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excellent okay to post?  you bring up a great issue and that is, if we are actually going to TREAT the poor and make everyone buy health insurance as part of Obama care (mexicans are the worst offenders), we will have to eliminate health care fraud to afford this program.  I believe the $150 million fine to Omnicare and the recent 6 cit sting by the feds arresting 95 medical professionals is a great start.

Health care fraud means that those who actually NEED health care, children, pregnant women, the elderly and those actually sick, aren’t getting it.  And for those that do, due to the ever pervasive unchecked fraud, the cost is astronomical.


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Subject: Fw: SAVE OUR Girls

 If there is going to be any health care reform there has to be a real crackdown on health care fraud.   This means that the war on the elderly and the disabled has to be ended.   The judicially appointed guardians who have been elder cleansing have to be sent to jail.  
Cases like Sykes are a disgrace!  The relationship of Judge Jane Stuart to the President is an incentive for the Obama Administration be upfront (and distance itself from the perfidy that she presided over) and to lead to eradicate the cottage industry that has developed and is denying senior citizens of their liberty, their property, their civil rights, and their human rights.  
It is my assumption that the President put all his efforts into Obamacare in an effort to make it a success.   Obamacare – and any other health care program= will fail, unless the fortuitous health care frauds are brought under control.   The president has more enemies among those who claim to support him than he has among those who actively support him.  
Let me explain.   Many of his supporters are in the legal profession.   Quess who are the people who support the war on the elderly and the disabled?   Right here in Illinois the guardianship scandal soon will be public is aided and abetted by Judges.  The president’s neighbor Jane Stuart presided over the Sykes case!   Judges appointed by his own party are ‘party’ to such events as the mining of Alice Gore’s teeth for their gold filings!    Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission are carving a name for themselves in infamy by assaulting the First Amendment.
Lets a step deeper.   The nursing home industry provides him and his party with zillions of dollars.   Walk thru their halls.   Do you see the people in wheel chairs!    Medicare is paying for them to sit there – the nursing homes call that physical therapy.   Yes, it is an improvement from lying in one’s own urine ******.   Do you see that Lexus that slowed as it drove by the facility – that is Dr ****.   Medicare just got billed for his visit to the 300 patients in the facility – that was ****’s physical examination and his consultation with patent *****.  
President Obama did not fall off the turnip truck last night – he knows of should know the situation better than me; however, this is his legacy and his signature program.   I, like 50% of America, will gain recognition by knowingly sitting on my GM and being critical – The President and his staff gain nothing by not being pro=active.   
Let me humbly and respectfully suggest:  1) Mr. Holder is active in pursuing the Hospice scandal (kickbacks) in Florida as well as the Omicare prosecutions.   Why do we hear absolutely nothing about the 147 million dollar fine of Omicare?  Why do we hear nothing of the investigation of the kickbacks in relation to Ms. Esformes, Mr. N et al?
2)GAL Adam Stern had a tax lien filed against him by the IRS.   Stern is one of the miscreants in the Sykes case.   In that case about a million dollars in gold coins was stolen by the plenary guardian and not a coin was inventoried.   Obvious the IRS is doing something – why do we hear nada concerning the attempts by the IRS to collect the taxes due on the stolen monies?    Is the IRS giving Carolyn Toerpe a Pass?   Is 18 USCA 371 not applicable to Stern, Farenga, Schmiedel, Larkin et al.
In short – we as citizens believe that the President is doing more than joyriding on his big airplane and begging for campaign donations from the miscreants who want something from him.  Or do we?   
At the very least – it would be nice to see an FBI agent visit Mr. Jerome Larkin and ask him why the Illinois ARDC was so uninterested in the citizen complaints that he received from outraged citizens concerning the mining of Alice Gore’s teeth, the theft of the gold coins from Mary Sykes’ safety deposit box.   Indeed, I personally am dying to now why Larkin was so desperate to shut me up concerning my call for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of elder cleansing and in particular the Mary Sykes fiasco and criminal enterprise!  
Ken Ditkowsky

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