From Ken Ditkowsky–the elderly must not be tortured, humiliated and abused.

Subject: Re: The Real Deal Interview: Guardianship Goes Bad, Reporter Flees and Files OAS Human Rights Petition
Each state has its own guardianship statute and rules.
The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment is the Federal limitation on the appointment of guardians.    In most statutes a guardian as a fiduciary has even less authority than has been historically assumed by the cottage industry of Elder Cleansing.   The guardian even in the situations wherein the elder person is totally unable to care for himself is still held to a very exacting standard.   The disabled person must not be humiliated or otherwise be an object or ridicule or exploitation.   What this means is that everything that was done in most of the cases that have been reviewed by the GAO, Probate Sharks, NASGA, MaryGSykes,  AAAPG, etc. are wrongful intrusions on the Civil and Human Rights of the disabled person.
The common practice of the guardian obtaining a finders fee or other remuneration from the nursing home that the disabled person is placed is strictly prohibited and a clear breach of fiduciary relationship.   Similarly, the guardian (or as believed in the Mary Sykes case) the guardian ad litem having some quasi pecuniary relationship with the nursing home that placement is made is a breach of fiduciary relationship.   The fact that the wired judge allowed such conduct to occur is wrong.   (Her admission on page 91 of her deposition is not exculpatory).
Now extrapolating to the question of whether or not a guardian can aid and abet a voluntary suicide, I doubt that any judge would authorize such behavior.   If a guardian were to file a petition to the Court to allow a suicide of the ward, that judge would be castigated from pillar to post.   An incompetent person on his/her own does not have the authority to kill herself and for a 3rd person to have the legal decision of life and death over a ward would be unthinkable even in a corrupt State such as Illinois.
We all know that once the ward reaches the stage where there is no more money to be extracted from him/her an assisted suicide occurs.    All the judges, corrupt lawyers. etc all turn their heads and go blind, deaf and dumb.   The State Supreme Court and its entities step up to protect the murderers and law enforcement officers lose the GPS’s and cannot find the States Attorney’s office.  The body is cremated in true Jewish tradition (almost immediately after death) and with the evidence gone – no crime, no taxes to pay, no complaints from the ward, and the next victim is lined up.
I hope I answered your question.
NB –  even in the most corrupt guardianship you will find NO authorization for a guardian to authorize a legal assistant suicide; however, an illegal assisted suicide is as common as the number of victims of elder cleansings.
From Joanne;
And the involuntary assisted suicide that happened to the likes  of Helen Rector, Mary Sykes, Lydia Tyler, Robert Jaycocx, Dorothy Baker, Alice Gore, Mary Jane Teichert, etc. in Illinois has been systematically ignored and covered up by Jerome Larkin, head Administrator of the Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Commisssion.  The money is just too good for him to go after all the attorneys and judges involved, even though these cases routinely involve isolation, chemical restraints, and when the money runs out, untimely death by with holding food and water but strongly sedating the victim involved.
Reports of abuse are routinely handed right back to the abusers in a courtroom where everyone is conveniently deaf, dumb and blind to the fact it is attorneys, judges and court appointed vendors that are routinely dishing out the abuse.
No one seems to care that a nursing home is dirty, filthy and smelly, and leave a person lying in their own waste waiting to be changed on a routine basis.
You won’t see judges visiting any wards where there are complaints of abuse and the lawyers are involved.
Routinely, the persons mentioned above, are put in a squalid nursing home, they are dirty, smelly, their hair is unwashed and uncombed, finger nails are filthy, they might get a shower once per week.  Right before the guardianship, though, they wore beautiful clothes, went to the barber or beauty parlor once per week, toileted themselves, showered every day or every other day.  Their hair, skin and nails were perfect.  Some, like Mary Sykes, were still driving and playing canasta with the neighborhood card club–and winning.
But because they have some memory loss, they need 24/7 care in a dirty, filthy nursing home where they are abused, sedated, forced to stay in a wheel chair or bed and they will never see the light of day again.
You don’t see the judges staying at these nursing home. You don’t see them putting THEIR loved ones in a nursing home.
This system has to change and Illinois has to support low cost or volunteer Elder Assistant programs where the elder meets with a volunteer once per week for an hour to help them make decisions and pay their bills.  All rights should be retained by the elder.
Illinois is running a program fraught with fraud and abuse.
This has to end.
The ARDC has to start prosecuting the elder abusers and stop going after myself and Ken Ditkowsky for just telling the truth. You don’t kill the messengers of the truth, you straighten out your own messes, Mr. Larkin.

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