Fundraiser today for Justice 4 Every1 for rent 5330 W Devon Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago

Now that the move is over, we must continue to do fundraisers. We do not receive corporate money of any kind, nor do we receive any government grants.

During the last month, however, the Office of State Guardian narcotized poor Jay Brouckmeersh, age 92 to death using the ER docs at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, so we are all aware that the need to bring justice back to guardianship court is dire and acute.

Please join us today from 2 to 4 pm, as we continue our fight for Justice and Accountability in the Cook County, Illinois Probate Court System.

We will be having (courtesy of a donor) smoked salmon and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and wine and cheese.  Please bring a dish or whatever you would like to share.

We accept donations by:  text, fax or email. Simply take a picture of your check and text it to 773 255 7608, fax it to our new efax number at 888 350 0192 or email it to or pay by Paypal to same address or Chase Quick Pay (you do not have to be a Chase customer to do this, all you need is a bank account and an email or text message capabilities).

All donations are much appreciated.  We very well know how probate courts strip the elders of all their money, as well as friends and families in false court proceedings.

But we all have to band together to fight for Truth and Justice. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Our new rent is $700 per month, so we have a bit of fundraising to do.


4 thoughts on “Fundraiser today for Justice 4 Every1 for rent 5330 W Devon Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago

    • We are always looking for good pro bono or volunteer attorneys and will pass on names as we find them.

      It’s very hard to find an attorney that will work for free, but we keep on trying.

  1. Hello SOS!
    how about some help for an active victim of ILL judicial abuse case whereby a psycho path child molester is suing his victim with the help of a corrupt judge and a thug law firm. You have the ability to help and also it would be nice if you would return or take a call as this is an urgent and dire matter. thank you and god bless

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