From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to End the Silence! The public outcry for judicial accountability is deafening.

Subject: Re: News Alert: Annoyed Dems dismiss recount as ‘waste of time’ – What should the real headline be?????
Date: Nov 29, 2016 2:13 PM
Take a look outside today – the Sun is out, the weather is mild, the air is fresh, and it is great to be alive.  It is even a quiet news day!    However, the media is up and at them pouring vitriol and irrelevancy into the atmosphere.
The real news of the day is obscured by nonsense such as the recount, who President elect Trump is going to appoint for his personal dog=catcher and who Senator **** objects to him because of his stand on *****.   However, lets look at two fact situations:
Fact situation 1.   An attorney, is involved in a company that supplies Hospice services to the dying.   He has a company, and is the Trustee of employee funds – such as their retirement funds.   It is discovered that this attorney in engaged in a fraud wherein he steals millions of dollars of Government health care funds.  Upon his discovery he steals the employee trust funds.   He is indicted and his trial is set.   At his trial he pleads guilty.
Fact situation 2.   An attorney is involved in the active practice of law.  During the course of his practice (or her practice) the attorney discovered that certain Judges are “wired”  (“fixed”) or otherwise corruption.   Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 and Attorney Rule 8.3 the attorney reports the criminal activity that he/she observes.
My question is very simple.   Which attorney is more ethically challenged?
Here in Illinois I am referring to actual cases that have been presented to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.   The commission – affirmed by the Supreme Court of Illinois determined that the attorney in Fact Situation 2 was the not only unethical but deserved to have his/her law license suspended.   In two of the three cases in which this fact situation 2 occurred the offense was so obscene to the Supreme Court of Illinois that interim suspensions were imposed!
It is submitted that the two fact situations represent ipso facto represent serious problems for a democratic society.   The suppression of the duty of the legal profession to expose criminal conduct within the judicial system is not only reprehensible but a breach of the public trust.   It is one of the most serious breaches of the public trust as it is a ‘gold standard of corruption!’ and totally contrary to the core values of America.   Why is the media not interested?   Why is there no hue and cry?    How do the miscreants get away with their perfidy?
The fact is they do because the media is obsessed with worrying about non-issues and frightened to disclose Establishment political and judicial figures raping Ms. Liberty!   Like it or not, this scenario has been the proximate cause of the Sanders and the Trump movement.   It may sound like an old record, but no matter how the present political climate is couched the average American no longer is going to voluntarily tolerate from any political or judicial figure calling US stupid, or insisting that up is down, right is left, dark is light *****.
That said, the rumblings of dissent are starting to grow.   The cover- up is also gaining momentum!    No amount of recounts are going to change Wrong into Right or confuse fidelity and honesty with deceit and fraud.   That does not mean that the miscreants are not going to try.    The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission is still going to try and we can expect that the Supreme Court of Illinois will rubber=stamp their perfidy.    The fact situation 1 scenario is the Seth Gillman proceeding.    The actual criminal acts of Seth Gillman were not sufficient for anything but cursory action on the part of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois; however, when it became public that Mr. Gillman was co-operating with the FBI in its investigation of similar criminal scenarios the IARDC acted promptly – it requested from the Illinois Supreme Court an interim suspension of Mr. Gillman’s license.
Obviously, the alleged (now admitted) theft of trust funds, health care funds and fraud were to plebeian for such an ‘august’ group such as the IARDC to concern itself with; however, the co=operation of Gillman (like the facts in fact situation 2) merited immediate response.
NB.  it has been reported that the IARDC acted in a similar manner when Operation Greylord was being undertaken by the United States of America.
Why does the press (media) not cover such serious assaults on America by the public officials at the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court?     We all know the reason!     We also know that today is the day that we  – i.e. you and me – have to take some action to removed the corrupt public officials from office and shame the media into doing its job and honestly and appropriately exposing the criminals who prey on us (us being you, me and the great unwashed).
If we remain silent and allow the mainstream media to distract us from the duty that we have of protecting ourselves – we will have no democracy, no freedom, and no republic.
Ken Ditkowsky
From Joanne;
And I still note that the City Lawyers have not turned over numerous tapes of blacks and minorities being gunned down on Chicago’s South Side.  What attorneys are covering that mess up at the ARDC and costing taxpayers millions by enraging federal court judges to issue sanctions and the little guy gets no relief.
It has been reported on this blog highly suspicious property records by judges and clouted attorneys and the ARDC wherein it appears one person takes out a loan, and another (ingratiated and looking for quid pro quo) is paying it off; i.e. money and bribe laundering.
It would take the FBI or the states attorneys minutes to get a warrant and pull the bank records to see the type of individuals expecting quid pro quo for hundreds of thousands of dollars per miscreant.
This blog has been publishing this information for quite a long time now, yet no indictments have appeared on the horizon.
Illinois citizens should be asking why?  Is not the FBI still getting millions for investigations.  Is not the IRS and Illinois Dept of Revenue listening?
How much clout does it take to cover up hundreds of thousand in bribes?
Why was it determined that one states atty from a small county was found with $500k in her election campaign fund. Who put it there and what are they expecting for quid pro quo on that amount.
Just where are the state’s attorneys, OIG (Office of Inspector General) and the FBI on all of this.
Again, more questions than answers.
The Public deserves better from its elected and appointed officials who are paid hamsomely to do their job.

3 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to End the Silence! The public outcry for judicial accountability is deafening.

    • Glad you liked it. Why is the FBI sleeping on all these corrupt judges when I have been screaming for years to pull their bank deposit records. You know they’re probably all on the take.
      How hard is all of this?

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