Similarities between Kids for Cash and Elder Cleansing–what happens when courts go bad

Someone just sent me the following link regarding court corruption:

(see second video for 20/20 segment)

and then Kathie Bakken sent me this link:

Here’s a link to a different video about the same events.
(The link you have posted is from a Russian or Afghan reporter and is a bit difficult to understand due to the accent) and they
sound like they have an ax to grind with the US.
And a link to info re: the documentary – interview with the mother (caseworker, she says that everything in court was the opposite of what it should have been, her daughter was arrested because she made fun of her high school principal  on myspace) who broke the story

In the above videos, you will note many similarities between that Kids for Cash program and what we are seeing on the 18th floor in some cases.

1)  Parties are told by court workers “lawyers not necessary” for guardianship (this is done by the tied in agencies and nursing homes and some social workers regarding guardianships).

2)  The judge tells parties to be quiet and does not let them talk

3)  One child brought a private lawyer and the private lawyer (wrongfully) was told he could not represent the child, the child had to have a court appointed lawyer (I have the US supreme court case on that one.  A child DOES have a choice of his or her own lawyer and the court CANNOT tell a child what lawyer to use, write me on that one).  Note in guardianships, a lawyer is selected by a judge from a “secret list”.  I have heard lawyers grumble when they go to court, they basically get kicked out by the GAL and the judge and are told they can no longer represent their former client.

4) Money that is “laundered” by miscreants ends up in another state. According to this video, the money went to Jupiter, Florida in the form of a 56′ yacht called “justice” and a $750k condo.  We see GALs and probate lawyers with expensive homes in Florida and California.

5) There is scant time spent on the case.  With the kids, it was 1.5 to 3.0 minutes per case and the court relied on “reports” from court selected personnel and they just made orders from those report.  What utter hogwash.  A judge is supposed to hold a hearing, listen to witnesses and consider evidence presented and entered into the record.  Real work.  In probate, look at Mary Sykes’ transcript for December 7, 2009, the date of her hearing.  Quick, done and all over. The judge never looked for a properly served summons and complaint, she never asked about the elderly sisters.  That clearly takes too long and is far too bothersome.

7) It is noted that from 2000 to 2009, there must have been hundreds of court personnel, district attorneys, private attorneys, you name the attorney, they were there during the sentencing of 5,000 children in seconds based upon heresay reports without evidence, a hearing or findings.  Like the elder cleansing scenario, NO ONE STOOD UP FOR THE KIDS, NO ONE STOOD UP FOR JUSTICE–as Mr. Larkin would like to have our court system consist of THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE over 9 years and 5,000 cases and untold dozens of dozens of attorneys who said nothing and perhaps a disciplinary board was involved for the judges and the attorneys that saw all of this, and the new reports never mention those disciplinary boards.

(Note, I have been asked many times to take down this blog, kowtow to the powers that be, protect my law license AND I WILL NOT GIVE UP YOUR JUSTICE FOR MY INCOME, rest assured.  I tell it like it is.)

From the news segment, it appears that one lone female attorney seemed to tell it like it is, she was identified as a “civil justice attorney” and she pushed to get the authorities involved, the FBI.

So please don’t give up hope, I am pushing for a properly filed summons and complaint and notice to the alleged disabled, I am fighting for the right for elderly siblings to be notified 14 days in advance of the time, date and place of hearing, I am fighting to expose tied in rubber stamping docs that file improper CCP 211 forms of incompetency to get booted, I am fighting the “secret lists” on the 18th floor.

I do care.  Maybe the world sees a parade of hundreds of attorneys in court protecting the “conspiracy of silence”  noted in the 20/20 report, but that will not be me.  I am not silent.  I have a voice.  I have a blog.  As as long as many can help me fight against corruption in the atty licensing arena, I will have a law license.  But even if they take that away, I will DESERT NO COURT ROOM VICTIM.

You have my word on it.



3 thoughts on “Similarities between Kids for Cash and Elder Cleansing–what happens when courts go bad

      • thanks for your vote of support. we can only keep our democracy if people and attorneys are willing to speak up when needed. Ken and I are doing that–despite the odds, despite the amazingly wealthy powers that be, and despite the system of avoidance of laws in Illinois where we have more governors going to prison than any other state in the US.
        your comments are deeply appreciated.

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