From Elena Federova–how the Chicago authorities laugh at those with no power when they abuse them

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 5:03 AM, chicago summer <> wrote:

I hope you all seen how City of Chicago officers who serve O’Hara airport, helped United Airline to abuse a paying customer whom they violently dragged from the plane to accommodate “more important” passengers.
The accident clearly illustrates how lawless is our City and how helpless are people who are facing oppression and abuses from a more powerful party, usually a corporation.
This precedent very much reminded me our Courts where more powerful and better funded parties get full support, regardless how malicious and unlawful are their actions. Basically, the ARDC and Jerome Larkin were those “officers” who  “dragged” Lanre Amu, Ken Ditkowsky and you from the legal profession in the same manner as the passenger from United, regardless of all rights.
According to the eyewitness, city officers were even laughing at the victim of their abuses! I am sure that judges are also laughing at us, too, when they attack us with their threats from the bench, and disbar lawyers, totally confident in their impunity.
 I don’t know how many millions will Dr. Dao demand from the City of Chicago but I am absolutely confident  that these money (as well as defense costs) will be paid by us while all responsible parties will retain their seats in the public offices.
“The passenger dragged from his seat aboard a Sunday night flight at O’Hare International Airport took the first step toward potential legal action against United Airlines or the city on Wednesday. David Dao, who has retained a high-powered personal injury lawyer, asked the Cook County Circuit Court for an order requiring United and the city of Chicago to keep all video, cockpit recordings and other reports from the flight, along with the personnel files of the Aviation Department officers who pulled Dao from the plane. The request was filed a few hours before the Chicago Department of Aviation said it had placed two more officers on administrative leave until further notice as a result of the incident.”
“The disgusting mishandling of the situation included everyone from the rude ticket agent who demanded that this man give up his seat on the flight United overbooked, to one of the officers laughing in the midst of the incident, to the violent, abusive way the passenger was dragged off the plane by the officer. It was the worst possible model for my students, and frankly, was traumatizing to many of us who watched this from such close proximity.
What are we modeling for our children? Are we teaching our children to scream at other people, to jump quickly to force if we can’t get the results we want, to use violence to solve problems, to have total disrespect for other people?
I was appalled at how United Airlines and the officers handled the situation, but I was also encouraged by my fellow passengers’ attempts to interfere — despite how helpless we all felt. Some passengers audibly protested to the officers, some stood and removed themselves from the plane rather than continue to witness the abuse, and one father, while trying to console his 8-year-old daughter, confronted the officer saying, among other things, “you ought to be ashamed of yourself!These are the models of which I hope our children will see more.


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