From Jakkie Pidanick–Very Rare Audio tape of court corruption victim being harassed by state police (SLED)–in her OWN home, no less!

Most of the time, a court corruption victim is are harassed by the police and other authorities for standing up for their rights, but there is no recording of the incident.  This situation is rare because the client had numerous friends in the court corruption arena (including me who also forewarned and forearmed her) that once she filed a complaint in Federal Court, or filed a grievance with the attorney registration board (which she did) or filed with the judiciary discipline board, it is not uncommon to expect a wide variety of harassment and intimidation for revealing court corruption publicly–and she MUST be prepared to record every single incident.

Well, it happened.  While these state police officers insist they were contacted by Facebook for using certain words and terms in her posts, Jakkie advises me there is very heated litigation ongoing in federal court for her posting to remove her trial court judge from the bench on Facebook.  Her opposing counsel, Attorney Marshall Horton immediately sent her a cease and desist letter (get this one) claiming that Mother violated a non disparagement clause in the visitation/custody court order judgment because by saying the Judge should be removed that this somehow indirectly caused defamation to Father, which is prohibited by court order.  You couldn’t stretch that further with a rubber band made by ACME mfgr on a Roadrunner cartoon if you tried.

In reaction to the cease and desist letter, and the subsequent kangaroo court proceeding where Mother was summarily told 30 days or $5,000 for posting a Petition on to remove the judge, she filed suit in Federal Court for violations of her First Amendment rights.

Please listen carefully to the audio (I do NOT recommend anyone talk to the police without an attorney being present), Jakkie, a very brave soul, who has taken numerous paralegal courses does a very credible job of challenging these two dopey police officers on not knowing what criminal intent is or how their assertions against her constitute a violation of her First Amendment Rights.  (it becomes nearly comical when they try to argue that South Carolina law triumphs Federal Law and the US Constitution, so you know what kind of educational system they have in S. Carolina.  Ever heard of the Supremacy Clause?  Go Google it please and get that 6th grade education back!)

For all of you who are court corruption victims, the tape is a must hear.

Sorry I do not have a transcription, but it has been shortened down to 13 minutes from 30 to just hit the highlights.

Bonus points for the first to point out where one cop admits to having committed a felony.  Please name the felony and the statute violated and I’ll give you 10 gold stars for being super lawyerly smart, all you pro se’ers out there.

Here is the link.  Enjoy.

ps– you might have to download to hear, 13 minutes is a lot of data.

PPS–for all of my court corruption victims out there, after hearing the tape and reviewing the incident, these are my recommendations when faced with this situation:

  1.  NEVER let cops into your home or car without a warrant.  You roll down that car window or get they into your home, next thing you know is an arrest because they “claim” they smelled MJ or alcohol.  Talk thru the window. Show your ID through the window.
  2. Always record every incident.  If your phone isn’t working, get to a business areas where you know they will have cameras.  But keep your phone charged and ready to turn on video.  Get a dash cam that records audio and video. Download the ACLU app to record police incidents and to know your rights. There is no ACLU app yet for Illinois, but we should get one.  Until then, use the N. California one since they have the most pro-citizen rights laws.  Install a security camera or cameras outside and inside your home WITH audio.  Make them motion/voice sensitive.  Get the police right under one and record everything.  Have off site backup if they attempt to destroy it.  Best that it records and can be viewed on the internet.  There are web crawlers that back up everything.
  3. Do not answer questions. Say “I do not answer police questions.”  (Go ahead and blame your lawyer)  You do have to show them ID (sleeper case from SCOTUS), but they really cannot make you answer any questions. Best to turn the questions on them. Why are they doing this? What do they know?  You don’t answer questions but with a question. If you’re nervous, just say, put your questions in writing and I’ll have my atty review and answer them for you.  Here’s my email (or street address)
  4. The police cannot make you do anything. Always say “I will cooperate if you insist, but I object.”  Practice the phrase. Over and over.  The police cannot make you walk a line down the highway, look into your eyes to see if they dart back and forth or ask you to perform any sort of stupid cop tricks whatsoever.  Why do they do this?  Any “test” is designed for the citizen to fail.  So don’t bother.
  5. The police cannot make you wait for drug searching dogs, the Second Coming or anything.  If they ask you to wait, politely say no, I object.  You don’t need a reason.
  6. Police are allowed to lie, but you aren’t. The police lie to you and there are no repercussions (very bad Supreme Court case).  You lie to them, it’s obstruction of justice, a felony with a 5 year prison sentence. Don’t do it.  Unless everything you say is the absolute truth provable to the nth degree, don’t say anything.  Just say I object and I will get an attorney to answer your questions, here is my email.  Email me.  Or write me, or what ever.
  7. Most important, if you don’t object and don’t say anything, you have consented (another dumb US Supreme Court case). So always object to anything and everything.  Answer:  Can I search your car–answer, I object, but I will not resist.  Question:  will you wait for drug sniffing dogs;  Answer:  I object, but I will not resist your commands.
  8. If you want to get rid of the police, either flirt with them (oh, officer, so are so handsome like Tom Cruise or Eddie Murphy, blah, blah) or start a debate on probable cause or criminal intent. Only a cursory review of these subjects is necessary, no in depth study is required.  Most police, like the audio you will hear, have absolutely no idea what any legal terms mean. They don’t study them, they are not required to do so and they don’t care. They have learned to just make stuff up as they go along.  Most of them run scared at the mention of the laws or legal guidelines.  Only engage the police in a conversation if you have the guts to do so.  If you get nervous or are easily intimidated, never engage in this tactic (unless you like playing match maker with the police and friends and family or you really do want to date your police officer–go for it).
  9. The sad reality is our police in the US know little or nothing about the Bill of Rights and Civil and Human Rights. In other countries, police officers study the law for 2 to 3 years before they are allowed to get a license as a police officer.  Here they get little or nothing. Further, there is no national requirement for CLE for them or Continuing Legal Education. That is a serious mistake.  Every police office should be required to spend 2 to 3 hours minimum in the local law library studying citizen’s rights.
  10. And finally, they should all be tested for psychopathy with a PET brain scan, but we have no laws for that yet.  A PET brain scan uses glucose markers to see if a person’s brain is really functioning in the areas of love, kindness, caring, sympathy, empathy and understanding.  The human brain, it turns out, can be easily mapped.  A psychopath will have little or no brain activity in those areas.  Psychopaths with a police license are extremely dangerous. Why we do not test them across the US since the science is well known and has been established for well over a decade is unknown to me.

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