John Howard Wyman Book Project

One of the projects of this blog is to deliver a copy of John Howard Wyman’s book to as many ARDC attorneys, US Attorneys General, Illinois Attorneys General, Court officers and clerks as I possibly can.  this includes the Medicaid Fraud Bureau, special Prosecutors in Illinois, Financial Crimes Unit, the Guardianship and Advocacy Commissoin Project, etc. as I possibly can.

John Wyman has sent me 6 cases of books at 32 per case so I have nearly 200 books to send out to attorneys to find out if they care for those that have no voice–the seniors and elderly in the State of Illinois who are trying to make it through burdensome and oppressive guardianships.

Attached are copies of letters and my typical inscription that I sent out today.

Let me know if there are any additional deserving attys out there that might be able to lend a hand to these seniors and theie families.

For a link to today’s letters:

Letters asking attorneys for Help for Seniors/Disabled



1 thought on “John Howard Wyman Book Project

  1. Sherri Rudy is corrupt. End of story with a “C” and her little pet who goes along with her and groupies. They are all afraid of this Alpha female into a power trip. Men of Rockford are afraid of Sherri. She runs the group of attorney’s with her parties in her fancy house as she kicks elderly out of theirs, tried to frame the Adult Children of the elderly as either confiscating funds or they don’t have the bests interests of their parent at heart. This arrogant, cruel “Public Guardian” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is all about power and her father would be ashamed of her. She also has her little “pet” Kim Timmerwilke McKenzie as a partner in her scheme presenting their $200 per hour attorney’s fees against the assets they sell of the elderly. Taking money from dead clients. Sherri requests her to be Guardian Ad Litem always – she is the real Judge – Judge Rudy, I feel sorry for Judge Fabiano she needs to get ahold of these two DIvas because they are going to bring her down. Rude – ee is correct!

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