From Ken Ditkowsky–God Bless us all in Illinois, Tiny Tim, we sure do need it!

From Ken Ditkowsky;
This morning as I took my morning bicycle ride I looked at the beauty that surrounded me and crisp fresh air and was struck with the thought – IT IS GREAT TO BE ALIVE.     Now that I am retired, I do not have to give a damn!   Unfortunately I do!
It did occur to me after I send out my e-mail decrying the fact that here in Illinois it is ethically challenged to report criminal behavior by judges, lawyers, political officials, judicial officials and others who owe US fidelity, honesty, and integrity.  My e-mail goes on to complain that people who breach their fiduciary relationships and the public trust are held in very high regard by the Illinois Supreme Court and our Illinois public official.
A watchdog of the public morals actually barred an Icon of the Civil Rights movement from a public accommodation and when this outrage was reported not only was the media silent, but so was the political establishment.   No apology for the obvious racial discrimination was provided and even though I was “outraged” by racial discrimination occurring on public premises of the State of Illinois only the victim and I were not amused.   Indeed, the perk who did not don his white rob, patent leather shoes, mask and hood for the occasion did parade proudly his contempt for civil rights and equality before the law.    Indeed, public figure and Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois had no shame for his overt racism or his overt assaults on the Bill of Rights and the Illinois Constitution.  (I am not going to bore you with a recitation of his miscreant and pernicious conduct).
Now for the humor!    The paragon of racial discrimination and warrior against the Bill of Rights is over-paid by the Illinois citizens to administer an agency that is funded by the public to protect the public!   We do this even though the State of Illinois is on the verge of BANKRUPTCY!     For this indulgement we have money to spend!   For education, mental health, infra=structure we in Illinois have no money!
So obscene is the Illinois political and judicial system we even engage our paragon of evil to teach LAWYER ETHICS!
God Bless us all Tiny Tim!    (we sure need it!)

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