Why is health care so outrageously overpriced?

I know that many of you are hurting financially today as the US moves into a mode where 20% of American citizens live at or below the poverty level, 25% of our children now grow up in poverty, and 50% of America lives near the poverty line or below.

Our health care expenditures are skyrocketing all the same.  Obama care is very, very expensive for everyone from the poor to the middle class, it is gobbling up a huge chunk of our income.

Still, the US now has 90%+ of its citizens covered by health insurance and for certain that’s a good thing.

This blog talks about how seniors and disableds are forced into institutions by the court system, and then charged outrageous fees to fleece them of any assets they might have, and then medicare and medicaid is also fleeced and chunks of state funds dedicated to the needy.  Elders and disableds are tortured with illegal narcotics and psychotropic drugs which leave them in a stupor, unable to fight their way out.

Go take a survey at a nursing home, any nursing home and ask all the residents if they want to go home and then ask the administrators why the patients can’t go home if they want to.

so take a look at this outrageous chart.



Outrageous salaries of Health Care Providers 2012 to 2013

Somehow, it’s just very hard to justify $30 million per year when CMS Admin (whatever that is) has a CEO making $170k.

They don’t have these issues in Europe and I don’t think anyone would tolerate this nonsense there.

I guess the money is just too good to put quality and patient care first.


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