscreant lawyers in bar associations are witch hunting Whistleblower attorneys.

Barbara did a fabulous job out of her Complaint (counter claim) against these miscreants and it should be used as a model for other cases.

Let’s hope that the Federal Courts will start to take this malicious mess seriously