A Miriam Solo Deposition Example–words cannot describe

While running this blog (and even before), I have heard of a Probate attorney named Miriam Solo and a whole lot of complaints regarding her.

Apparently, her depositions speak for themselves, see attached:

Deposition example of Miriam Solo’s Talents and Abilities

There is yelling and screaming and talking over the witness, condescension at every turn–you name the bad behavior, it is there.

I don’t know what this woman (viper) was doing before she got to the deposition, but whatever it is, she needs to stop it.





35 thoughts on “A Miriam Solo Deposition Example–words cannot describe

  1. Solo really intimidated the witness here. All that yelling and screaming at him. Threats of charging him with contempt. In my experience there are two kinds of lawyers: Those who win their cases on those cases’ merits, and those who win (or hopefully lose) their cases by use of intimidation and character assassination. Solo appears to be one of the latter group.

    • Miriam just helped me with my custody case. There were no grounds for my daughter to be removed from my custody, yet I’ve spent years battling someone who wanted to take our daughter out of state, then left her with me to run off, tried petitioning the court to allow our daughter to join her out of state permanently, and then came back to petition again, only to find that they never had any case and wasted years of our time, money, resources.

      Now the other lawyer… She guaranteed a victory for her client with absolutely no grounds or precedent set, nor any improprieties on my part to warrant a change in circumstances for custody. The other attorney was a mess and did not even appear to know what she’s doing while exuding a bravado that was shameful since there was no juice with the squeeze.

      I am eternally grateful to Miriam Solo, and should the need arise, I would want her in my corner.

      • Very well. I get a lot of complaints about her in probate though, but I hope she is doing some good in some area of law in the community. People can judge for themselves from this blog.
        Can you provide us with the case number so people can look at the pleadings? I do hope clerks office will soon get all the pleadings online.

      • This looks to me like the page is making me reply to myself and not to you, but it’s the only reply button near your post. The case number is 2008D001143. It was just settled yesterday when the mother chose to finally withdraw, as there was absolutely nothing suggesting the child should have to endure changing households and schools. I can also post a copy of an email I sent around this same time that the anonymous to whom Tobie Harris has replied to, which was to someone that she was using this person’s page, as she has with many, to push a propaganda campaign against me. It even comes complete with links. This is not the first time my ex has tried to take her kids away from their father. The previous time, it was with my unknowing help, as it was my household in Hawaii she was going to be moving to.

      • No, replies are sent to me because there’s just too much spam and I don’t want spam put on the comments. When you hit reply it goes to me and then I make sure it’s not spam and I will post anything appropriate and relevant.
        I agree that unless a parent is a felon, custody should be co parenting time 50/50 and assets acquired during the marriage should be split 50/50.
        I never understand what’s so hard about that, but I see gross aberrations from that law all the time. If that is was MS is doing, ensuring that, then that’s great.

    • Miriam also goes by Soloveichik, her married name from two marriages ago.. will not go by or acknowledge her original family name of Faskowitz……

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  3. The sad thing is that Ms Solo is a real attorney and she acts as awful as this deposition depicts. She represented somoneone in a case against me and I lost custody of my child to a domestic abuser. To describe her: she acts like Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter. She is unimposing in appearance, rather short and round and grandmother looking, but is viscious and wicked. She wears odd and mismatched clothes and has short mouse brown hair. She is very friendly to the judges and other lawyers-but she will cut you open with half truths and outright lies when she can get away with them. If i thought I could help her get disbarred I would help in any way I could.

  4. I have worked with Ms. Solo for over 20 years. She has high moral character and knowledge of the law. Miss Anonymous who posted just before me neglects to note that she voluntarily abandoned her child so that she could move out of state to live with the parent of her illegitimate second child. She has 3 children by 3 different fathers. Each of the fathers has custody of his own child. Any half-truths and outright lies have come from Ms. Anonymous Blatcher, not Ms. Solo.

    • Dear Tobie;

      I appreciate hearing from you and the “other side” of the story. I think tho, that Bev Cooper has a few words to say about Atty Solo AND we have a deposition posted on this website that does not reflect favorably on her.
      Nonetheless, I do hope that all probate attys are reading my blog and seeing how others perceive their work, and how many times the probate courts do not look fair, just and there are many claims of theft and exploitation gone uninvestigated.
      Also, it seems very odd in these days of joint custody for a mother to be denied custody or the custody is not joint. That seems strange and to just say one woman had 3 children by 3 fathers means denying her joint parenting rights is not right under the current Illinois Act–the preference should be for joint custody. Evidence would have to be overwhelming there was something wrong and even then….

      • One fact Anonymous Blatcher did not note – at the time of the divorce, the parents entered an agreed order. It stated that neither parent could remove the child from Illinois unless the other parent granted permission for the removal. Ms Blatcher tried to remove said child under cover of darkness to Colorado. Ms. Solo called Blatcher and advised her that if she were to leave the jurisdiction, an Amber alert would be issued. Blatcher then proceeded to move out of state without the child and agreed that the father would have temporary custody. She could have moved back and resumed custody of her child but she did not want to give up her boyfriend who had already moved to Colorado. Because she was rightfully advised about the Amber alert by Solo, your anonymous source continues to vilify Ms. Solo and her ex. There is no truth to the allegation that her ex was abusive. The court already determined this issue.

        The problem with these forums is that anyone can make unjust allegations and they will find a following. I know Beverly Cooper and her daughter Kim. Beverly Cooper is a very disturbed and vindictive woman – her DSM diagnosis is probably Borderline Personality Disorder. She has abused her own daughter until the child was taken away from her. You can check the court records. Beverly Cooper is furious that her daughter Kim was given power of attorney over Beverly’s mother, Alice Gore. She hates Solo for listening to Kim.

        As a probate attorney, I know how hateful these families can be. They are all fighting with each other, concerned only about money and property. The ones who yell the loudest about how devoted they are are the worst offenders. Don’t get me wrong – I think it is proper to keep an eye on the Judges and attorneys involved in Probate. But family dysfunction is the main reason that resources are depleted in these cases. It’s the family’s right to fight, but there is a cost to their hostilities. It’s not just money – it’s ruined relationships and deeply entrenched bitterness. It’s a shame that therapists are not involved in the proceedings.

      • Dear Tobie;
        It sounds like in that instance that Atty Solo did her job by telling a parent they cannot just take a child out of state to live without court order, and the parent complied. With respect to abuse, we will probably only know when the kid grows up and tells all and maybe not even then. A complete psych evaluation would have been in order, but many parents cannot pay the $10,000 to $20,000 for these.
        I have not observed Bev Cooper as having any “diagnosis”. She runs a well respected cable show and I’m sure it would get terminated if her personality was “off”. But maybe not. What about Gerraldo? I digress. If you are going to make these assertions, (that the mother had problems, the father was not abusive and Bev Cooper is “abusive”), please send me transcripts and court evidence and I will publish. The ARDC is already after me for making allegedly false statements even though they are back up with the record and the transcripts and pleadings. You have sent me no evidence of your claims. I have lots of complaints about Atty Solo and verified pleadings accompany them, so I believe I have the right to publish.
        You know, too, it is perfectly okay to make whatever statements you want under the constitution and “get a following”. That is part and parcel of a democratic society. You can say whatever you want to me and on this blog, and I will defend your right to do it. I do ask you send me pleadings, transcripts and documents to back up your assertions. Bev Cooper (and I) have asked the ARDC attys to publish their comments and concerns, Bev has asked them to be on her show and they don’t have to talk about anything they don’t want to talk about, but they never respond. I would like to appear on her show with you and have you explain what you need to say. If Bev Cooper is inviting the good and the bad and the questionable on her show to discuss matters in probate, it sure does not look like to me she has a “personality disorder.” Let me know if you want to appear. I’d love to be there and I won’t say a word. You can say what you want.
        I agree that perhaps therapists should be involved in probate proceedings and perhaps even the attys and judges should be more trained in therapy. But then again, I think more can be done to promote justice. For example, GAL’s and tied in services come from “a secret list.” Why not publish the list and take bids and do online reviews right in court so people can make an INFORMED decisions. Why aren’t the GAL’s rated and the ratings published. What training exactly do they get and why isn’t this told to the public, the consumer? Why is it so hard to get an atty for a reasonable price to “go up against” an OPG or an entrenched threatening GAL? How does this happen and what can we do as attys to promote justice and integrity on the 18th floor? Then we can delve into why aren’t the Circuit Courts on Pacer and why can’t we get WiFi in the court rooms to make informed decisions on the spot? Why is Judge Evans taking away my laptop for taking notes and how does he get his bailiffs to violate basic constitutional rights without a peep? Why don’t the bailiffs know basic constitutional law from 6th grade? Why are they not trained in anything other than to shush people up and tell them to put away books and newspapers? Certainly constiutional rights are more important. What do they train them about constitutional rights? I would like to know.
        Please send me your pleadings, documents and transcripts to back up your claims and I will publish all of this. I value you and your comments.
        Also, I have to add that your name “Tobie Harris” does not appear in the Sullivan’s Atty Directory, nor does it appear at http://www.iARDC.org under lawyer search. Can you please send us some evidence that you are in fact an atty admitted to the Illinois Bar or whatever bar you claim under?

  5. I like your idea about promoting justice. When I used to practice, I would point to the words in the courtrooms that stated “In God We Trust” and tell my clients that they had better believe in something greater than the judicial system because everyone involved was all too fallible. I like your idea about publishing the “secret list” and rating the GALs. There is too much of an inside club atmosphere in Probate and the public has a right to more information so that they can make good legal choices.

    I retired to California last year. I will access the Cook County website for pleadings that demonstrate my comments. I wish I had access to the depositions that demonstrate my assertions. And by the way, I agree that Solo’s deposition is out of line. She is a brilliant woman but she is a bull dog. When she was Deputy Public Guardian for Patrick Murphy, she was referred to as “Patrick Murphy’s rottweiler.”

    • Thanks. I appreciate you supporting your comments with pleadings, declarations, affidavits and evidence of what you say. I would also like to know what your name is because otherwise I have to say about your comments “tobie harris” is not listed on the http://www.iardc.org website as an atty. I did an atty search for all attorneys, retired or otherwise.
      I try to do the best I can to make the blog a good place to go–even if the powers that be don’t like it. My blog is dedicated to the public, the administration of justice, integrity and honesty.

      • It is obvious that the ARDC has been viewing your blog and have used it in a complaint against you. I disagree with the “powers that be” infringing on your First Amendment rights. However, I must state that as an attorney licensed in Illinois, I am afraid to use my own name here for fear of retaliation from the ARDC. I can tell you that I was sworn in on the same day as you May of 1986. I graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law in Jan. 1986.

      • Now THAT was an LOL. I think you proved your own point. When even lawyers are afraid to present the “other side of the story” complete with documents, pleadings and transcripts, you KNOW there’s a problem in River City–a huge problem. Well, I don’t know what to tell you about being able to post here. You MUST use your own name, you MUST tell the truth, you MUST support your comments and opinions with documents, pleadings and transcripts in order to post on this blog–no exceptions.
        You do see your argument is circular, don’t you? You think the ARDC is NOT infringing upon any of my First Amendment rights. You, as an attorney have something you want to say. You are afraid to say it because the ARDC will prosecute you. The public has a right to know all sides of the story but you hold back due to cowardice.
        As my brother used to say to my mom “take out a loan and buy a backbone.” Btw, the karma for not feeling strong enough is your bones weaken and you get bone cancer. My mother was a wonderful, very intelligent woman who would not always stand up to the powers that be, and she would often internalize her feelings rather than let them go. Not letting go results in digestive tract issues and she always had diarrhea. Not always standing up for yourself when you can and should, will result in bone issues, including blood borne cancers. Good luck.

      • I’ve run into slanted mainstream news articles about Miriam Soloveichik to the effect of her being a hero of sorts for pulling the plug on her son, yet I can’t remember the last time I read an article about a Joanne or a Ken for bravely standing up against a serial ‘miscreant’, who decided the most important thing in her life was to prove the decision she made 30 years ago was undoubtedly a correct one. Miriam Vader.

  6. Yes I proved your point. I agree with your point. The ARDC is absolutely infringing upon your First Amendment rights. I have a debilitating health condition which precludes me from taking on any more battles. Funny you should mention bone cancer. I was 45 when I graduated from law school 27 years ago. You do the math.

    All I disagree with is that you let someone like Anonymous post whatever she wants and her name is not disclosed and you did not verify her assertions and yet you want me to provide proof. All I know is that when Anonymous tried to kidnap her daughter, Solo used the correct legal means to prevent it. Beverly Cooper makes assertions with little to back it up. She asserts that Solo is Morris Eformes’ cousin. This is absolutely not true. He was married to Solo’s cousin but they divorced and he is estranged from the family. My beef with Cooper is that she takes bits and pieces of information, embelleshes them, and then asserts conclusions that I am sure she believes but are not true. But she is entitled to her opinions. Did you know that Cooper volunteered at a nursing home briefly for the purpose of contacting and interviewing Solo’s brother? The man is mentally ill and has been hospitalized most of his life. Solo complained to the facility and they removed Cooper as a volunteer. Is she prejudiced against Solo? Yes. Do I know for certain that Solo does not engage in looting estates? No – one never knows what another person would do. I do know that Solo is not motivated by money, though. Hard to believe, I know. But I do know that is true. Has she ever been rude? Yes. Is she caustic? Often. It is my understanding that she is chosen by judges because she takes the hard cases that no one wants. Is it possible that is not the case? I suppose so, but she has a lot of problem cases that most attorneys would not tolerate. It’s a lot more lucrative to take the easier cases and just do more of them. Just my opinion, for whatever it’s worth.

    Sorry you are so unhappy with me. I don’t disagree with your having a blog. I don’t disagree with people expressing their opinions. Should I call myself Anonymous Too so that I can continue to post? Your call.

    • Well, at least you confirm Esformes is a cousin of Solo and that she is caustic from time to time. BUT I think an attorney can get to where they want to go without resorting to being uncivilized I posted the deposition so people would know. You seem to confirm the Esformes-Solo link and Esformes owns a lot of nursing homes, hence establishing a tie in which consumers need to know before she is a GAL on a case.
      The stuff about volunteering at a nursing home to “get to Solo’s mentally ill brother” seems strange because at nursing homes, the pretty much watch everyone like hawks and improper behavior is not tolerated. For years, I volunteered at a nursing home, esp. during Christmas playing the violin, and all of a sudden all that stopped. I assure you I was not trying to “get to anyone” and it was all music, music, music. thanks for the comments. I’m not sure they really go anywhere.

  7. Dear Tobe, I have personally viewed the complete juvenile file of Kimi Cooper who was court adjudicated and had a court ordered psychiatric diagnosed as “borderline personality, a person with suicidal ideations and a danger to herself and others” Kimi was removed from her family based a false allegation by an assistant state’s attorney. The assistant state’s attorney was later fired from her position and the court record shows an apology (very rare) by the court to Beverly. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster, ProbateSharks.com

  8. Miriam solo is a c*** of the biggest proportions she condones inc*** and sticks up for the (criminal accusation).

      • I know few people who’d disagree.. she can be a live wire although maybe she’s not past the point of redemption. Thanks for your insightful reply

      • the problem is, Miriam Solo has stolen and lied in various estates and she put wards in dangerous disgusting nursing homes. and she knew it. she should not be an attorney and should be disbarred. She pushed her way into a Faskowitz estate in Florida and got tens of thosusands of dollrs–stolen from the rightful heirs (see probatesharks.com) and she also got a false jugment against Bev Cooper for $60k so her attorneys fees would be falsely paid. She needs to resign, pay back all that money plus interest and apologize. A licensed attorney is not a license to steal. There are also more things she has done, but I don’t have time for all of it. Contact Ken Ditkowsky, he’s got time.

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