Randy Robinson continues to fight for his mother in Detroit Michigan probate

Dear Readers;

As many of you are aware, Randy Robinson can’t return home because he is under a court order (believe this one) to have his mother returned to Detroit Michigan from her brother’s home in California, so (satan’s) “guardian” can put her in a nursing home and liquidate Gayle Robinson’s property–all for her attorneys fees.

We all know that Gayle Robinson’s property is toast, they can all kiss that one good bye.  (Satan’s) Guardian in this case is on “Mary Rowan”, an attorney with an incredible notorious reputation for abuse of the elderly in guardianships.  She needs to be removed.


Note the comments at the bottom of this article which are scathing in nature and describe other horrific guardianships under her (mis) management.

Please pray for Randy and his daughter who cannot return home because Mother Gayle has made the decision to leave Detroit Michigan after Mary Rowan and her flying monkeys has invaded their family and for all practical reasons, destroyed it.


In more good news, both Lyle and Andrew Harrison were RELEASED from prison on Friday, after arguing with Judge Brosch (who has clearly lost his mind) as usual.  Opposing Counsel cooked up some crazy “Motion for Body Attachment” previously published on this blog, insisting that Lyle was practicing law without a license because in his pleadings he purports to represent other family members and a trust (he did not, and I defy anyone to find any sort of statement or representation in the documents in question–his counter claims).

The real crux of the issue is that Lyle Harrison is claiming against Hardware State Bank in Moultrie, IL because they failed to deposit crop proceeds into a trust account pursuant to handling these farm proceeds on behalf of the Harrison family. Since 10% of the crop proceeds was to be deposited in 9 separate accounts for each of the Harrison family children since they were born, Lyle Harrison estimates that the children are now owed $43 million, Present Value (Lyle is a Kettering or GMI graduate, so he knows how to properly crunch numbers such as these).

The really question is, where did that money go?  The FBI in Springfield has been alerted, they know that Lyle and Andrew were put in jail on the bogus notion that they had to withdraw their counterclaims due to assertions of legal representation therein, they know that opposing counsel Eberspacher cooked these false motions up and supported them.  (I have the transcripts).

Lyle and Andrew will be working on the appeallate brief and counter claims.  The Judge (Brosch/Flannel, the names are interchangeable) has already threatened Andrew and Lyle if they file an appellate brief, he will have them arrested and incarcerated again!  Unbelievable.

I don’t know if it was Eid or what (Muslim holiday after Ramadan which is filled with prayer) or what that got these two gentlemen out of the Moultrie County lock up (with violent criminals), but I am glad they are out.

And contrary to the judge’s orders they WILL be working on filing new counter-claims and they WILL be working on filing an appellate brief, threats of jail or not.

Contine to pray for this family and continue to pray for Randy Robinson.


31 thoughts on “Randy Robinson continues to fight for his mother in Detroit Michigan probate

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  2. Randy Robinson was arrested for not showing up in court when ordered. He had a court date for him an his mother to appear. He took his mother to the airport an sent her to California to her bothers an didn’t go to court. When a judge orders you in to court an you don’t go what would you expect to happen? Randy Robinson is all about his mothers money. He is pissed he can no longer use her car to deliver pizza, Her credit card to fill the gas tank. her house to home himself an his daughter. he has been living off my grandmother for 8-10 years. he took over my grandmothers house cut her off from her 6 other children. Wouldn’t allow her grandchildren to visit. She has a 2 year old Great Great Granddaughter she has never gotten to even meet. This is about loans given to the other children out of Grandmas home equity loan account. That have been being paid back as agreed to for many years. Now Randy Robinson an Debbie Fox are worried if grandma passes away they wont get their share of the house. So they have been telling my grandmother we want her in a home. The probate took over due to his argument of my mother (the oldest child) he didn’t want as the guardian. The state evicted him an inspected the house an yard an found it unfit. now all the children who want their mother in a home have been working their butts off cleaning the yards an house for grandma to be approved to come home. She is currently safe at her brothers in California waiting for the inspections on the house to clear for her to come home. Where were Randy an Debbie during this process? Hiding from the police for not showing up in court. He still currently has a warrant for his arrest for contempt of court. Feel free to ask any questions you want but let me tell you Randy’s story is just that. A fabricated story. He has done nothing but mooch off my grandmother for years letting her house get Destroyed. I don’t have a dog in this fight other than I want to be able to visit my grandmother while she is still on this planet. An introduce her to my Granddaughter.

    • First of all, a probate case is not about Randy. No one should be jailed for not showing up for court in a civil matter. Sometimes that is done in collections court, but most people are furious about that too. The judge could have ordered lesser sanctions such as a per diem fine, but why was Randy even needed in his mother’s probate case anyway? She appeared competent in his videos. She knew her name, the date and time, she knew who everyone was in the video and most of all, she was adamant about her rights to a warrant and court papers before the state could intervene in her life, which shows very high level cognitive reasoning. She is clearly competent.
      My advice to you all is to remember that Grandma ain’t dead yet. She is competent and has the right to give her money, her property to anyone she likes. If you have eviction papers (Summons and complaint) filed in eviction court and proof of service (an affidavit from the process server), then I would be glad to publish that.
      This is the United States. We don’t arrest and incarcerate people for civil matters. In a criminal case, a crime has to have been committed and a jury must convict to a standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt.”
      If your mother is competent, again your complaints are falling on deaf ears that she likes one child more than the others or see won’t see a particular child or grandchild. If she wanted to see you, she would make plans with you.
      I am absolutely certain that Randy did not stand at the airport holding a gun to his mother’s head. It is my understanding that she was drugged, taken to a 9 day psych hold and drugged again. Anyone I know who has been through these is severely traumatized. That is the reason why grandma left and I don’t blame her. Michigan is not safe for her.
      Once you are targeted by the probate system for whatever reason, the house and the bank accounts will be toast. They put seniors in nursing homes because the cost to house a senior is about $1,000 per month, but they charge anywhere from $4,000 per month to $12,000 per month and up. Kickbacks are frequent and generous, at about $2,000 to $4,000 per month to the tied in person placing them there.
      So you can all forget about the house, Mary Rowan will take it. She will also take any property she can find. She will thank you for cleaning it up, but believe me she is not looking for top dollar. Most probate homes are sold for a fraction of the true value to court hawking investors and then quietly flipped 2 or 3 times.
      Grandma is going no where and the house is gone. I can easily predict that and I’m clearly not a psychic. Grandma will be left in a crappy, stinky medicare nursing home and you all will be banned eventually from seeing her and taking her home. If you don’t believe me, you can review the stories of Sykes, Lahody, Drabik, Tyler, Wyman, Stone, Belanger, Lipinski, and dozens of other cases on my blog, NASGA, Probate Sharks, etc.
      She is only as safe as brother will protect her. If he sends her back on a plane, it will likely be a locked down nursing home for her without any visitors. They will drug her, isolate her and then when the money is gone, eliminate her.
      Their mantra is “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, quietly eliminate and cremate.” It’s on all the blogs.
      Read the blogs.
      Good luck. I wish you all the best, but believe me, Randy is the least of your problems right now. Rowan & Co. will eventually turn on the rest of the family and drain all your pockets if they can as soon as they get done with terrorizing him. (They took $200,000 from Gloria Sykes’ accounts and gave it to the attorneys).
      PS–it’s interesting that you complain Randy lived in the home with his daughter, drove mom’s car and sponged off of her when you know that your grandma is getting on in years and needs someone to live with her to keep her company now and do the things she no longer can. If you thought gas or food was expensive, wait till you see how your average probate attorney can charge the estate $250 per hour or more, then there’s the nursing home that will take the rest, and tied in service providers that do very little but charge a whole lot. Believe me, gas and food is peanuts compared to what these guys can do to quickly and quietly drain the estate and the probate court will just rubber stamp it. But a better question is why your family is in probate at all if grandma is competent, i.e., knows her name, address, the date, time and president and can make an estate plan and more. Why isn’t the rest of the family objecting to the egregious breach of grandma’s human and civil rights by having her declared incompetent when she clearly is competent?
      PPS–I have kids still living at home who are over college age (over 22) and they eat my food, use my household supplies and I even fill their gas tanks and pay their insurance. I think I can do that if I want. Some kids are on their own and paying their own way since age 21. I consider this to be my business and no one else’s.

      • I am a person of no relation to this family…. I am here writing to advise that alot of this is lies or it could if all been avoided if debbie Fox and Randy Robinson would have agreed to the court orders…. ms. Gayle Robinsons car is still in her name and she still has full rights to her vehicle… the vehicle has been moved to safe free location so that her son randy robinson could not drive it and rack up mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle… when she returns the vehicle will be returned to her… her house is still and will always be also in her possession… she was never going to be put into a nursing home or other facility… she was only taken to a facilty to be evaluated to see if she was ok to take care of herself…. ms. Robinson only went to California because her son randy robinson and daughter debbie fox convinced her that the other children were going to lock her up… which also was not true… none of this would have ever happened if randy robinson and debbie fox would not allow anyone to see her or to see if she is of sound body and mind… they would not allow the court order health associates check her health…. because of this they had to have the court help….. ms. Gayle robinson is led to believe anything they tell her because she trusts Mr Robinson and Ms fox not to lie to her and will make her believe what ever they want her to… they were able to get her to change her will… they were able to get her to put them on her accounts… the guardian is paying all her bills the bills that were not being paid was because she wasn’t aware of them because mr. Robinson and ms.fox kept them from the guardian…. it wasn’t until the courts gave them permission to enter the house and had to break the locks that they learned the bills we’re under her late husbands name which without the account numbers they could not access.. the locks we’re changed because ms. Fox and mr . Robinson continued to enter the property after the court order prevented them from doing so…. the only reason mr. Robinson was evicted was because he continued to disregard the court orders and refused anyone access including the court appointed guardian…. the judge had no choice but to evict them so that they could make sure ms. Robinson was being taken care of…. after entering the home they found large amounts of food and trash on the carpet and in the rooms so the family has been there with the gaurdian cleaning up the mess so that ms. Robinson can come home to a clean house…. as for mr. Brown he was awarded guardianship after a certain amount of days as course guardian and as long as the rules of the court we’re being followed… again because of Mr Robinson and ms. Fox manipulation he did not follow the court orders so he lost his rights to be a guardian… it is ms. Fox and mr. Robinsons fault that they do not have access to ms Robinson as well as Mr. Robinsons fault that he has bench warrants. If they would have allowed ms. Robinson to be examined and cooperated with the system… they would still be able to visit with ms. Robinson as well as still be able to live in the home

      • I think you are missing a few things: 1) the complaint and summons for eviction of Randy; 2) proof of service by a duly appointed officer; 3) a properly served 30 day note.
        Next, are you saying the compent woman in the video is not Mrs. Robinson? Otherwise, the state and you seriously needs to butt out.
        You also have not cited any case law that bench warrants are suitable in a civil case. They are not.
        In order to take any of these actions, Mrs. Robinson would have to be incompetent, and from the video footage she is clearly competent.
        Lots of people don’t pay their bills on time and they have dirty homes. That is not an excuse to file or attain guardianship over someone that is elderly. What you are essentially doing is stripping them of their human and civil rights.
        You also have not answered why Mrs. Robinson had to be subject to illegal drugging in a hotel room for several days by Mrs. Robinson and why she was required to suffer a 9 day psych hold cooked up by Ms. Rowan.
        This is clearly an abusive guardianship and I think eventually Randy Robinson and Debbie Fox will have a huge multimillion dollar suit against all the perps, but that’s just my opinion.
        From the posts you have done, what I clearly see is a “seniors for cash scenario” which is a house of cards ready to blow away in the wind.
        JMHO. Good luck with all that. JoAnne

      • My mothers home (Gayle’s) is not being sold. She is not being put in a nursing home. These are lies. My mother was being lied to and isolated from her family of over 50. There is much more than your hearing. We all love our mother, grand-mother and great-grand-mother. This is not the place to argue and display videos of my mother to try to get sympathy. The court documents are public records. It is just common sense though that all of a sudden a mother of 10 would turn on over 50 of her family members for 3. We all have lots of evidence of what’s going on but we aren’t lying to try to get support. Remember videos are edited, my mother was also told lies prior to staged videos. This is Sad that because of your cause, you just believe anyone with out getting info from others.

      • No, I’m actually waiting for some proof of the other side of the story. Where are the videos showing she is incompetent? Posters are saying Mrs. Robinson wanted Randy out, that she called the police on him, that she tried in the past to evict him, that he is legally evicted now, but no one has sent any proof of that.
        I’m waiting.

      • Thank you so much for your response. I was sure you would have attended law 101 so I was not going to try to provide you with the support you requested. You can be jailed when arrested for a bench warrant in civil court for failure to report or for contempt of court and must be either released after 12 hours or brought before the civil court judge. Randy’s warrant was for contempt of court. He was in jail overnight and brought before the judge and released. He can call it kidnapping. He calls everything kidnapping. Except when he takes my Mother away. But then you already know what the law says. I just thought someone else reading this blog might not know.

        You can not seem to keep your facts from these various respondents straight. There is someone who is not a member of the family, there are two different daughters and a grandson who are responding to you. So, there can be someone not related and someone who spoke about my Father.

        I hardly think that there would be videos to prove competency. I am sure you being a lawyer would know that you do not prove competency with videos. No one said my Mother called the police on Randy. I stated that Randy was legally evicted twice before in 2010 by my Mother and Randy manipulated her into allowing him to stay. I am not sending you proof of anything. It would not matter to you. I don’t really see how providing you that documentation would help you to see the truth. Randy has no proof of anything he claims. If his proof is his videos, then you can also be easily manipulated and influenced. He is a video editor by trade. You can clearly see the editing done. Your mind is decided and it appears by your responses that you do not want the truth.

        Good luck with your support of Randy Robinson. Again, as you said, probate court is not about Randy. You also mentioned “This is clearly an abusive guardianship and I think eventually Randy Robinson and Debbie Fox will have a huge multi-million dollar suit against all the perps, but that’s just my opinion. From the posts you have done, what I clearly see is a “seniors for cash scenario” which is a house of cards ready to blow away in the wind.” As I figured, with Debbie Fox and Randy Robinson, it is all about the money!! They can keep their millions. I don’t care about money.

      • Again, judges are not supposed to jail anyone in civil court. It is abuse of power. I have no idea why Randy is needed in a guardianship procedure when his mother appears competent on a video. You can prove your competency on a video.
        Your refusal to send crucial court documents to support your position makes your assertions fairly empty. Randy has already sent me about a dozen court documents.
        I don’t think Randy and Debbie will sue because of the money. In these cases, it’s often about the severe and gross violation of human rights.
        It’s hard to say Mrs. Robinson is incompetent when Randy shows her standing up to the police and asserting her rights, and mowing the lawn. Are you kidding? By your standards, anyone who has an adult child living in their home, mowing the lawn and asserting rights can be put in a locked down nursing home and drugged to death.
        I would appreciate it if you not write any further until you get the evidence that Randy is an abuser: 1) police reports where Mrs. Robinson called the police; 2) copies of eviction records where Mrs. Robinson tried to evict Randy from her home. Video evidence of any of this. Video evidence that Mrs. Robinson does not know the date, time, season or who the president is. In all the videos she seems to know who she is, where she is, she knows she made her kids substantial loans, she knows complicated civil rights.
        And it’s not just one video, it’s multiple videos.
        If what you say is true, and you are an organized, intelligent person, you would have sent me all of this with your posts. You would already have a website to where I can direct people. Most probate victims do this to show they are earnest.

  3. My Mother needs a guardian because she can no longer make her own decisions. She is told what to do in every situation. Randy answers all of her questions for her. He has prevented all of the rest of her family from phone conversations and visits for over two years. It has not been my Mother’s decision. She didn’t ever even know we wanted to talk to her. He blocked our calls, he put us on the call reject list on her cell phone. He later forwarded all of her house phone calls from us to his cell phone with a full voice mail box. This is not my Mother choosing not to talk to us. Yes, she has that right. But she is not allowed to make that decision. She doesn’t even know we called. They took down the phone number list she always had by her phone. She can not remember phone numbers. She can not call us. He has used undue influence on her, mostly fear. Fear that her other 6 living children are stealing from her or want to harm her, lies that we have cancelled her medical insurance. Lies that we want to put her in a nursing home. Why on earth would we want want to put her in a nursing home? We just want to have a relationship with our Mother. We want to talk to her and see her and have her be a part of our lives and us be a part of hers. My Mother has a memory problem. We would write on the calendar what day we were coming over to visit her or take her out and when we would arrive, she would be gone. He finally got her so afraid of us that he would not let her answer the door when we came over. He called the police on us because we were all over planting flowers for her on Mother’s Day 2014. She said she liked the flowers and wanted us to plant them for her. Randy then took her to church and later he left the service and called the police on us and had us removed from the property even though Mother said she wanted us to plant the flowers. He then threw out all the flowers except 2 hanging baskets. She said she wanted them. Randy does not let her use her mind at all. She does exactly what he tells her to do or to say. She is afraid of him. She evicted him twice in 2010. He talked her out of it because she felt sorry for his daughter. Randy would not let his daughter stay with my Mother when he was evicted. We all have let our adult children stay with us. You can do what you like. Mother did NOT ever want Randy to move in with her because she is afraid of him. It was to be a temporary situation, until he got on his feet. That was in 2008. Randy doesn’t want to get on his feet. He wants to stay there for free. If that was what Mother wanted, fine, but it is NOT. We have had a court order since June 2014 for visitation of our Mother. The judge asked her in court if she wanted to have visits from us. Every time she is asked, she says, she wants visitation with her other children. Randy will not allow it.
    Just because my Mother “appears” competent, it does not make her competent. She needs to be able to make her own decisions. She is not able to do so. Someone has to tell her what she wants, where she wants to go, who she wants to go with, what she wants to do, who she wants to visit, who she wants to talk with. She is not able to make those decisions. She is being abused and taken advantage of. The other 6 children were ok with Randy staying at her house and Debbie taking Mother to her veterans activities as long as we were able to see her and talk to her. They continued, and continued and continued to prevent it. They say it was her decision. Funny there is a video of every conversation. The two of them hold up reminders to her, “remember you don’t want to see him.” “Mom, you don’t want to do that, remember? ” She’ll say, “I don’t?” then they say, “No you don’t” “Remember Mom, they stole from you.” She has heard the same broken record OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. She starts to believe them. The lies that we steal from her. There is no truth to the claim. There is a loan agreement. No stealing. The reason my Mother has a guardian is because Debbie and Randy will not allow her to be herself. Maybe she could make her own decisions if she were allowed to. We will unfortunately never know. Randy and Debbie took totes of belonging out of my Mother’s home during the night and filled a 65 gallon bin full of shredded papers. Who knows what documents they shredded of my Mother’s. They left her home. I am honestly sorry about Gloria Sykes. I have read the story. My Mother only has $18,000 and we are confused why Debbie and Randy want it so bad. Why they want her house. We don’t care if she wants to give them her money or her house. We want to be a part of her life, we don’t care about money. Money is only important to Debbie and Randy. We already know the cost of attorney fees. Randy and Debbie have delayed the case but refusing to allow my Mother to meet with her attorney, refusing to allow the court ordered independent medical examination. Hiding my Mother and her car. Randy put my Mother over the back fence, at 84 years old and ran with her from the police. Her court costs will be huge. It has been over a year already, with multiple, multiple, multiple costs. Randy doesn’t care. He doesn’t have to pay any of them. He just wants to be in control.
    I would be surprised if you can find senior housing for $1,000/month. It must be independent living. That seems awfully low to me for assisted living, more like $1,800-$3,000/month. Nursing Homes cost more like $40,000-50,000/year. And to correct you, Medicare does not pay for sticking someone in a Nursing Home. It only covers 21 days after a hospitalization for rehabilitation, then you are on your own. My Mother does not need 24/7 nursing care, so why would she be put in a nursing home? That makes zero sense. She has family she could live with, if she did need 24/7 care. We would provide it. 8 living children, 17 grandchildren, 13 which are grown, 21 great grandchildren, 1 great great grandchild. We are all willing to care for her. None of us can even see her or talk to her on the phone. We all want my Mother to be able to go back into her own home. There is no reason why she can not do that. She does not qualify for a Nursing Home. She has no nursing care needs. If she had nursing needs, I would provide them for her for free. I am a nurse. Let me be clear. There is no need for a nursing home.
    The elder abuse is being done by Randy and Debbie. To prevent an elder, your own Mother from being able to make her own decisions and keep her from seeing her huge family or having any contact with them, that is elder abuse. To try to use undue influence on your own Mother to manipulate her and trick her and lie to her and reinforce fears over and over and over again. THIS is Elder Abuse!! Good luck with having your 55 year old son live with you until he gets on his feet. I guess Randy is a little slow. It has been seven years and he has not taken one step towards getting on his feet. My parents paid for his down payment on his home, he lost it for non payment of taxes. My Mother paid for rent on his house,nearly a year, because he could not get a lease without her co-signing. (She thought he would be able to afford it because he had just gotten a buy out from Fords in 2007). She ended up paying for his lease of $1,100/month because he couldn’t afford it. She had to take the money out of her home equity loan to pay his lease. Then she had to pay his storage bin rent because he could not afford it. That is why she temporarily let him move in with her in 2008, my Father allowed him to move in, she did not want him to because he is bossy and controlling and could not get along with other family members, Mother could not longer afford to pay to support him. My Father died in 2009. In 2010 she evicted him twice because he bosses her around and can’t get along with her family. Her garage is full of his furniture to say his storage fee. My Mother does not have money. It makes no sense to me why Debbie and Randy want to isolate her from her family except for the purpose of controlling her. It is like an abusive relationship. It is all about fear, manipulation, and control. My Mother needs protection from Elder Abuse. Debbie and Randy would not allow me to be her guardian. They manipulated her brother and prevented him from following court orders for visitation also. Now she has a court appointed guardian. Not what her other 6 children wanted. We tried to work with Debbie and Randy but they will not agree to anything. They have said they do not want to heal the family. My Mother wanted 12 children. God and family are what is important to her. They have taken family away from her. They have brought this on my Mother and on themselves.

    • Again, I don’t see that she is incompetent from the video. She is standing her ground and telling police officers to leave and asserting her Consitutional rights.
      Further, you don’t seem to get the point that it costs $1,000 per month to house a senior but nursing homes (aka “assisted living”) charge $4,000 to $12,000 per month and there is no limit on providing kickbacks to attorneys and relatives that want “seniors for caseh”.
      You say that Randy has been evicted, has been sued in the past for eviction at the home, we are all waiting for you to send documents to post.
      Again, you sound like a relative or close family friend. If Mrs Robinson is competent, as shown in the video Randy has posted, then who she shares her home and food with is none of anyone’s business. Who she sees and visits is none of anyone’s business.
      In the end, if a guardianship is started, these are impossible to get out of. No one will end up seeing Mrs. Robinson, she will end up in a locked down facility. Your assertions she is being abused, isolated by family won’t matter because a court appointed guardian like Mrs. Rowan will drug her up and lock her away and when the money is gone, so will she be gone.
      Mrs. Robinson will qualify for a medicare nursing home if she truly is incompetent and needs 24/7 care, which is what the court will find.
      You stated at one point you were not family, now you say “my Father”, which is it?
      Again, you make legal allegations and assertions, but you do not back them up with copies of court papers. If Mrs. Robinson owned the homes and wanted Randy gone, all she had to do was call the police and he would be gone. Where are the police reports of that situation?
      Please send us copies of court papers of Mrs Robinson calling the police, trying to evict Randy, etc.

  4. You are correct. Probate is not about Randy. Randy just wants to make it all about him. It always has to be all about him. Randy, Randy, Randy. Poor Randy. His rights. No one else has any rights in his eyes. Only him. As far as bench warrants in civil cases, a simple google search indicates multiple explanations for and indications for bench warrants in civil cases. I don’t think that is a valid concern for poor Randy. If he feels he was unjustly detained in jail overnight until he was brought before the judge, then maybe he should obtain legal representation.

    • Many people do not approve of jailing anyone in a civil lawsuit. That’s why they call these lawsuits civil as opposed to criminal. Damages in a criminal lawsuit include incarcaration. Damages in a civil lawsuit only involves money, which can generally be discharged in bankruptcy, should the need arise. I’m not sure that Google searches substitute for the US and Michigan Consitution, laws and case research. Nor do these documents apply only to the wealthy. Most people cannot afford a lawyer at $200 to $400 per hour, but the Mich. and US constitutions apply equally to the wealthy as they do to the poor. That’s the basis of our government. Judges and lawyers take oaths that they will uphold state and federal laws, so Randy even without a lawyer should be ensured justice by the judge.
      However, if you are talking about the law in 3rd world countries, and countries such as N. Korea, Russia, China, mideastern countries, Sharia, then incarceration, beheadings, torture and the removal of body parts is the norm there, and incarceration in civil case and all sorts of lawlessness meets with approval by the influential, wealthy and clouted.
      That is not, and should not be the case in the US. We generally employ modern standards of justice, just so you know.
      You might be very happy in countries such as N. Korea, China, Russia, the mideast and other countries where money buys power and a distorted form of “justice”, but apparently the framers of the US constitution and the Michigan constution were not so inclined to these areas of lawlessness.
      Again, good luck with all of that, but it just doesn’t fly in the US.

  5. It’seems funny how you go out of your way to stand up for the abuser. It’s funny how we can call an talk to grandma now an have nice conversations with her now she doesn’t have someone standing over her with a video camera showing her notes. Randy does video editing an you believe any thing you see. Do you call the police every time you see someone get hurt on tv? Randy lays out a decent sitcom. You say probate is not about him. But he caused every bit of it. It’s also great he has shown my grandmother to be fit. But refuses to allow her to be checked by the court. Says he doesn’t need to see the court doctor. He has the proof by the videos he edits. If she is as sane as he said. Why wouldn’t you just follow court orders as let her be found sane an fit. But to hide her. Have her jumping fences to get away. Shows he is hiding something. I am sorry I don’t stand around video taping every moment. I don’t keep old records. I am sure grandmas copy got shredded in the night. 60 gallon container of shredded documents. I wonder why you would need to hide that much information. I don’t care if you believe us or not. I don’t have to convince you. There are legal standards in this country. You really believe so many people would be breaking the same righta laws at once? The judge, lawyers. Cops. Guardian. They all conspired against him. Think logic. Common sense says there is something wrong here.

    • Randy has not be declared to be an abuser in any court of law. I see no proof of anything other than your base assertions. If you have eviction records, police records, please share them with us. Other than that, as far as I can tell he is trying to protect his mother from an abusive guardianship. She is competent and that’s the end of the story.
      My suggestion in families is that everyone tries to get along because if the state steps in, mom will be drugged and in a locked down nursing home and all her property will be gone and then they will kill her off.
      We have dozens and dozens of cases where the judge, the lawyers, cops and most of all the court selected guardian IS running a corrupt court room, as evidenced by real records, millions fall off inventories, powerful politicians say “they know” but do nothing, etc. They killed (to my knowledge in Illinois) Sykes, Drabik, Gore, Jaycocx, Tyler, Baker–the list goes on and on, soon as the money ran out.
      Common sense says a string of felonies, a murder and politician that know of the corruption but don’t care should send a warning signal to you all.
      I would suggest that you all try to get along, get the guardianship dropped and take care of your mom before it’s too late.

  6. Sorry, but there is no “getting along.” Randy and Debbie do not answer our calls, do not answer the door. There is no “getting along” with persons who choose not to “get along.” That was the judges suggestion too. Looks like there is a judge that is decent and agreed with you there on that point! There is no talking to them. NONE. Our mother is now a missing person. She was last seen in Chicago. We are worried sick that our elderly mother, who could never find her way home herself from Chicago, walked out of the airport alone in the cold and in the dark after 11 pm in Chicago? She could be lying dead somewhere. Debbie and Randy do not answer there phones to let us know that they know where she is and that she is alright. And you suggest trying to “get along?” All Debbie and Randy do is continually call the police on us other siblings. It is all about control. Power and control.

    I have no idea what you are talking about third world countries for. It is quit obvious that we live in the US where the Constitution and laws apply. I think everyone here is already aware of that fact. Of course the laws are the same for people of money or no money. No one would depute that so I have no idea what you are rambling on about.

    Randy pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes and it appears that he has done so again. I hope you let Randy move in with you and can’t get rid of him. That is the only way you would see his true colors. Enough said. You are obviously not someone who really cares at all about my mother, so it is pointless to communicate further.

    By the way, we all have tried to “get along” in the past years, but this controlling isolating has escalated and escalated. We would love to “take care of our mom before it is too late,” but I feel that it is already “too late.”

    • Uh, I thought you all guardianized your mother so they will liquidate her estate and put her in a nursing home to die–a place she does not want to be. There will be no money left over for anyone. I understand she first learned she was guardianized when she took a daughter out to lunch, tried to pay the bill and found out her card had been shut off. She went to the bank and found Mary Rowan had gained control of all her accounts. I also understand that her house has been or will soon be emptied and the contents disposed of so it can be sold to pay Mary Rowan’s bill.
      I am sure Randy will be fine. The loss of your mother started with her guardianization and appointment of Mary Rowan and plans to put your mom in a nursing home.
      And Mary Rowan does not care about no money people. Soon as the estate has been drained, she will terminate the gship and leave your mother in poverty.
      I have no idea why you think Randy would move in with me. My role in all of this is media. If Randy needed a place, I would refer him to shelters and churches, etc. There are plenty of resources around, but I understand he is working.
      I’m sure Randy will be fine, he is a talented film maker according to the videos he has made documenting his view of all of this.
      Again, no one can “control” a competent adult. Your mom seems to know the date, time, president and who she is and she still recognizes everyone. From the videos, it appears she is strong and forceful in speaking her own mind.
      I still strongly suggest that your family all try to get along and have birthdays and holidays together and stop being so jealous and petty with one another. You already set up a situation where your mom has lost her home, savings and car, and she is slated for a nursing home, what else could you possibly do to herto ruin her life?

      • Humm after all this. Gayle Robinson has her house has her car an is living in her home. Now she can’t drive her car due to Randy holding her keys. An she doesn’t do well alone as she misses her dog that Debbie is holding. But other than that she is doing very well

      • You can always get new car keys. And people under a guardianship aren’t supposed to drive. If they can drive, they are not incompetent. If they can’t drive that is one indicator they need help managing person and property. Most guardians sell the car right away so the ward can’t drive nor can the family members. If the ward gets in an accident, the Guardian may be liable. They’re often responsible for taking away the keys, not getting new ones. And family members aren’t supposed to use the car, except for the Ward, and not if they have their own cars.
        Why don’t you leave a message for Debbie that you want to pick up the dog and you will pledge $500 to never euthanize the dog and file the agreement with the court. I think Debbie is worried that your mom will be moved to a nursing home soon and the dog will be euthanized. It often happens in gship and it’s a real cause for concern. Make that a court order so she knows the dog will be protected. At this point, I think the dog is better off with Debbie and Mom can just go visit her dog. I would not get your mother a new pet until the gship is dismissed. I think she wants an independent atty and a new evaluation and she wants the gship dismissed. Ask her and report back to us. What about the daughter? Is another relative taking care of her while Randy is under a body attachment? Is he still under it even though his mother has come home? Why or why not? Please let us all know. We are praying that your family figures out a way to get along and get the gship dismissed.

  7. I don’t have a clue where Randy is, I would think he would turn himself in an get it over with now Gayle is back in Michigan. There is a no contact order currently between Debbie an Gayle. She can not go visit her dog. There is also a court order for her to turn the dog over to me. I have left her copy’s in her mail box. I have Stopped by there once solo an was told to get off the property, Which I did. I have been back twice with the Garden City police. She refuses to answer the door. maybe it would be best to just sell grandma’s car, I am sure those funds could be used elsewhere. Currently it is being stored, But the storage yard wants it gone by the 14th. So grandma will have to pay to have it re keyed or towed out again. Grandma doesn’t need 24 hour minute by minute help. But her short term memory is gone. It comes to her in flashes. She is a very smart woman an will hold intelligent conversations with you. But ask her what she was doing 10 minutes ago an she doesn’t remember. Such as when I went to Texas to find her. I asked where the restroom was. She brought me in to her room an showed me. Even closed the door. Asked me if I had washed my hands when I came back out. Not even 10 minutes later she asked, “who needed the restroom.” Can she cook for herself? yes. Can she pretty much take care of herself? Yes. But she needs someone around to remind her she was cooking, To help her find things she had just set down somewhere. She gets upset an is very unstable on her feet. I would be scared to leave her totally alone. Her kids, The ones she forgot, She hated after not being told she hates them every day. Are taking turns helping her out around her house. We have made sure to give her plenty of visitors with tons of positive feelings. As she was locked away all that time being in a very negative environment. The guardians have been doing nothing but helping us all the way. At some point I really do hope we can do away with the guardian. But at this time they are being very helpful. I know Debbie an Randy don’t like it one bit now the tables are turned. They are being forced out of Gayle’s life as we have been for the past few years. I don’t think that is fair either. I think we all should be able to see her. I am not sure either Randy or Debbie could be there with out fighting an causing Negativity, Which Gayle definitely doesn’t need right now. She is doing great when people are around she has always been about family an gatherings. But when people leave. An she sits down for a minute. She cry’s about missing her dog. Debbie please give her the dog back. It is her dog. it would kill her to put that dog to sleep there is no way anyone in the family would let that happen.

    • There is nothing for Randy to turn himself in for. He did nothing wrong. The body attachment order was unconstitutional and illegal. We just got a 4th District Ill. Appellate case on that you should read and I will put it on the blog soon today. The case should be filed with the court and the BA be dismissed sua sponte (of the court’s own motion, which it can do), and Randy can now sue for False Imprisonment and False Arrest, etc. I will be posting a sample pleading on the blog also. You should not take the dog unless you can guarantee Debbie and Gayle it will not be euthanized. I suggest you post a bond. When you are under a guardianship 24/7 care is generally required so the Guardian doesn’t get into legal trouble if there is a house fire, a fall (Gayle is unsteady on her feet), she wanders off (if she has memory loss how can she remember where she is or where she belongs). What you describe (if true) is clearly 24/7 care and MR is liable now if anything happens to her.
      If it makes you feel any better, I lost one of my dogs (a therapy dog) in the Sykes case. I lent the dog to 90 year old Mary on the provision it be given back to me when she goes into a nursing home or dies. She went into a nursing home multiple times and I never got my beloved Hannah (sister to Peanut, they are closely bonded and we always visited Mary, I asked the Guardian and her attys for visits because the dogs were closely bonded, but they ignored my requests. Mary died May 23, 2015 and I still don’t have the dog back. She’s valuable to me and it is believed, despite my requests to the Guardian and her attorneys, the dog has been euthanized.
      And the law with respect to visiting your mom is, if she wants to see you and you want to see her, the court and/or Guardian cannot interfere with that. The “no contact” order IMHO is illegal, unconsitutional, and amounts to nothing less than isolation and torture under the Geneva Convention. Even prisoners have more rights. Does a court ever enter an order a family member cannot visit a prisoner? Of course not. It would be unconstitutional.
      You need to tell your mom she is at risk of nursing home placement and the dog, if MR gets ahold of it, will likely euthanize it.
      You need to start telling your mother the truth now. And you need to file a motion to dissolve Randy’s illegal and unconstitutional BA order and to allow both to visit–as long as Gayle wants to see them, it’s not up to you.
      Finally, what is going on with the minor daughter? Who in the family is looking after her? You all are strangely silent on LR? She is just a child, for crying out loud. She has no idea why she can’t live at her home of many long years, see her grandmother, etc.? What about her? I am most concerned. Why are you all worried about Grandma but not the Grandchild. Is it because Grandma has a paid up home and car and Lynette has no money. I find this all odd. Someone needs to make sure Lynette is getting to school, has clothes, money and food if Randy can’t do it right now.
      I pray you all band together and do the right thing for Truth and Justice. And remember, I am a 3rd party outsider. I receive no money and no influence for running this blog and giving you all advice. This is how your behavior looks to a 3rd party outside, independent advisor.

      • Ask Randy where he hid his daughter. I don’t have a clue. An yes someone has been staying with grandma 24 hours a day. All the kids are taking turns. Debbie has no right to the dog. It’s not her dog. It’s grandma’s dog. So right now she is holding grandma’s dog hostage. For a lack of a better term. I am not going to go an fight for Randy’s rights, Let him do that. He has the show cause warrant, I don’t know if it is “legal” but it was issued by a judge. he needs to take responsibility for himself.

      • The way the entire case looks to an outsider: 1) someone in the family was stealing Mom’s money and writing unauthorized checks; 2) someone filed a guardianship or provoked it to cover up the crime; Randy and his daughter, a minor were then outsed from the home illegally without an eviction proceeding; 3) a minor granddaughter has been ripped from her possessions and the place she has known as home and no one other than Randy and Debbie seem to care; 4) the family cares more about the dog than the minor grandchild (meaning they are not qualified to be guardian) 5) Randy was illegally and wrongfully evicted and had an unconsitutional body attachment issued against him and others were complicit under 18 USC 4 for misprison of felony and 18 USC 242 deprivation of civil rights and 18 USC 1983 (when the suits hit the fan, he will like sue everyone who joined in or did not oppose.
        Randy and LR’s rights were trampled upon. You are supposed to be a family and stick together and stick up for one another and act together as a group. Whoever took Gayle’s money without her permission should return it. Otherwise when your human and civil rights are trampled upon, no one should come to help you. Ms. Karma is a b****.
        You did get one part right, and someone now needs to stay with grandma 24/7 and care for her. So that’s a good start.

  8. 1, No one stole any money. The courts have checked in to this deeply. No charges pressed cause it just is not true.
    2, guardianship was pressed due to Randy denying access to Gayle. (locking us out, Blocking calls)
    3. Randy hid her, We have no idea where, If you would like to tell us we would be very happy to make sure she is being cared for.
    4, I don’t give 2 craps about the dog. But my grandmother is very upset about it. Therefor I care about her an I will do as she wishes an keep trying to recover her dog.
    5, I have never been part of the court proceedings. I didn’t write any orders on Randy. You want that dismissed talk to the judge who wrote the order. I had nothing to do with it.

    • Again, I suggest you all get along. If you got along you would have the dog. And yes, if you were present and noticed that laws were being broken, you have to object for the record or you might be liable or get caught up about it. Writing an order is one way to get in trouble. Writing a motion to encourage the judge to do something illegal is another clear way to get in trouble. Standing by and letting something clearly unconstitutional may be another way to get in trouble, so I suggest (and you don’t have to do it), to object to the order.
      And why would the dog get turned over to mom when her supposed child and protectorate says “I don’t give 2 craps about the dog.” Either the dog is important and you will protect her and her dog or you won’t and the dog shouldn’t get near her until someone does “give 2 craps about the dog” and protecting mom and her dog.
      Again, I am very leery of someone who isn’t concerned about a minor child, a dog who says they “will take care of grandma”. I bet they don’t and it’s a facade.
      Also, in guardianship, they don’t generaly “press charges”. The proper procedure is to file a Citation to Recover and then the judge formally sets discovery, review the evidence and issues a ruling. It is my understanding, and Debbie has posted these, of large checks being written on an ECL to one or more children. That needs to be formally investigated by the court and the matter settled.

      • I am not taking care of grandma, Her children are doing that. I would love to forget about the dog an Debbie an move on to happy times with my grandmother. But it is really bothering her, that her dog was not there when she came home. I told her I would work on getting her dog home. An I have been, I wouldn’t lie to my grandmother. Grandma told me yesterday the dog loves Debbie more than her now an the dog will never come home. Grandma also told me the internet told her we cleaned out her house an sold it. This is why she accepted being shuffled all over the country. She wasn’t hiding she didn’t think she had anything to come home to. I wonder who could have posted that on the internet….. i bet it’s not the kids who were searching for her to bring her home.

        I never said checks were not written an cashed. I said no one stole anything. This has been pushed very hard by Debbie to the probate system an to the local police, You really think they would just drop all the charges if there was theft? Come on now. Ask Debbie why all the lawyers she hires quit. Maybe cause they investigate an find no evidence? There were loans, Which have been being paid on in a timely fashion. But not directly to grandma, But to the bank the loan is from. Payments have been going on for years always on time. The only person who seems concerned with grandma’s money is Debbie. I know the family she has would support her if she was penniless an homeless. It’s not her money we want but her. Debbie you can have it all. I mean you did kill for it.
        Oh did I mention the will, That said everything went to my uncle ray? Did you also know the only debt listed on the will is Randys? It’s strange how Ray happened to O.D. right after Debbie found out she wasn’t getting anything. An how they rushed a cremation? But then there is no proof of what I am saying either. The only remaing copy of this is a digital picture Debbie took before destroying it.

      • Again, MR is not doing her job as guardian if she did not file a Citation to Recover assets. The first step is to do that. The police often see it as a civil matter until a court opens an investigation through the Guardian (this is the fiduciary duty of the Guardian to recover all misappropriated assets) and then the police will institute criminal proceedings. Sometimes the police will institute charges first, but not always. Often they wait for a court to act first. Generally, in family matters they see money fights as a civil matter first because often the victim will not press charges. It is more difficult to press charges where the victim is elderly and may not be the best witness. It is up to the authorities.
        If you have a copy of a will, you can file it with the Probate Court and open an estate after Gayle Robinson passes. Thanks for sending that along. But there is only one page, do you have the rest of it. It looks like an attorney prepared the will. If this is the case, it often says on the will who prepared it and a copy can be obtained from the attorney along with a certificate it is a true and genuine copy, so no worries there.
        And I’m glad that the family will take care of Gayle when the money is gone, because professional guardians often have excellent records of doing just that.

    • An order cannot be entered against a person who did not receive notice of the order and an opportunity to be heard. I understand that Randy Robinson was illegally evicted (without notice, service or hearing) and he is homeless. Good luck finding someone you made homeless. Also, the court cannot grant an order against a Juvenile. She cannot legally appear in a court proceeding unless and until the court appoints a GAL for her, which I believe was not done and she still has to be served with time, date and place of hearing, AND her GAL, generally with notice served 14 days in advance to prepare for the hearing.
      Who issues junk like this? Oh, that’s right, MR and and Judge Terrance Keith. All parties to the dispute have to be served and given notice of the time, date and place of hearing or the Order is void abinitio.
      Again, this is a court that does what it wants. It is utterly lawless. Lawless orders do not have to be complied with. I suggest that whomever wants this Order to do it in compliance with court Rules and Statues regarding Civil Procedure. The Michigan Supreme Court does not promulgate Orders that are to be ignored, nor does the state legislature. I understand Randy has an attorney. Did the attorney file an appearance? He would have to be served.
      On its face, the order is void for failure of service and of notice to parties involved.
      Again, if Gayle wants to see Randy and the minor child, and they want to see her, then everyone’s human and civil rights have been violated by the no contact order.

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