From Elena Federova to Presiding Judge Timothy Evans

Scores of people have filed valid grievances with Timothy Evans, presiding judge of Cook County Court System, only to get a form letter back.

The ARDC told me I could not ask Timothy Evans if he was on the side of Corruption or Truth and Justice, for some reason that really bothered them.

It is my understanding that TE was “given” that seat by our former mayor Daley because he was afraid TE would get all the black votes and win an election. What a croc for getting and even keeping that seat.  If that’s true, why isn’t it investigated and why isn’t he removed.  As we learned with Gov Blago, political seats must not be “let’s make a deal.” And what about that “scheduling department” of his?  They always transfer cases behind closed doors and just “promise” you it was fair and random.

If that’s true, why can’t we see and why do I hear rumors and actually see it for myself that insurance companies who pay off get the judges who always rule in favor of defendants and favored crony big law firms pay off and always get judges who rule in favor of plaintiffs.

If this is true, why isn’t the public able to see the random case generator that is always done “in the back room” with a promise of impartiality.

Me thinks these ladies doth protesteth far too much.

From Elena, she makes some great points:

From: chicago summer <>

Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017 10:35 AM
Subject: Public comments to Chief Judge Evans and suggestions for improvements

April 14, 2017
Hon.  Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans
50 W. Washington St.  Room 2600
Chicago IL 60602 Dear All,
Re: Public comments and Notice pursuant to 18 USC §4 to investigate corruption in your Court
Dear Honorable Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans :
I am contacting your office and request to investigate rampant judicial corruption in your court and report us which  steps taken by your office to improve public confidence. I also suggest you to start educating  IL citizens about their real chances  to find justice in your Court.  I further respectfully request your office to add to your Court’s  website a page where full biographies of your judges, along with their photos will be displayed for the public.  Right now most public offices and private law Firms have bios and photo IDs of their employees, while Cook County Judges profiles lack this essential information. The biography must disclose each judge relationships with other judges and their donors, as well and donations amounts. For example:
Judge John C. Griffin ,a  long-time friend with Justice Daniel J. Pierce, who is a 1965  class-mate with Appeal Court Justice Thomas E. Hoffman, both long-time friends with Edward Burke and his wife Anne Burke whom Daniel J. Piece gave substantial amounts of money to get elected in exchange of his appointment as a judge from 14th Subcirtcuit and transfer to Appeal Court without election. Griffin, who was appointed by Supreme Court where Justice Pierce’s friend’s wife Anne Burke is a Justice, was the main donor for his election. Before election Griffin was charged by  IL Board of Elections for deception about his in-kinds donations, but still got judicial position, which has absolutely nothing to do with his connections with Justice Pierce and Burkes’ family; and was promoted to be a Supervising Judge despite adverse  public complaints for fixing cases for substantial amounts of money; lies from the bench  that he does not know who are his donors; and Administrative and Federal Court legal proceedings against him. Griffin donated about $30K to himself, received $500.00 from Justice  Pierce; as well numerous donations from real estate lawyers, developers and insurance companies”; or
Judge Robert E. Senechalle, protégé of Michael Madigan who obtained his seat through “Madigan’s List”;
Judge James P. Flannery, Jr., former Assistant Attorney General, supported by Daley family ”;
Judge Irvin Solganick, partner for Vdrolyak law Firm, who obtained his judicial position though Sulski-Solganick stunt, where Rod Blagojevich was helping to sign Solganick’s petitions”’
Judge John J. Curry, Jr. a long-time friend  to Tyrone Fahner, 1981-83 IL Attorney General. Curry struggled for six years to obtain a slot for election, which became available in 2014 upon retirement of  Judge Anthony Iosco (who in 1998  was not recommended for the bench; a Democrat’s candidate was preferred over Iosco,  but Iosco was elected anyway in 2000, when he registered his committee a month before election). John Curry, former Republican Party Treasurer, was the main sponsor for his election where he and his wife, a well-connected financier,  donated and loaned to him about $100,000.00. Curry was not opposed by any Democrats because his patron and former boss Tyrone Fahner, who is a top partner at Mayer Brown LLP, donated substantial amounts of money to Democrats Burke, his wife, Justice Theis and Mayor Daley, or those parties who regularly stack our benches with their cronies. Mayer Brown LLP represents many banks in foreclosure cases which  Judge John J. Curry, Jr. is currently handling as a judge.
  Judge Clare Quish, appointed by IL Supreme Court former clerk for Justice Theis and partner for Schulyer Roche Grisham, where another former Justice Theis clerk judge Jean Prendergast Rooney was as a partner. Quish, Rooney and Schulyer Roche Grisham donated at least $30,000.00  combined funds to help Justice Theis be elected
Appointed by IL Supreme Court Judge Elizabeth A. Karkula, wife of well-connected Judge Paul A. Karkula, who was NOT recommended to be a judge but somehow found his way to the bench. Both worked for Vdrolyak law firm who gave substantial donations to Justice Freeman. In 1998 Paul and Elizabeth Karkula created a joint Committee to offer IL public their judicial services. Karkulas did not succeed and the committee  was closed
Judge Martin Moltz, former Assistant Attorney General. In 1992 Moltz created a Committee “Citizens to Elect Martin Moltz as a Judge”. Until 2000 the main supporters to the Committee were Martin Moltz and his treasurer. In 2000 Moltz dissolved his committee and in 2007 he was appointed to be an Associate Judge. Moltz was regularly sued in Federal Court for violations of civil rights, Due Process rights, corruption and racket. Moltz customary rules in favor of predatory collects, including his verdict in favor of LVNV Funding LLC who collected debt in IL without being licensed. Other predatory collectors now use this verdict in support of their cases”.
I also request to disclose on the Court site how much money your judges received from various lawyers to get elected, it will help the public to make an educated choice which lawyer they should hire.  For example, Judge Griffin directed me to hire a low budget lawyer  to be “fairly heard” in his Court while he perfectly knew that this is not how the system  works. Low budget lawyer would just increase my expenses, without any chance for a  fair hearing  because I regularly see how Judge Griffin rules in favor of a better funded party, especially if they are related to real estate business or large law firms. For example, Chicago Association of Realtors v. Geller (or Holland &Knight vs. Solo Practitioner), a questionable defamation case which Griffin approved to proceed, while CRA was not able to prove ANY facts against Geller and dropped the case voluntarily.  
Compare it to Griffin’s verdict in my case: ProSe vs. 7 large Law Firms, including  Hinschaw &Culbertson (who have a personal Judge, Dad of their partner, Thomas Mulroy, III, sitting in your in Law Division; a personal judge Horan, appointed by Justice Theis H&C partner,  in Municipal Division; over 800 very sizable donations under firm’s name to various judges( and many  additional  from their individual lawyers ); $4,550 donations to Judge Thomas Hogan whom judge Flannery placed on his stead to approve bogus consolidation with my case, a favorable verdict from Justices Harris ,Daniel Pierce and Simon  in case against predatory collectors  Blitt&Gains; Gibbs v. B&G, 14-123681;  substantial amounts of money [to Judge Griffin] to dismiss my case, ect). Of course I have no chance to be fairy heard in Griffin’s Court  without hiring a very specific lawyer – the one who gave  more money to judges than Hinschaw&Culbertson .
It will be much more helpful if I knew upfront about Judge Griffin and Justice Pierce relations  (who was the first judge on my case, until your daughters  or other employees “accidentally” transferred it to Pierce friend, Judge Griffin) , as well and their connections with Appeal and Supreme Court Justices and Mr. Burke.
It would be obvious from the beginning that if I, for example, hire Mr. Philip Corboy’s nephew, partner  Daniel Kotin, to represent me;  and my opponents  hire any Mayer Brown LLP associate, judge John C.  Griffin  will rule in favor of Mayer Brown LLP  because they donated much more money to judges than Mr. Kotin.
But if I hire Mr. Steven Elrod, son of Judge Richard Elrod, and partner of Holland & Knight, Judge John C. Griffin would most likely rule in favor of Mr. Elrod.
It would save me thousands of dollars  wasted on your filing fees, copies and postage, as well as years of nerves in your Court; and definitely improve my confidence in justice  (with the twist, of course).
I am sending my request and suggestions to all other authorities, including IL Board of Elections and IL Supreme Court, and also request them to provide me your respond about the steps to combat corruption in our Courts and improve public confidence in Justice (for which we pay you very substantial money from the Budget).
Very truly yours,
Elena Fedorova

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