From Ken Ditkowsky, his experience on the schmemes he has seen as a lawyer.

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 29, 2014 8:01 AM
To: Lucius Verenus
Subject: Re: hofstetter

When I was a youngster I worked for a company called Jackson Realty.   Our business was purchasing real estate for clients.  We competed with scavengers and bottom feeders who purchased anything that they thought was a bargain.  Except for ‘tax buyers’ by 1970 most of the bottom feeders were eliminated from the market place.   The Banks recognized a profit vehicle and bid in the amount due on their mortgage and eventually the bottom feeders got the message that all the glitters was not gold.
In the probate court there is a cadre of bottom feeders who act to disguise the theft of real estate from estates.  The Sykes real estate sale is an example.    The transaction words as follows:
1) real estate is targeted.
2) arrangements are made with a co-operative employee of the lender.   The property goes from being a performing loan to a non-performing loan.   If there is equity so much the better.   A foreclosure discourages most heirs and allows co-operative judges to close their eyes.   How can anyone fault a judge who salvages a the money so that the lawyers can be paid!
 A few dollars in the right place and financing a straw buyer works wonders.   The real estate quickly disappears from the sight to the heirs and the Court, the lawyer pockets the loose change, and magically the ‘favored’ few pay off the straw person, and resell the property at a handsome profit.    Putting dollar figures on the example:
Sykes property – prior to guardianship appraisal  $700,000
After guardianship claimed valuation  $250,000.
Sale price  $240,000  – Schmiedel/Stern/Farenga all get paid.
straw person bonus – $10,000
net profit $300,000 to $400,000.
Hofstetter if he visible is probably is a straw person.   It is too dangerous for the attorney for an estate to openly and notoriously appear to be purchasing the assets of the Estate.   He is a fiduciary!    Jerome Larkin can protect him only so far!    The Internal Revenue Service special agents, the FDIC special agents, and the FBI special agents see red when the run across lawyers who prey on the elderly and the heirs of dead people.    They cannot always make a case right away but, as each puts his life on the line all the time they have empathy as they can see these same bastards preying on their families.   The white wash is not persuasive.
The one thing that the Rothner deposition teaches is that there is no shortage of dummy corporations that can be promulgated to hid assets and mischief.    It also points out that the miscreants are not shy in using their alter-ego corporations or their straw people.
I am not on a vendetta, but, I do have to point out that official corruption is present every step of the way even though it only fools the media, other public officials, and those who are naive and have no real world experience.  This is part of the health care frauds as it funds other portions of the scenario.
18 USCA 4 requires people who have knowledge of these felonies to report them to law enforcement.  Lawyers are supposed to communicate these frauds to not only law enforcement but the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   However, history of the Denison case, the Amu case and my situation teach us that if you are a lawyer and comply with 18 USCA 4 you will be suspended for four years.   (Take your choice – 3 years in prison for violation of 18 UsCA 4, or four years for compliance.)
As the Supreme Court has affirmed the penalty for my compliance with 18 USCA 4 and judges are elected in Illinois ******.   (We deserve what we get!)
Ken Ditkowsky
this is based upon the following tip received today:
This atty is buying up properties on the 18th…    he’s a probate atty.

He is buying them up as Skyline Home Investments LLC….   do you think we should share this with KD?
So let’s take a look at this very busy atty “Daniel Hofstetter”:
This is from the grantor/grantee index.  If I were him, I’d make this disappear tomorrow.  I know it can be done and I’ve seen it done by probate attys to “protect the ward” but what is really does is protect the miscreant–for a price.  I’m sorry if I’m making the cost of criminal operations go up, I truly am.  The ARDC wants us attorneys to maintain a code of silence, if we can’t do that, then don’t use the word corruption and apologize if we reveal it to the public so they can be warned.  Actually, the ARDC believes the public has no rights.
this guy definitely is into a huge honey pot.
thanks for my anon tipster today, this will be forwarded to the FBI.
good job

2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky, his experience on the schmemes he has seen as a lawyer.

  1. THE
    the office of the public garden OPG is the gestapo force. they acted like one at my house. they also can reach into your bankaccount and direct deposit your social security into their account and the bank tells you they have to cater to their clients. so, i was sol. it was even investigated by the treasury dept, soc sec.
    waiting a year still they have not returned the funds to me. their thicker than thieves.

    • There is a federal law that social security must go to the recipient for housing and food and living expenses. I know (and I am sorry) this does not always happen–esp when the OPG is involved. In one case I heard of, the OPG told a ward she HAD to live at X retirement home (tied in) and when the ward refused and they did not know where she was for TWO years, they still took $30k out of her accounts, refused the ward’s cries for her social security, her bank accounts, food and living expenses and the ward actually lived on the streets. The OPG replied the ward had to live at X (a dumpy retirement home that billed $3,000 per month for bologna sandwiches) and they would not giver her a dime–all illegal.
      Keep on filing complaints with social security fraud and with state and federal authorities.
      You deserve your social security. Good luck. If I can be of assistance, let me know.

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