From Ken Ditkowsky–All we want is an HONEST investigation

Subject: Re: 2016 GAO report s/b out Wednesday – Senate Hearing 2:30 11/30/16 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg 562
Date: Nov 28, 2016 10:18 PM
All JoAnne Denison and I asked for was an HONEST INVESTIGATION  of a guardianship that was so flawed the flaws stuck out as sore thumbs.   The flaws were:  1) the Sheriff denied serving summons; 2) the jurisdictional criteria of notice to near relatives was ignored, 3) there was no hearing to determine either incompetency of the degree of incompetency, and 4) there were two guardian ad litem, the petition was improper, and the Judge admitted in her evidence deposition at page 91 that regardless of the evidence she would find the need of a guardianship.  (You cannot make this stuff up!)
The victim died and about 3 million dollars including a million dollars in gold coins disappeared!   Jerome Larkin the administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission went the extra mile to cover-up the theft and eventual murder of Mary Sykes.   His cover-up continues unabated.
It is my impression that a simple solution to this elder cleansing scandal is to have the IRS appear at Mr. Larkin’s doorstep and demand that as he is a co-conspirator (and therefore has joint and several liability) that he pay the taxes, the interest and the penalties on the booty!   He might then do his job and an HONEST INVESTIGATION  would occur.   The miscreants have in the aggregate stolen billions of dollars.  With the interest and penalties the State of Illinois upon collecting the taxes, interest and penalties would be bailed out and the USA a windfall sufficient to rebuild its infra structure!    
The victims – such as Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Carolyn Wyman ***** are all dead;   however – the miscreants and their co-conspirators all laugh all the way to the Bank.    The ‘wired’ judge was elevated to the Appellate Bench as a reward for her services to the miscreants in preventing an HONEST INVESTIGATION.      
So audacious are these criminals that they openly intimidate any who speak up.   They get away with it also:   Seth Gillman literally escaped the loss of his license as he admitted to committing hospice frauds.   (He was dragging the bottom of the barrel !)  However, when he started to co-operate with the FBI and his co-operation become public knowledge, Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission were quick to act!   The immediately filed with the Illinois Supreme Court a Petition for an interim suspension of Mr. Gillman’s law license.   It was interesting to note that before his co=operation was known, their quest for his license was about slim and none!    THE PENALTY IN ILLINOIS for even a sniff of co-operation in the fight against elder cleansing is Professional death!

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