Randy Robinson continues to fight for his mother in Detroit Michigan probate

Dear Readers;

As many of you are aware, Randy Robinson can’t return home because he is under a court order (believe this one) to have his mother returned to Detroit Michigan from her brother’s home in California, so (satan’s) “guardian” can put her in a nursing home and liquidate Gayle Robinson’s property–all for her attorneys fees.

We all know that Gayle Robinson’s property is toast, they can all kiss that one good bye.  (Satan’s) Guardian in this case is on “Mary Rowan”, an attorney with an incredible notorious reputation for abuse of the elderly in guardianships.  She needs to be removed.


Note the comments at the bottom of this article which are scathing in nature and describe other horrific guardianships under her (mis) management.

Please pray for Randy and his daughter who cannot return home because Mother Gayle has made the decision to leave Detroit Michigan after Mary Rowan and her flying monkeys has invaded their family and for all practical reasons, destroyed it.


In more good news, both Lyle and Andrew Harrison were RELEASED from prison on Friday, after arguing with Judge Brosch (who has clearly lost his mind) as usual.  Opposing Counsel cooked up some crazy “Motion for Body Attachment” previously published on this blog, insisting that Lyle was practicing law without a license because in his pleadings he purports to represent other family members and a trust (he did not, and I defy anyone to find any sort of statement or representation in the documents in question–his counter claims).

The real crux of the issue is that Lyle Harrison is claiming against Hardware State Bank in Moultrie, IL because they failed to deposit crop proceeds into a trust account pursuant to handling these farm proceeds on behalf of the Harrison family. Since 10% of the crop proceeds was to be deposited in 9 separate accounts for each of the Harrison family children since they were born, Lyle Harrison estimates that the children are now owed $43 million, Present Value (Lyle is a Kettering or GMI graduate, so he knows how to properly crunch numbers such as these).

The really question is, where did that money go?  The FBI in Springfield has been alerted, they know that Lyle and Andrew were put in jail on the bogus notion that they had to withdraw their counterclaims due to assertions of legal representation therein, they know that opposing counsel Eberspacher cooked these false motions up and supported them.  (I have the transcripts).

Lyle and Andrew will be working on the appeallate brief and counter claims.  The Judge (Brosch/Flannel, the names are interchangeable) has already threatened Andrew and Lyle if they file an appellate brief, he will have them arrested and incarcerated again!  Unbelievable.

I don’t know if it was Eid or what (Muslim holiday after Ramadan which is filled with prayer) or what that got these two gentlemen out of the Moultrie County lock up (with violent criminals), but I am glad they are out.

And contrary to the judge’s orders they WILL be working on filing new counter-claims and they WILL be working on filing an appellate brief, threats of jail or not.

Contine to pray for this family and continue to pray for Randy Robinson.