Worst and most amazing gag orders imaginable–from a Detroit Michigan Probate court and Judge

I challenge every law school student and graduate to find the dozen or so illegal portions of this order, it is so reprensible, it deserves to be on a bar exam: (note this has been OCR’d and scanned so please excuse errors)

From the Probate court in Michigan:

PC609 Case 1I9nOls 1:32PM
In the matter of Gayle  Robinson, Legally Incapacitated Individual
At a bearing on 7-08-15, Honorable Terrance A. Keith ORDERED the following:
1. That Randy Robinson failed to appear pursuant to Order dated 7-06-15
2. That Randy Robinson failed to communicate with Guardian, Mary Rowan or her staff as ordered on
7-06-15 about the return of Gayle Robinson to Michigan.
3.That a bench Warrant shall be issued for the return of Randy RobiDson to jail and that he shall not be released until further order of the Court.
4. That a Motion and Order to Show Cause shall be issued for DEBBIE FOX to appear before the Court at a date to be set by the Court.
5.That Guardian or her staff shall make arrangements for the return of Gayle Robinson to Michigan within 30 days or sooner [comment:  since when does a sitting Judge in Michigan have the power or authority to just step into California land and remove a woman who is now a California resident, and has changed all of her addresses to that state?  Residency requires presence plus intent.  You would think that after being forced into a psych hold for 9 days with forced drugging they would get it she does not want to go back, but then there are a lot of dense people and judges out there]
depending on the removal of Randy Robinson and his daughter Lynette from the residence. James Brown shall return Gayle Robinson [Comment:  Randy is gone.  He just plans to sue the pants off the “players” involved in this travesty of justice–it’s all illegal)
to Michigan once presented with the arrangements made by Guardian. Mary S. Rowan and her staff. In the interim, Gayle Robinson shall remain in the physical custody of James Brown at his residence in California. [As if any of these idiots have a choice].
In particular paragraphs 3 and 4 whereby there shall be no contact or (communication with RANDY ROBINSON, LYNETTE ROBINSON AND DEBBIE FOX AND HER IMMEDIATE FAMILY WHICH INCLUDES HER HUSBAND AND CHILDREN. [comment:  clearly illegal gag order]
(the SIBLINGS OF DEBBIE FOX are not included in the phrase immediate fumily)
6.That in addition to the fees ordered to be paid in the order of 6-17-15, Randy Robinson shall be personally responsible for reimbursement to the estate !he cost of the return ticket to Michigan. [He’s indigent, so what’s the point of that, they will never collect].
7. That Consorvator, MARY S ROWAN, and /or her staff shall be pernitted to enter the residence and marshall the assets (steal the assets)  if it appears that the property has been abandoned by RANDY ROBINSON AND LYNETTE ROBINSON the LOCKS SHALL BE CHANGED. [comment: now Michigan has a statute for a tenant abandoning property, perhaps this judge should look it up.  Randy has not abandoned his home, he has been harrassed out by a sitting Judge clearly engaging Abuse of Power]
8. That Randy Robinson. Lynette Robinson AND bebbie Fox shall report to the Court Guardian/Conservator all possessions and financial medical and legal papers removed from the residence, as well as provide a list of all papers that were shredded and put in
bins. [even assuming this is true, and I bet it’s not, how do you make a list of something that is in shreds?  who writes these orders?  and again, if it’s documents, most are stored electronically anyway, so what’s the point?]
9. That all children of Gayle Robinson, with the exception of Randy Robinson, his daughter Lynette, Debbie Fox and her immediate family, shall be able to conununicate with Gayle Robinson while she is in California.
In the event that Guardian or her staff are notified that any of the other children are communicating with Gayle about the Court proceedings, orders or family dynamics in an attempt to attempt to influence Gayle that Child shall be suspended from communication by the directive of Guardian or her staff. [Good, gaslighting is shown to be harmful to seniors, so why not throw that in?]
10. It is further ordered that all internet communication concerning Gayle Robinson shall cease and desist. That all postings of whatever nature including links and blogs where information has been disseminated shall be removed by RANDY  ROBINSON AND

[comment:  this judge obviously hasn’t read  47 USC sec 230 which protects the rights of bloggers and gives any offended a statutory scheme for removal of false or offensive content.]
JUL 13 2015

12 thoughts on “Worst and most amazing gag orders imaginable–from a Detroit Michigan Probate court and Judge

  1. This COURT ORDER was never given to Randy Robinson or Debbie Fox. I had to go downtown pay $10 for parking to go threw the files. I was looking for pervious court orders that were said to be in violation of. There were ONLY TWO orders saying the other children could visit. (not Gayle must be forced to visit) June 10, 2014 the first hearing because there were PPOs hearings pending.

    The second was heard in court on Feb 4 2015 saying there is to be no interruptions with visitations. Three of Gayle’s children Kathy Law, Mary Robinson (who is currently the guardian after she petitioned the court in 2004 to be her daughters guardian. It took Mary about 8 years of court ordered guardians) and Ronald Robinson, That all were contesting the same document that this writer and Randy Robinson were contesting. Kathy, Mary and Ronald did not want their own uncle to be their mother’s Guardian the wanted Mary Rowan! The also had a list of other things they wanted too. These three did not follow the court direction and instead of writing the court they emailed Mary Rowan and it was filed in a responds.

    This writer and Randy asked for one little change of visit not in the home Randy and his daughter not be forced to leave the home the whole time. Neither of us agreed of keeping Mary Rowan on as Co Guardian.

    Mary Rowan, asked for sanctions at that time because this writer and Randy filed against the consent. Kathy Law, Mary Robinson and Ronald Robinson also filed against the consent but three email and for Mary Rowan. All three said their visits were interrupted and calls were blocked with out evidence. Judge Keith did not order anything as Mary Rowan wanted until June 17, 2015 hearing when Mary Rowan asked for:
    no contact (not talked about in court)
    gag order
    sanction of all professionals on the case
    because lastly Debbie Fox filed a grievance
    Judge Keith granted it all and more. This is retaliation by Mary Rowan, Jennifer Harvey and Judge Keith who was asked for sanctions in the past but not until grievance did he approve and signed what these two attorneys asked for. Judge Keith was very upset about the grievance!
    Randy was arrested and held in jail

    The order you are talking about was written after and filed after the locks were changed without a court order again. The continue to use the Westland Police as there private muscle there was an officer there. Westland residence are paying with tax payer dollars for Gayle to be attacked by her own children with the help of Mary Rowan and the investigating officer for the financial elder abuse case filed by Gayle with Raymond Nov 16, 2012 then Sgt. Thivierge. Sgt Thivierge was brought in on the case on Guardianship by Maria Vulaj the GAL who received the elder abuse case file from the officer June 9, 2014 the day before the first hearing.

    • I am sorry all this has happened to you and Randy. The gag order and body attachment orders are esp. troubling because they are not supposed to be issued in civil cases. Gag orders should never be issued in the US, these are not state secrets! Imprisonment is for criminal matters and not civil ones. It’s all just abuse of power in my book.
      The judge and Mary Rowan are simply out of control. The judge should be removed or never elected again and Mary Rowan should be disciplined by the state bar for terrorizing your family and guardianizing a competent woman. Seniors for cash is not different than kids for cash other than the kids only had to serve a few years. Guardianship is nearly always a death sentence without any crime or criminal conviction.
      Target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, eliminate and cremate.

      • See me in court? I am not your lawyer, I just blog about court corruption. I think you are confused as to my role in all of this. I am like a journalist, or columnist or blogger. I do not appear on these cases. I do find court corruption victims attorneys, but they are not related to me or my law firm.
        I hope this clarifies the situation. I just do patents and trademarks. Sorry. I cannot go to court for you on this case or any other case and still blog about it as I do. It would show bias. Further this blog is protected by 47 USC sec 230 which says that ISP’s and blog site owners are not responsible for the content of blog items which are posted or sent to the blog for publication. This is pretty much the same rights newspapers and magazines have with respect to journalistic immunity from suit.

      • What is our government doing to STOP this human trafficking?

        The demand it to stop in other countries and for sex crimes but allow it to happen in our legal systems so lawyers, Guardians, conservators and the courts pH.D.s that do the testing of these people at $400 a visit can all make a good.living off the hundreds to thousands of people they call caring for.

        Call your congressman several times and demand changes before someone in your family ends up in the court system to keep the lawyers driving Thier fancy cars and living in those big houses take month long trips to Poland like Mary Rowan who has over 1,600 people in some sort of gurdiànship. In Wayne County MI most hidden away somewhere being kept from friends and family.
        Like my mother who has passed all test even the one Linda took her to after my dad died in 2009.

        She passed Henry Ford’s Botsford nine days while being drugged and the court appointed M. Geha PH.D. who said she missed one answer but because of Kathy Law’s time line must be held in Guardianship

        Mind you Mary Rowan says in her own words none of Gayle’s medical records have been submitted into any court as evidence so she remains Gayle’s Guardian in her reply to the greivance I filed February 4 2015 now over two years!

        Mary Rowan retaliated and used to judge retaliate with the court order he told Jennifer Harvey attorney for Kathy Law to write up whatever she wants for a motion and he’ll sign it. No contact and bench warrant along with sanctions. Changing locks for eviction is illegal all states yet judge Keith signed it. The Police said the blood de that lives on Carlson in Westland changed the locks.

        Right now jails being held in rehab for short term since December against her will and it appears so that Kathy go on trip to Mexico. Medicad fraud there’s nothing wrong with her but being drugged.

        Katie wrote the judge Gayle can’t be returned home because a lot of work needs to be done on her home. Yet they say Randy didn’t return her home as ordered.

      • I am sooo very sorry to hear what has happened to your mother, your case is so very sad. But hang in there, April Parks, who operated the same as Mary Rowan with hundreds of cases, forcing seniors into locked down nursing homes and drugging them against their will and draining estates, just was indicted and arrested in Nevada for 200+ felony charges and the feds have vowed to put her away for the rest of her life in prison. Maybe you can contact some of the victim families and see how they pressured the feds to do this.
        In the meantime, keep on reporting these crimes–strings of felonies, to the FBI and the Dept. of Justice and all the states attorneys and demand your mother be freed and returned to her home and let Randy and his daughter live there again, taking care of her.
        Also report the crimes to the Medicare fraud unit and IRS for everything stolen (taken) from your mom’s estate and the “loans” that were never repaid.
        I continue to pray for you and your mom and Randy and his daughter, that they may all be reunited.
        PS–In Illinois the quack scam shrinks that declare everyone incompetent get about $1200 for writing up false reports, that is a crime too.

  2. Accidental post, sorry, awfully defensive though!!! Way to put up all the disclaimers sobasically,what I’m hearing is, you can say what you want and you’re not responsible.
    N I C E.

    • It’s called the First Amendment to the US Consitution, and yes, it does cover what people want to say with immunity. You have it as well and I will stand by your right to voice your opinion no matter how lame, ridiculous or even harmful it is. From Wiki:
      The Free Press Clause protects publication of information and opinions, and applies to a wide variety of media. In Near v. Minnesota (1931) and New York Times v. United States (1971), the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protected against prior restraint—pre-publication censorship—in almost all cases. The Petition Clause protects the right to petition all branches and agencies of government for action. In addition to the right of assembly guaranteed by this clause, the Court has also ruled that the amendment implicitly protects freedom of association.
      In 1776, the second year of the American Revolutionary War, the Virginia colonial legislature passed a Declaration of Rights that included the sentence “The freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic Governments.” Eight of the other thirteen states made similar pledges….
      Favorite case:
      Falsifying military awards

      While the unauthorized wear or sale of the Medal of Honor has been a punishable offense under federal law since the early 20th century,[114][115] the Stolen Valor Act made criminal the act of not only wearing, but also verbally claiming entitlement to military awards that a person did not in fact earn.[116] In United States v. Alvarez (2012), the Supreme Court struck down the Stolen Valor Act, ruling that the law violated the right to free speech for the government to punish people for making false claims regarding military service or honors.[117] The decision was a 6–3 ruling, but the six justices in the majority could not agree on a single rationale for it.[118]
      But you can read the cases yourself, many are famous and portions are read even in grammar school classrooms all across the US.

  3. Update: Gayle Robinson has been found an returned safely to her home. She is not happy tho. She really wants her dog returned to her. Debbie Fox is holding her dog an refuses to return it. Debbie refuses to contact us. We have gone as far as have the police go to ask for the dog. She refuses to answer the door. We have a really upset vet due to Debbie holding her dog hostage. I have a court order saying Debbie must return the dog. This is what I call elderly abuse.

    • Why doesn’t Gayle stop by to pick up the dog? Also, you have to make an appointment to go over to the home to pick up the dog. I’m sure Debbie wanted to make sure it was her mom who wanted the dog and she was actually back at home. Manytimes a relative will pick up a dog and euthanize it esp. when the elder is slated for a locked down nursing home rather than turn it over to other family members and the court doesn’t care.
      Glad your mom is safe. I hope you will all get along now. I think Randy and Lynette still want to live with and take care of their mom, but they are fine at their friend’s homes. I think you should invite them to come back and all get along.

      • I would love to give you my story my mom was taken by the same woman Debbie and Randy’s mom was taken from Mary Rowan attorney at law only my judge was David Braxton probate I had evidence that my mom was afraid of them and they did not care I tried to get her back they ignored me this woman works for the devil and Pitt’s families against each other what families don’t realize is they’re not going to win the fact that they turn against each other is good on Mary Rowan she loves her family fight but when all is said and done she locks the elderly up doesn’t feed them doesn’t give them medical attention in the list goes on

      • I would love to hear your story and add it to my list of cases I send to Congress on a regular basis. In the meantime, take heart. AFter many years and scores of complaints, April Parks, a “professional gaurdian” from Nevada who bragged no one could stop her or take her out, just was indicted on 200+ felonies in probate for the exact same scenario–target, guardianize, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and eliminate. The feds took her out and she and her accomplices will spend the rest of their lives in federal prison.
        Keep on complaining to the authorities–federal and state. Eventually, they will have to take MR out for her nefarious actions and strings of felonies.
        I would be glad to help you in any way that I can, please email me at joanne@justice4every1.com and I can help you write complaints, blog and even write a book. We must get these stories out into the open.

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