New Business Address and phones

While the old phone numbers from Comcast are waiting to be ported, I have some new ones that if I am not there, they go to voice mail and the voice mail is emailed to me.

See my new contact us page:

Contact Us:

Ms. Joanne Denison, Patent Attorney, suspended for 3 years for blogging honestly about corruption in Cook County, Illinois
Cell: (773) 255 7608



5330 W. Devon Ave, Suite 6
Chicago, IL 60646
Phone:(312) 946-2005 and (312) 946-2004

Fax:(888) 350-0192

Our phone now has voice to email so I will get your voice mails right away!

Yeah for Matt my son that set this up.


Tony Phillips and Linda Scully


NOTE: If you do not see a name listed under “contact us”, it is because that person is not associated with our firm. All our employees are promptly listed on this page, and removed when they leave our firm.

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